Fighting Against A Stacked Deck, Malignaggi Gets Exactly What He Expected…But Didn’t Deserve

Going into this NABO/WBO Jr. Welterweight title fight with Juan Diaz, Paulie Malignaggi knew that the deck was heavily stacked against him, yet he chose to take the fight against all odds.

What odds you ask?

Well if you don’t already know, allow me to break it down for you.

The fight took place in Diaz’s hometown of Houston,Texas.

The fight was promoted by Diaz’s promoter Golden Boy. Not that I am claiming anything seedy, although Paulie did question out loud the appointment of Raul Caiz as one of the judges because Caiz hails from the same hometown as Golden Boy.

Speaking of judges the other two were from…you guessed it…deep in the heart of Texas.

The referee of choiceLaurence Cole, who it has been *reported happens to be the son of Dick Cole, the boxing director for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. It was also *reported that The Coles also sell insurance to promoters doing business in the Lone Star state, a business practice long considered by many as a conflict of interest.

And oh yeah….the fight was for the Jr. Welterweight belt which the last time I checked usually allows a fighter to top out at 140 pounds but Paulie was forced to sign a contract to come in at no more than 138.5 pounds. Another bone thrown clearly in the direction of Diaz who normally fights at no more than 135 pounds.

Now as if that wasn’t enough the ring for this fight might as well have been a phone booth. Again more deck stacking as this small ring would inhibit the moblie Mallignaggi from moving the way he likes and help the slower footed Diaz who does his best work in close quarters.

You had to feel for Paulie when the ring introductions were being made as Oscar De La Hoya, Bernard Hopkins and Shane Mosley all stood alongside Diaz as he was announced to a house full of his peeps.

Unfazed, Maligaggi came out in round one and set the stage for the battle by peppering Diaz with jabs and keeping him at bay with some pretty nice footwork. In the next round Diaz closed the gap a bit and landed shots of his own but in the next round we saw a rapid fire pace with Paulie leading and landing at a slightly higher rate.

The fight went in that fashion for the remainder of the night. Both fighters were cut above the eyes, but it was Diaz who showed the ill effects as blood covered his face for most of the latter rounds.

And yes, it was a close fight but it was Paulie who landed the most punches, NO ONE CAN ARGUE THAT!

Yet, when the fight was over and the scores were read it was a unanimous decision GIVEN to Juan Diaz, and really the scores were not even close. Judge Gale Van Hoy had it 118-110! Caiz 115-113 and David Sutherland 116-112.

118-110? 116-112? Are you kidding me?

Even HBO leaned heavily to the side of Diaz and when Paulie asked Kellerman after the fight how they scored it, Max would only say, ” We had it 7 rounds to 5.” To which Paulie retorted, “You had it for me…right?” It was only then that Max would say HBO had Paulie winning. What’s wrong Max? Afraid to go against the grain? Congratulations! You get an A+ in Jim Lampley Journalism 101, also known as How to Be Shills and Not Be Afraid or Ahamed To Admit It.

What really sucks is the fact that this was a pretty darn good fight but because of all the B.S. that went on before during and after, this fight will always have a taint. A foul smelly taint!

Meanwhile Diaz is already talking about a rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez (please?) and you can be damn sure Malignaggi will never see Diaz inside the ropes again.

As for Paulie, he now has to pick up the pieces. After dumping No-Buddy McGirt as his “Trainer”, Paulie looks like he has regained his flash and although he is very frustrated, and rightly so, I expect to see him and Lou DiBella getting his career back on track and headed in the right direction.

In closing I have a quick question for the Promoters, Judges and Referee as well as The Texas State Athletic Commission…

How Do You Sleep?

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16 Responses to “Fighting Against A Stacked Deck, Malignaggi Gets Exactly What He Expected…But Didn’t Deserve”

  1. Frank Boff says:

    Great blog. You nailed the robbery. I feel for Paulie. And my wallet. I bet him at 3-1.

  2. gus says:

    as always willaim you are right again,and paulie looks much better without mcgirt than again who doesnt

  3. Che says:

    Good fight! Robbery NO! As for all the conspiracy theory, c’mon man fishing a little too hard to find excuses for this fight. Maybe scores were a bit off but the right person still won.

  4. Louie says:

    1. the Cotto vs Pacquiao fight is a welterweight fight, but the contract weight is what ?
    are you going to write about that one ?

    2. Someone tell Malignaggi that this is a pro fight, not the amateurs. pitty patty and dancing is not going to cut it in the pros. if ya wanna do that get on dancing with the stars.

    3. the deck stacked against ? nobody is arguing that, no doubt. Paulie knowing that, dont you think he should have taken the fight to Diaz and out of the hands of the so-called biased judges ? nobodys fault but his own in executing that amateurish style.

  5. D Miller says:

    3 Cheers for the Texas Peanut Gallery for sticking to your “Remember The Alamo” guns even though its clear your Boy was given a gift.

    Che, fishing too hard? My man, pointing out the problems in that fight was like shooting fish in a barrel.

    And seriously dude,scores only a bit off?

    The only thing bit off here is the mouthful of home cooking you are chewing on.

  6. Dirty Diana says:

    Louie Louie, you got to go! Malignaggi threw and landed more punches than Diaz, that is a cold hard fact! The only way Diaz was going to lose was to get KO’d, and as we and more importantly Golden Boy knew that was not going to happen. Add another card to the already stacked deck.

  7. Fame says:

    I’ll tell you how they all sleep Billy.
    On a pillow full of freshly laundered cash!

  8. Threat says:

    it just depends on what you liked. Malignaggi’s quantity of punches that dominated the punchstats, or the quality of punches from Diaz that had Paulia all over the ring the majority of the fight.

    no one will agree with 118, but a 1 round win either way or draw would have been appropriate. I personally gave the 1 round margin to Diaz.

  9. M-Dubb says:

    Robbery?!!!! Paulie landed more jabs and Diaz landed more POWER shots. If you think pitty pat jabs are better than hooks, crosses, and body shots then score it for Paulie. If you think power shots are better score it for Diaz. But to say that a guy that jabbed, ran, and held the whole fight was robbed is CRAZY! Personally, I’d rather watch Gina Carrano fight than Paulie 29 fight 5 KO’s!!!! I think Cory Spinks KO% is better than that!

  10. Cheese & Onions says:

    D-Umbb makes one very solid point. Many posts throughout the net today agree that the reason MMA is getting more popular than boxing is because of incidents like the Diaz incident. But D-Umbb is confused, the author never says this fight was a robbery. To be robbed you have to have something in your possesion, and as the author clearly points out, Paulie never possesed a chance to win this battle due to the stacked deck Golden Boy dealt for Diaz.

  11. Robert Toyer says:

    I’m a Diaz fan and wanted him to win. But everyone who knows anything about boxing knows he lost. I can’t stand Malignaggi. BUT, he won. And he fought well. Diaz landed a lot of good body punches and that’s it. Ten good jabs vs. one good body punch….every round….come on! He made Diaz look like a one dimentional fighter. Diaz fought hard and paulie fought smart! Hope he gets a re-match. I’ll take Diaz again. But he better add more to his arsenol.

  12. The Watcher says:

    Let me start off with this, I REALLY APPRECIATE that we can give our opinions directly to this site without having somebody on the other side filtering out our comments. TSS does this and it drives me nuts, THANK YOU P4P. I like how Williams aleays gives his opinions which are usually what I am thinking. I think this is the best part of you site.

    2nd Guerrero did the same thing but they gave it to him and nobody is complaining that he slapped and ran all night as well. Diaz may have landed the harder shots but Paulie just boxed and moved, Diaz is just a slow, flat footed typical Mexican style fighter. No power though but just fights like a bull. I am not a Paulie style of fighter, his style is a Mayweather type of fighter which everyone knows isn’t really liked by the Hispanic people but lets not do this to guys who make this there life, its not fair.

    3rd this is addressed to Luie, Cotto -vs- MP is not a title fight that is why there is a catch weight. Well now the fading WBC has created the Diamond” belt as a filler for these unofficial weights?

    CAIZ & MENDOZA are as straight as the roads leading to Big Bear, what a horrible call on this and many other fights that occur in Texas. The guys from Golden Boy & Goossen Tutor are always in the ring with there fighters! why? to let all the officials know who is signing there checks. This happens in California all the time. Its sick and I am tired of it.

  13. Threat says:

    Robert Toyer, “anyone who knows anything about boxing knows Malignaggi won”? That’s a stupid comment.

    And to show your lack of actually watching that fight, you stated Diaz was throwing good body punches, when infact he was throwing very few body punches. Most of his shots were to the head which had Paulie wobbling around and clowning out of embarrassment.

  14. M-Dubb says:

    It’s not dumb to think that a hook, cross, or body shot might count as much or more than two jabs. Fact, punch stats clearly shows that Paulie landed more jabs. Fact, punch stat clearly shows that Diaz landed more power shots. Guerrero did not do the same thing he came foward as much as he went backwards and landed a lot more crosses, uppercuts, and hooks. Robbery, was the first Holyfield vs Lewis fight this doesn’t even come close and yes the 118 to 110 was crazy. But, its hard to feel sorry for a guy trying to win a fight going backwards the WHOLE fight. Last, playing with Names is so childish! If you disagree state your case and make your points like an adult. We are all fight fans here I’m sure we will find more decisions that we agree on than we disagree on. I’m out!
    Mr. D-umbb and Confused! LOL!

  15. Che says:

    Miller, your Alamo comments were way out of line. And im from South Side Cali as well not Texas. Paulie is a good athlete but some how and some where along the years fighters and so called fans forgot what boxing is all about! Its about knocking F***ing heads off! Man to man combat!

  16. D Miller says:

    Che, does The Marques of Queensbury rules mean anything to you? Basically those rules were set in place to stop the cave man type brawls that were common place at the time of their inception. Like lunging in head first, to have nothing resembling boxing skills but instead just throwing wild haymakers hoping they will land. To be nimble of foot and not just a plodding neandathal mouth breather. Hey wait a minute, that pretty much sounds like your boy Che. Cali huh? Go figure!