Ticket Sales Show “Cash Cow” Floyd Is Really Just A Box Office Goat

 If you have the patience to sit through one of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s self serving diatribes you will undoubtedly hear him tell you that when it comes to ticket sales and PPV buys he is the “Cash Cow” in boxing.
 So far ticket sales for his upcoming fight with Juan Manuel Marquez tell us otherwise.
 Tickets for “Number One/Numero Uno” went on sale this past Friday morning and as I sit to write this article late Monday night, a quick check of Ticketmaster reveals that there are plenty of tickets left for the Las Vegas battle….PLENTY!
 Oh sure all the 150 dollar tickets are gone, and one could easily argue that Marquez fans are the ones who gobbled up those low priced seats. But in every other price range there a tickets-o-plenty. In fact if someone wanted to snag 10 ringside seats up (most allowed in one transaction) right now…they could. The only way all the ringside and other expensive seats sell is if Floyd buys them himself, goes to his favorite night club and throws them up in the air the way he does fake hundred dollar bills. But unlike the counterfeit hundreds (allegedly), most of these tickets will lie on the floor for the janitor to sweep up.
 When Super Fights and/or Mega Fights tickets go on sale we were getting used to the promoter announcing in the first 2 hours that tickets have been “SOLD OUT” but arrangements have been made for closed circuit venues to open up on the night of the fight so everyone will be able to witness the battle.
 No such announcement was made last Friday and it’s highly doubtful we will be receiving one anytime soon or at all for that matter.
 In fact, the only times in recent history that announcement was made either the names De La Hoya, Hatton or Pacquiao were attached. Not coincidentally, the only time Floyd has been involved in a box office bonanza is when he had a dance partner like Oscar and Ricky. Floyd may be a whizz on Dancing With the Stars, but he’s got two left feet when it comes to waltzing with the Benjamins.
 The fact is Floyd Mayweather Jr. was not a pay-per-view star before his 2007 fights with Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton, the numbers speak for themselves:
 Mayweather, already a two-division Champ when he took on Arturo Gatti for a super lightweight title in his first pay-per-view fight in June 2005 did 365,000 buys, and you could plausibly argue that it was the vastly more popular Gatti who pulled in the majority of the buyers.
 Floyd’s fight with Zab Judah for a 147 pound strap in April 2006 sold 375,000 PPV buys even though Floyd’s promoter at that time, Bob Arum, predicted it would do more than the 1.4 million buys De La Hoya-Felix Trinidad Jr. did in 1999.
 Mayweather’s “fight” against flavor of the moment Carlos Baldomir in November 2006 did a paltry 300,000 buys.
 The numbers don’t lie and the truth will be revealed when anemic PPV numbers come in after the fight.
 In this “mega-fight” with Juan Manuel Marquez – which HBO somehow decided was worthy of the 24/7 treatment – Floyd won’t get any help from his dance partner, because Marquez, for all his accomplishments, has never been a box office PPV star. Even when he fought Manny Pacquiao in a very highly anticipated rematch, HBO reported 400,000 buys, which was good numbers for the little guys back then, but this a new day and age. The majority of the seats at the house for the Pacquiao-Marquez fight were filled by Filipinos, not Mexicans. And it’s fair to assume Pacquiao fans generated the lion’s share of the PPV purchases as well.
 In their efforts to generate sales for this fight, the press tour was taken to England in a desperate venture to try and bolster PPV buys. But the Brit tabloid “The Sun” laid to rest any hopes this promotion was going to be a hit in England. The Sun said bluntly, “Floyd Mayweather was in London with Juan Manuel Marquez to promote his fight on July 18. It’s a fight Mayweather is expected to win. He will be too big for Marquez. The reason they are in Britain? The promoters believe it will generate big pay-per-view numbers here! At 4.30am in the morning! Dream on.”
 Given the state of the economy and the slow start to ticket sales it is very realistic to believe this fight may do only 400,000 in PPV buys and if it breaks the 500,000 mark everyone involved should consider themselves lucky at best.
 Everyone but HBO, the promoters and the fighters that is. :)
 If the PPV numbers come in far lower than expected, HBO will certainly be second-guessing its decision to pour time and considerable money into another one of their 24/7 series. Time-Warner, which owns HBO, might also get on the horn to the network president Ross Greenburg and ask him how he so misjudged the potential of this fight.
 Fact is, any boxing industry analyst could have told HBO that given Marquez’s anonymity beyond the Mexican community, and the over-inflated value Mayweather has given himself as a PPV draw, going for a 24/7 on what would seem to be a tune-up – albeit a difficult one – for “Money May” was a very questionable proposition. If HBO had said no to Floyd on the 24/7, what would he have done, gone to Showtime? This was probably seen as an investment by HBO in a huge Pacquiao-Mayweather showdown, but given Floyd’s aversion to be being hit, that fight may never take place.
 The biggest losers on this fight will be the promoters.
 It’s very conceivable that Golden Boy and the respective Mayweather and Marquez promotional companies, who like all promoters had to pay the purses on a PPV fight – are going to lose their proverbial butts on this one. The fighters also lose, too, because their contracts include a percentage of the PPV revenue.
 Sorry, but there is no way in hell anybody who speaks only Spanish gives a darn about Mayweather, and in my humble opinion we’ve seen way too much 24/7 of all the Mayweather’s, especially Floyd Jr.
 But Mayweather Jr. probably demanded it, and HBO invested the money just to make him happy, not to mention it’s a good way to suck up to “Pretty Boy” just in case he does grow a set of cajones and fights Pacquiao somewhere down the line. (I’ve already predicted he won’t).
 Bottom line here, Mayweather is throwing around HBO money like the dollar bills he tosses around at strip clubs and he is getting away with it.
 Nevermind what you are reading elsewhere that Mayweather is boxing’s true reality star and that we can hardly wait for HBO’s 24/7 to begin. That’s just more sucking up to HBO and Mayweather by the Fat Man.
 The numbers speak for themselves and right now the dismal ticket sales are pointing to Mayweather vs. Marquez being one of the biggest PPV busts of all time.

30 Responses to “Ticket Sales Show “Cash Cow” Floyd Is Really Just A Box Office Goat”

  1. Frank Boff says:

    Great story. You really debunked the Mayweather Myth. I wish I had written it myself.

  2. Luis M. Cadiz says:

    Loved it! Boxing, the fans and even Mayweather Jr. are better off if he would stay retired. He depends on his opponent’s name to make money for himself. I dare say that if Marquez beats Jr., a third fight with Pacquiao would generate more PPV dollars than this bout and possibly even a Pacquiao / Mayweather Jr. showdown down the road. Jr. in the ring with Manny, the money man there is Pacquiao.

  3. D Miller says:

    Mayweather lives in his own delusional world and because of suck up’s like Ellerbe he believes that he is in fact the greatest thing since sliced cheese. If this plays out the way you state Floyd’s only hope will to be to dispose of Marquez quickly, anything less and he will be exposed as the biggest fraud of all time!

  4. senorito28 says:

    A nice article very well written. I hope Marquez pulls an upset so the mouths of PBF, his dad and his uncle put to rest.

  5. TPrescott says:

    Good job with the article.

  6. JohnK says:

    I called the Ticketmaster myself and everything you said is true.

  7. LA_2_Vegas says:

    I go fights at the MGM all the time and the pricing for this fight was different than other events. There were only 5 price levels and the jump from $150 to $300 is outrageous. The $300 would basically only get you a couple of rows closer than the $150 and, AT BEST, would get you to the top rows of the lower part of the arena.

    The $150 tickets were sold out in less than 4 minutes – I tried getting some last Friday starting at 9:55am (went on sale at 10am) and I had no chance. This is also because ticket brokers buy up all the tickets, setting up call centers to flood the lines. The fight will eventually sell out, but not like these other events that are sold in minutes. Also, it’s hot and hell in Vegas in July lol.

  8. RichY says:

    William is correct.This one is a bust.

    A counter-puncher vs. a defensive bore just doesn’t inspire ticket sales. I’ve been to Vegas 5 times in the last year and a half to catch a fight. And while I have a bunch of vacation time and will make any excuse to go to Sin city, even I can’t see making a trip around this one.

    I just checked the ticketmaster site (5-29-09 at 4:01pm cdt) and there are still single $150 tickets available and I could snag at least six $300 tickets if I wanted to (see below). The cheaper tickets were sold out in seconds for the Pacman-DelaHoya beating and at least a few hours for the Hatton execution. To be able to buy a 6-seat section a full week after the tickets have gone on sale speaks volumes about what the fans think about this one. I’ll wait for October 17th to see a real man face another big challenge as opposed to another guy ducking the tough opponents. (I’m not knocking Marquez…he’s just too small for Mr. Arrogant).

    Mayweather vs Marquez
    MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
    Sat, Jul 18, 2009 03:30 PM
    Your Ticket(s)
    Section U204
    Row K
    Seats 14
    PRICE LEVEL 5 Type1 ADULT Ticket PriceUS $150.00 Convenience ChargeUS $12.80 Mayweather vs Marquez
    MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
    Sat, Jul 18, 2009 03:30 PM
    Your Ticket(s)
    Section 223U
    Row U
    Seats 3 – 8
    UPPER LEVEL 2ND LEVEL OFF THE FLOOR UPSTAIRS Type6 ADULT Ticket PriceUS $300.00 x 6 Convenience ChargeUS $23.00 x 6

  9. indiopinoy says:

    Again this will be a boring fight, just like floyd vs baldomir useless to watch on ppv…..
    I’ll just wait for the winner of this fight. If ever floyd wins Manny wants him ,per interview
    with abs cbn news he said “gusto nya kalabanin yung mga daldal, dakdak ng dakdak…”
    in english he wants to fight floyd because he’s a loudmouth, full of talks and he wants to shut
    him up.

  10. Winston says:

    Nice article! You hit it right on the button!

  11. matansero says:

    Don’t worry FLOYD, ur still the GREATEST OF ALL TIME “GOAT” cherry pickin’ motherf*%$ of all time.LOLs

  12. etondl says:

    Yes! Say it like it is. HBO, promoters and pbf is insulting the intelligence of boxing fans. A lot of us have already spread the word on the web. The plot and pretext of these greedy sob’s in making a PBF/JMM fight is going to backfire. The majority demands a PBF/MP fight. These bloodsuckers want the fans to pay twice for an eventual PBF/MP fight. And it might never happen because PBF is a primadonna when it comes to percentages regarding the purse. These MF’s are killing the rising enthusiasm in boxing when it is just starting to come back. WE ARE IN A RECESSION AND FANS ARE NOT GOING TO GET DUPED THIS TIME. Our whole family and the rest of our Filipino friends are just going to watch the replay on the web. These greedy suckers just underestimated the power of the people and the internet. In a time when people are losing their houses, jobs and their dignity by being unable to support their families, these MF’s have the gall to screw us. Boycott the damn PPV on July 18! Continue spreading the word.

  13. Clyde Crashcup says:

    Add this to the Mayweather vs. Marquez PPV crime that is being shoved down our throats. on the undercard is Zab,”got my arm sliced up in a bar fight but will say i fell through a shower door”, Judah vs Matthew,”maybe if they throw me on this card some Brits will buy this piece of crap and watch me lose at 430am in the morning because i have a brother who used to be good”, Hatton and also on the card is the “famous” AJ, “o no not another left handed fighter from the filipines”, Banal vs the always rugged TBA.

    Now who wouldn’t want to throw all their hard earned money down on that PPV card?

    How about every boxing fan with a lick of common sense.


  14. PANGETZ says:







  15. Pirate says:

    Don’t watse your hard earned money on this stinker!


  16. Dietrich Hartmann says:

    Hello William Trillo:

    Can Floyd still produce cash enough to make everybody happy?
    I think so, given the fan base and and his team’s super strong, slick marketing effort.
    Your refreshingly critical arguments though make good sense. I like it a lot.
    My heart is not quite as deep into this “show” as it ought to be, but I cannot quite catch that Floyd vs. Marquez bug. Is it in lieu the middleweight battles that come our way in short order. Yes, it’s got to be.
    Perhaps the time is a bit early to talk about it now, but how about the Westphalian Felix Sturm and King Arthur Abraham?
    The big scuttlebutt in Germany at the moment is that these two Dynamos will meet at either Atlantic City or in Berlin 6 months from now to find the one Ceasar who will unify the division. Oh, the two TV powers in Germany are against this bout to happen say cerain promoters.
    My choice and my bias is Felix Sturm; not as big as Arthur but twice as fast, with a Muhammad Ali kind of punishing defense off his jab, that will present Arthur Abraham with a huge problem he will have difficulty overcoming.

    What say you, William?

  17. Paul Magno says:

    Ok, but it could very well be said that every fighter uses a bigger name to springboard themselves into the next level.

    Oscar definitely used Chavez Sr. to do that for him…just as Pacquiao used Oscar…

    Whether Floyd’s as big a draw as he thinks doesn’t matter, but I do believe is that he’s currently the biggest draw among American fighters and you can tell by the amount of attention his comeback has generated.

    PBF really did a good job of selling his bout with Oscar and has to be given part of the credit for drawing in a good chunk of the buyers. Put anybody else in Mayweather’s place and the fight wouldn’t have sold as well…That’s the truth. And for those who think that Oscar vs. anybody would sell…take a look at the numbers of his fight on free HBO against Forbes…Mayweather also did a good job of selling the Hatton fight, once again playing the role of bad guy…Does anybody think Hatton vs. Malignaggi, Bradley,Campbell or Holt could generate the same numbers? Even Hatton vs. Pacquiao was about 15% shy of what Hatton/Mayweather did.

    People dislike Mayweather so much that it distorts their perception of the reality…Name one American fighter who generates as much attention and as many PPV sales as Mayweather…You can’t… because there aren’t any…

    I suggest that you guys put aside the hurt feelings and see things for what they are…Mayweather is not my favorite human being on the planet, but let’s stop unfairly dissecting the guy at every turn…

  18. unbiased says:

    Ha, this article reads very biased, I mean look at Manny’s numbers and one notices quit quickly that his PPV shows have done worse than Mayweather’s…what were Mosely’s numbers with Oscar (590 I-950 II); you can’t be serious thinking that a faded Oscar vs. Mayweather did 2.15m simply because people wanted to see Oscar?

    Oscars previous 3 PPV’s did a total of 2.15m combined…come on guys give him credit for at least being a good villian, I mean he’s got you guys stink-eyeing him like he knocked-down your women after the club.

  19. Paul says:

    Great article! Just an update! There are still tickets available for this fight. You can still get 10 tickets for the least expensive seats. If the rumor of PBF getting $15 mil for this fight is true, then somebody is going to get screwed. This fight might not draw enough to cover $15 mil.


  20. John says:

    Don’t worry. Oscar will buy the rest of the seats for his celebrity friends, to make the arena look like a jam-packed star studded affair.

  21. itlogo says:

    to Paul Magno:

    I just wanted to see his fight, if pbf opponent has the capability to silence this loud mouthed goat.

    I dont really like his style of fight,and im not his fan, I just wanted to see him taste defeat from fighters he cherry picks.

    If pbf fight could generate ppv more than pac vs hatton, then he could say he is the cash cow, if not, he really is just a goat, or shall we say, a cat?

  22. Chris says:

    I don’t normally comment on boxing articles like this, but you really should be embarrased to call yourself a boxing writer?

    How anyone so petty, and biased, can ever hope to be taken serious, is beyond me. Especially as you have not even bothered to look at facts.

    Firstly, Gatti’s Mayweather numbers are on par with the biggest numbers he has ever done.

    Baldomir’s fight with Judah didn’t even make PPV. 3 months later he’s doing 400’000 buys.

    Hatton vs. Mayweather did 1.5 million buys. Hatton vs. Kosta did 700’000 buys. Hatton vs. Manny did 800’000 buys. Floyd brought in twice as many buys as all of those fighters.

    Mayweather vs. Oscar did more than any other Oscar opponent. And he’s fought virtually every “draw” in boxing.

    You talk like 400’000 buys is hopeless. Wake up call. Manny vs. Marquez 2 only did 500’000 buys………

    Honestly- you hear a really poor rumour online, that some fan has posted, claiming to be an “insider”, and then you use it as an excuse to bash the guy. Probably with your finger up your bum as you read the replies…………

  23. Chris says:

    What an idiot:

    Manny Pacquiao’s PPV numbers:

    Marquez 1 (didn’t make PPV)
    Morales 1 (didn’t make PPV)
    Barrera 1 ( 300’000)
    Morales 2 (didn’t make PPV)
    Marquez 2 (500’000)
    Diaz (210’000)
    De la Hoya (900’000)
    Hatton (700’000)

    What is your entire story based on? You went to Ticketmaster and found out that “some arena” seats are still available with 6 weeks left to go!

    Numb nuts – Pacquiaio vs. Hatton, the arena didn’t even sell out!!! There were 4’000 top price tickets left, when the first bell went! They removed the seats!

    Honestly – it’s an embarrasingly bad piece. Bearing in mind the fight date is 5 weeks away, and PPV buys can’t even be made yet, and the fact that 99% of PPV sales happen on the week of the fight. It’s based on nothing.

    The estimates I’ve read today suggest that the fight will easily match the Hatton vs. Pacquiao sales. They are estimating 900’000 sales. And this is independent estimates. Not the company guys.

    Really please. Just have a wank over Mayweather, and get over the guy

  24. Chris says:

    The problem with Mayweather, is that a lot of people hate his personality so vigorously, that they allow themselves to be drawn into writing rubbish.

    The difference between pro writers, and idiot wannabees like this, the pro guys judge boxing and boxers on facts. Idiot wannabees like the author of this blog, write on the basis of which guy they like best.

    Why he’s writing all of this on his own blog, that he pays $50 a year to publish, and why he’ll never have a hope in hell of ever doing anything more.

    Anyone with a boxing brain realises, that in terms of PPV sales, Mayweather is easily the biggest draw in boxing, now Roy and Oscar have gone.

    His fights with De la Hoya and Hatton did twice as much as Manny’s bouts with them. And he’s doing 400’000 buys for facing guys like Baldomir. The same sales that Manny manages against HOF guys like Marquez.

    Unfortunately, idiot wannabees like the author of this blog read an internet blog rumour, steal it, and then try to pass it off as there own.

    I’ve read the exact same “rumour” and basic story on another blog nearly 3 weeks ago, so this is in fact plagiarism. Probably worse than that as he’s nicked the story from another deluded fan.

    The original story that he pinched it from was posted on a boxing forum, adfter a fan found out that Mayweather hadn’t sparred in 2 weeks. He put 2+2 togethor, and got 5 it seems.

  25. Chris says:

    Again, this is plagiarism.

    Another fan, on a boxing forum, printed this exact same story. The author has merely re-worded the “theory” and posted it on his own page, and tried to take credit.

    It’s based on nothing, other than the fact that high price tickets still remain for a fight that is not happening for another 6 weeks, minimum.

    And he fails to allude to the obvious fact that “regular” tickets, sold out in less than 3 minutes on the site. And that the tickets remaining are largely aimed at corprorate markets.

    The same high end tickets didn’t sell out at the Hatton vs. Pacquiao fight either. In fact, 4’000 seats were empty at the fight.

  26. Chris says:

    Oscar’s PPV sales:

    Tito 1.3 million
    Mosely 500’000
    Mosely 2 900’000
    Manny 800’000

    Mayweather 2.3 million.

    Hatton’s PPV figures

    Kosta 700’000
    Manny 800’000

    Mayweather 1.6 million

    See sense. Seriously. Oscar’s Mayweather fight was double the PPV sales of even Tito. It was 5x the sales of the first Mosely fight.

    Ditto Hatton.

    He’s always played the villain, and been a huge draw. Certainly bigger than Shane, and Manny

  27. Chris says:

    Haha, has anyone seen the PFP list for this site?!

    1: Pacquiao
    2: Mayweather (he’s not even fought in 2 years)
    3: Calzaghe (retired 8 months ago)

    Hahaha. On the bit about Calzaghe “he went to america and beat Hopkins soundly”.

    Beat him soundly. As in the closest split win, in maybe the last decade, where half the boxing public thought he’d lost!?

    Sorry, I gave this fight too much credit. This article is totally plagiarised/pinched, from a boxing forum, and you really haven’t got a clue about boxing

  28. Chris says:

    To conclude, can I also add a very obvious point, to embarrass you a bit.

    Ticket Master is a ticket agent. Not the ticket seller. They buy tickets from the source, just like fans, and then sell them on with commission.

    The fact that ticket master has huge amounts of tickets, actually means that the fight probably did sell out pretty darn fast.

    On the basis that they now own them

  29. Threat says:

    Chris, you’re an idiot. 5 comments in a row, wow.

    Out of all 28 comments, you’re the lone to disagree.

    And then accusing of “plagiarism” from a forum poster? That’s ridiculous. This report was what was posted on those forums.

    The only thing more annoying than Floyd Mayweather Jr.,
    …are his fans ;)

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