The “Lost” Weekend

It all started pretty innocently on Thursday night here in Los Angeles. Another Golden Boy card at Club Nokia was meant to highlight 3 of Oscar’s newest prospects. But things didn’t quite go as planned.

First a pair of Behemoths got into the small ring and their combined weight alone was enough to literally buckle the turnbuckles and with one loud crack the ring post snapped and the night almost came to a premature end.

In hindsight the formerly undefeated Charles Huerta must be wishing the Golden Boy Brass had not rolled up their sleeves and help put the ring back together again that night. With his first round blowout at the hands of Derrick Wilson, Huerta has just dropped down a notch or two in the ever coveted, “Who Is The Next Golden Boy” contest.

Just one night later and a little farther South in California at The Pechanga Resort and Casino another upset was in the making. This one was also a televised Main Event. I guess if you gotta lose you might as well do it for all the World to see…right.?  

Well everyone saw a pretty good fight but they also saw favorite Martin Quintero get stunned and hurt by a do or die fighter by the name of Tyrone Harris. After a fine display of grit and punching power by both men Harris put the finishing touches on Quintero who was stopped in the eighth round of a pretty entertaining battle.

On Saturday night the Champion and favorite Timothy Bradley was not upset, but everyone who witnessed the fight should be. We know Nate Campbell is.

An unintentional but blatant head butt occurred in round 3 and the fight was stopped soon thereafter. The referee did not see it as a butt and Bradley was declared the TKO winner.

Anyone who saw the fight knows Nate Campbell got jogged. He should not have this TKO on his record. Hopefully the California Commission will see fit to overturn the decision and perhaps we can try this one again….PERHAPS.

I didn’t hear any strong commitments about a rematch from either Bradley or his promoter in the television interview.

It also didn’t help matters that the post fight press conference was unceremoniously canceled. I know we in the media had a ton of good questions.

I just feel like no one had any real good answers.

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One Response to “The “Lost” Weekend”

  1. Frank Boff says:

    Unlike most scribes, who only go to the big fights in major venues, you get out to the club fights in search of future stars and just plain good old-fashion boxing. Your readers appreciate the effort.