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Hello Will,

First off what are you talking about “ppv torture”, yes it wasn’t the greatest fight ever but what did you actually expect? Would you have let a 7 foot 2 inch 22 stone 8 pound bloke have a chance to “bully” you around the ring? (yes these are rhetorical questions :) ). What David Haye did was well done and you can’t take that away from him so to say it was 2 steps back for boxing is a load of rubbish, 2 steps forward more like it. I really don’t understand what people expected, Valuev was never going to get knocked out and would have had to have found masses of speed and power to be fair to knock Haye out and the fact there was 1 half clinch in the fight was to Hayes credit.

Everything I have read and heard so far has quite a negative view on the fight, can’t we just say the overall winner was boxing in general I mean come on Haye win has brought interest back to the division as the welterweights seem to be the ones to watch right now. Under no circumstances do I pretend to be a boxing analysist or critic but I say it how I see it . I tuned in to see an interesting prospect a genuinely exciting fighter dare I say Holyfieldesque take on a giant of a man and pretty much got what I expected, no way was Haye going to go all guns blazing it was an enormous task handled the right way whether he should have won or not well…..114/114 112/116 112/116 probably more one sided then I saw it.

Personally I felt the fight could have gone either way, it all depended on how the judges saw it, they happened to like Hayes “backfoot” style which was effective. I thought Valuev boxed a decent fight probably one of his better fights as he isn’t the most exciting guy to enter a boxing ring lets face it and I did feel kind of sorry for him because the champion has nothing to prove and the challenger everything to show why he deserves to be the champ.

Overall this was a good result for all involved in the industry (bar Valuev), Haye is better to watch, sells more tickets and is a better boxing talent. When he fights a Klitschko it is big money for all involved no doubts. Did you see Don King there…he didn’t believe in Haye yet in the ring at the end went over to him, did he go to Valuev at the end and say “unlucky big man” did he hell he knows for boxing the big money making outcome was Haye even though his representatives were saying they wanted Valuev to win, “shut his dirty mouth” I believe he said. If I was Haye I’d have swatted him away quicker then he could have said hello.

Anyhow I’d like to hear your thoughts and slate me if you like but I say it how I saw it, i like Haye no doubts about it but I try to be unbiased. I do respect your views and opinions, and people will see it differently it was one of those fights :) .

Regards and best wishes


Hello Jay,

Thanks for taking the time to read and write. First of all you seem like a nice enough Chap so I won’t start by taking the Mickey out of you, but c’mon mate, that was an ugly fight and given the fact that Haye was talking about destroying the giant I have to say his performance fell far short of all the babbling he did beforehand. His constant degrading of Valuev was very disrespectful and he is lucky he didn’t get what he has coming to him.

With that said he took the Champs title and no one can take that away from him…yet. I say yet because I don’t see him being able to beat any of the top challenges at heavy and once he fights the best his title will be short lived.

He can’t beat either Klitschko and if he faces a fighter like Adamek he will go down in a heap. His best bets are to fight guys like Arreola or Chambers and neither one of those pugs will be an easy task.

As for Don King, of course he stepped over the fallen champ and went to Haye’s side after the fight. Rest assured King now has contractual ties to Haye and he will be singing “God Save The Queen” until Haye is dethroned, that’s the way he works.

David Haye is flamboyant and will make some noise while he wears his belt. Unfortunately most of the noise he will make will come from his mouth as opposed to his efforts once he climbs into the ring to defend his crown.

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3 Responses to “One From The Mail Pouch”

  1. kenc15 says:

    i don’t like haye but i think he would beat adamek easily.

  2. Chris Arreola has a very good chance of beating Haye… it would depend more of Chris’s shape and condition for such a match-up. Klitschos should destroy David, though I am always concerned with Vlad’s “suspect” chin, but they should also make Haye’s “reign” short lived.

    God Bless

    Luis M. Cadiz Sr.

  3. William Trillo says:

    Thanks for chiming in guys!

    As to Haye beating Adamek easily, I think the biggest snag in that fight getting made will be Haye slamming it into reverse and staying as for away from that brawl as possible.

    I agree that Arreola might fare well against Haye but until Chris can show that he can stay away from Corona’s it’s hard to see him developing into anything more than a modern version of “Two Ton” Tony Galento.