The New Look Of underwent a transformation over the past month and the main page has been fully updated with the new layout, along with the rest of the site. Please share your thoughts and suggestions on the new look by commenting below.

7 Responses to “The New Look Of”

  1. Frank Boff says:

    Hey, your new web design looks great! I have only one criticism. The grey background makes the text hard to read. Maybe you can enhance the color of the text.

  2. William Trillo says:

    Thanks Boff! :)

    If you see anything else you really like or dislike feel free to let us know!!

  3. Christy Zimmerman says:

    Looks really nice! Great design – much easier to decipher what you’re looking for with so much info to look through. Good job brudda!

  4. Threat says:

    Boff, what browser are you using? In Internet Explorer it looks fine. The gray should not be behind the text. However, I’m working on a fix for Mozilla users that may not see the full layout.

  5. Threat says:

    Ok Boff, I did a little tweaking specifically for Firefox users.
    It should be about what IE users see now…

  6. Frank Boff says:

    Thanks Threat. Your tweak did the trick. No more grey. One more thing I think could be better. On jump pages those telltale black smudges just inside the side border are distracting, they pull you away from the story. But again, nice job. You made a very good site even better.

  7. Dietrich Hartmann says:

    All changes are for the worse.
    H.L. Mencken