Photo-Chop: Bret “The Threat” Newton


Okay, calm down boys. I know Catfight is usually a term used for an altercation between two women, typically involving scratching, slapping, hair-pulling, and shirt-shredding as opposed to punching or wrestling. However, the term is not exclusively used to indicate a fight between women, and many formal definitions do not invoke gender. Instead, it refers to any “vociferous fight.”

Which leads me to my blog.

Goossen Tutor Promotions and Team Robert Guerrero are blasting shots off the starboard bow for the second day running. The main plot of the press releases is who exactly is in promotional control of Guerrero’s career.

Is it Goossen Tutor or is it Golden Boy?

Goossen is busy trying to blast holes in “The Ghost’s” portside with quotes like, “Golden Boy and Guerrero are ignoring the Court’s Decision overturning CSAC’s Arbitration award, having decided on their own that Goossen Tutor’s contract with Guerrero has expired,” and “Goossen Tutor will take all appropriate steps to make sure ALL parties comply with the Court’s Decision.” 

Hours later Team Guerrero fired back with some salvos of their own including these two closing points, “Goossen Tutor’s press release fails to inform the reader that there is no court decision or binding arbitration award that has ever recognized that Guerrero is still bound to a contract with GTP.  In fact, the GTP Agreement expired by its own terms in May 2008.” That statement was followed with, “Guerrero is prepared to take all legal action necessary to prevent GTP  or any other person from interfering with his Commission-approved promotional agreement with Golden Boy.”

Boys, Boys, Boys. Can’t we all just get along? I’m sure we all can come to an amiable agreement?

One question though, for the second day in a row the one party that has remained conspicuosly silent in the matter is one Golden Boy Promotions.


Forgive me for thinking out loud but it’s almost as if they are not too concerned about the matter at all.


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One Response to “Catfight!”

  1. Frank Boff says:

    Golden Boy Promotions is a cancer to the sport. How many times have they done stuff like this, try to sign a guy away from another promoter and create a firestorm. The original promoter develops the kid into a star, and then GBP, which has no clue how to bring along a prospect to contender status, then snatches the fighter away. GBP is shifty, two-faced and bad for the sport. How far has Oscar strayed from his mission statement. He has become what he vilified, just another vulture promoter who puts the companies intere$t$ before the fighters.