ESPN Jumps On Klitschko vs. Chagaev; WBA Hops On Valuev Band Wagon

American boxing fans can breath a sigh of relief as ESPN Classic will air the Heavyweight title fight between Wladimir Klitschko and Ruslan Chagaev on June 20th. According to manager Shelly Finkel the fight will be telecast live in the States which means it will hit out airwaves about 1pm PST. This is a fight that is not to be missed…and thanks to ESPN, you don’t have to.

I have to wonder why Mr. Spoon Fed himself over at ESPN did not know that his own network was going to broadcast the fight? Maybe it was because he had his nose so firmly planted in HBO’s(and/or Golden Boy’s) backside the only thing visible to him was the monkeys butt cheeks. Dude has no excuse shilling for other promoters and networks while his own network just picked up broadcast rights on a huge Heavyweight title fight. How did that get by him?

And can we please stop trying to give HBO a pass on their horrible maneuver on dropping the Klitschko fight and using budget as an excuse? They would have plenty of cash if they didn’t drop every nickel they posses on Floyd vs. Marquez. Between the fighters purses and the 24/7 they have to produce, HBO has made one of the biggest financial mistakes of the year and now they want us to believe that dropping the Klitschko fight just made good financial sense…..PLEASE!

Speaking of Floyd vs. Marquez, one of our readers gave us this update: 

Just an update! There are still tickets available for this fight. You can still get 10 tickets for the least expensive available seats ($300). If the rumor of PBF getting $15 mil for this fight is true, then somebody is going to get screwed. This fight might not draw enough to cover $15 mil.

Yes, and you still can get blocks of 10 in the high priced $1,000 seats as well…blocks and blocks! And if ticket sales is indicative of the PPV buys,(which they oft times are),then yes somebody is gonna get screwed.

So HBO has 15 mil to waste on Floyd but they cant keep a fight they already had budgeted for. Who is running that circus over there?

Finally, the irrepressible WBA decided to yank Chagaev’s belt and name Nicolay Valuev as there lone Champion. Excuse me if I am mistaken but isn’t that the same belt that Lennox Lewis tossed in the rubbish bin years ago because they wanted Lewis to fight their guy John Ruiz?


4 Responses to “ESPN Jumps On Klitschko vs. Chagaev; WBA Hops On Valuev Band Wagon”

  1. Frank Boff says:

    You’re right about Mayweather-Marquez being a huge financial bust waiting to happen. Mayweather has never drawn more than 375,000 PPV buys without a dance partner — Oscar and Hatton. This fight won’t top 400,000 buys. Oscar’s legacy will include this: by dehydrating himself and getting beat up by Pacquiao, he opened the door for more circus acts in the future, like this one with Floyd and Marquez. Marquez is a natural featherweight and is comfortable at 130 pounds. Floyd is going to decimate him. But I guess Marquez doesnt care at this late stage of his career, he’ll take the retirement money and his beating and then blame Pacquiao for all his troubles when the reality is his manager/trainer Nacho Beristain is at fault. Nacho’s management of Marquez’ career has been one of the most bungled and mindless in history.

  2. david martinez says:


  3. Paul Magno says:

    Amazing…You can even take a Klitschko fight and somehow tie it in with Floyd Mayweather…Brother…I think you are in LOVE…

  4. Nice work says:

    Frank, great points. Beristain is a great trainier, but the work that he has done with both Marquez brothers is a lesson in what not to do.