Done? Don’t Stick A Fork In It, Not Yet Anyways

The WBC Heavyweight Championship battle between Champ Vitali Klitschko and Challenger Cristobal Arreola is very close to becoming reality, but according to sources close to Pound4Pound it’s not quite done yet. Oh sure, everyone has announced the HBO televised September 26th Staple Center bout is as good as done, but don’t stick a fork in it just yet.

Apparently a few more Benjamin’s on Goossen’s fork will get the job done, but until then the battle of big men is not quite “official”.

Speaking of HBO…it also appears we are very very close to a Middleweight match up between WBC 160 pound Champion Kelly Pavlik vs. WBO 154 Champ Paul Williams. The bout is tentatively set for October 3rd and is likely to end up in Atlantic City.

That will end all the chatter about Bob Arum and Al Haymon not being able to negotiate. It will also be one less excuse Floyd Mayweather Jr. will have in his Rolodex when he is hunting for reasons not to fight Pacquiao.

Speaking of Floyd Jr….now that Uncle Roger has done it again, got incarcerated that is, who is going to get Floyd Jr. ready for Marquez? Floyd Sr.? After seeing what Sr. did to Hatton it may not be a bad idea to put some money down on Marquez before the bookies figure it out, assuming they already haven’t.

Okay, quick quiz:

Which fight do you think HBO is willing to invest more money in?

a. The Heavyweight Championship of The World featuring the European Champion vs. the undefeated American fighting for the title on the challengers home turf. 

b. The Middleweight Championship of the World featuring an exposed and in dire need of a convincing test Champion against a fighter who can fight from 147 to 160 at the blink of an eye and has been waxing opponents just as fast? 

Think you know? 

I’ll bet you’re wrong!

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  1. Frank Boff says:

    You’re right on top of things as always. Lousy layout on this page, though. To the right of Goosssen picture is a tremendous amount of white space. Should have put some text in italic there, something from the story, or even centered the pix. I gather you laid out this page. If Bret the Threat had done it, it would have been much better. You really need to rely on Bret more, he is your best outside (or maybe your only one). I bet he’s a pretty cool, hip guy.