Manny In Driver Seat For Negotiations With Mayweather

By William Trillo
Photo-Chop: Bret “The Threat” Newton

Don’t be fooled by Leonard Ellerbe when he said that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has the upper hand when it comes to negotiating with Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao for their highly anticipated Super Fight. Ellerbe said that Floyd deserves the Lions share of the purse but coming off their most recent fights it’s clearly Pacquiao who is in the driver seat.

Boxing has been and always will be a “what have you done for me lately” game and although Floyd brought in big numbers for his September fight with Juan Manuel Marquez he was trumped by Pacquiao’s overwhelming recent performance over Miguel Cotto as that fight brought in nearly 1.5 million PPV buys.

Add in the fact that Pacquiao captured a title at 147 pounds while Mayweather’s fight was nothing more than an over glorified bout with a smaller man where no title was at stake.

Last time I checked it’s the Champion who deserves the upper hand in negotiations and the challenger should just be happy he is involved.

Sorry Floyd, but just like that limo rides you take while you scurry around Las Vegas visiting the local Clubs, you will be riding in the back seat on this one.
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62 Responses to “Manny In Driver Seat For Negotiations With Mayweather”

  1. Malibongwe says:

    Great stuff, from now on i am zipping my mouth off, if you wanna say something here is my email address thats all i can say, i will be dissapointed if you can hide away after the fight, i know u might think i smoked something to put my email on the line like this, well i did because i believe you might need to say 1 or 2 things after the fight, i mean stuff like no, Pacman was too small for Mayweather, no Mayweather should give him the second chance, no Mayweather will be broken down by Mosley.

  2. jovan says:

    Hehehe…I’m a sport minded person…I can accept if Pacman loose the fight…But, Gayweather can’t beat Pacman…We’ll just sit & watch this 2 gentleman fight… :)

    Right now, Gayweather Sr is criticizing Pacman…Too bad for him because he also say those words before Pacman & Hatton fight…

    Malibongwe, I will email you someday before/after the fight…I already added your email address in my address book…

  3. Malibongwe says:

    Cool Jov, the official announcement comes on the 11th Dec, i like the hype, But tell me ma man, if Gayweather wins, where will you put him, does it take greatest boxers to beat Pacman or you think he is not in that magnitude. I was watching Whitecker Ramirez 2 fight last night, ohh my God, he could box, i also watched Judah vs Mayweather as well Mayweather adjusted after 4 rounds, i thought that was amazing. I looked at Pacman vs Marquez 2, what i can tell you is Pac is a warrior. A big hearted small man, thats all i can tell you. I believe he got beaten in that fight.What do u think Jov?

  4. jovan says:

    Yeah Malibongwe, his (Marquez) counter punch is his weapon & i don’t think Pacman can stop/get away with those punches…But in terms of power, Marquez has no match…That was a very close fight & i also believe that Pacman got beaten in that fight…

  5. Rommel says:

    Mr. Malibongwe,

    I have been following your posts and one thing stands out. You are as moronic as you can ever be, in terms of understanding what sport has become since Floyd’s demise. And what Manny has become over the latter stages of his career.

    You still cling onto to the PBF who was at superfeatherweight and was truly in for the fight, and not for the money and

    The Manny Pacquiao who fought Marquez on both occasion is not the same Pacquiao who fought Diaz, ODLH, Hatton and Cotto. Many has kept getting better each fight.

    Let me count these factors that has made each new fight of Manny Pacquiao, a showcase of an upgraded Pacquiao version.

    First is the development of his right hand into an equally potent weapon as the left hand. That is something that Marquez has never had to deal with.
    Second, the added power he developed at higher weights beginning from the Hatton (and into the Cotto fight), will just as surely send Marquez to dream land.

    Third the added speed, balance, defense (i.e.weaving boobing of the head), footwork are tons of additional version upgrades which were added into Manny’s arsenal, thamaqnt Marquez will never be able to deal with. Heck, he will not even last two rounds with Manny this time.

    And I have not even mentioned the biggest revelation in the Cotto fight. Manny’s remarkable resilience to the punching power of one of the hardest hitting welterweight in the planet today. Tell me now, does it even make sense to use Marquez as basis to say Mayweather will beat Pacman because he did better in his fight with Marquez?

    C’mon, this why I called you an idiot! On top of the reasons I mentioned above, which focuses on how much better the Filipino is today than years ago, I also note that the Marquez Pacman fought was the man at the prime of his career, at the prime weight he should be – the super featherweight division.After that, Marquez has been on a steady decline, and this is apparent in the way he struggled with Baby Bull Diaz, where he was neatly taught a lesson 90% of the fight,until he got lucky in the latter rounds, and he snatched a victory from a sure defeat, against the young, inexperienced turk.

    The other more important element, was that Marquez was made to bloat 3 divisions higher than his ideal weight, skipping two divisions, straight into a fight with Floyd. C’mon Marquez would not only be naturally sluggish, slow, ineffective against a natural welterweight with the speed of Mayweather. What’s worse is that Marquez never really had that one-punch knockout power (which he needed), if he were to bring down Gayflower…err, I mean Mayweather, even at the lighter weights.

    Adding insult to injury is that Mayweather even cheated on the fight by coming in much heavier than is allowed.MArquez Berreistain and Lampley described Floyd to be at least 20 pounds heavier by fight night. What a cheat!He would rather pay and show his lack of courage and integrity, than give Marquez any ghost of a chance. Let me count those factors in for you for better analysis:

    1) Cheating on the agreed fighting weight,
    2) Making Marquez come up 3 weight classes from his best fighting weight,
    3) Taking on a past prime Marquez,
    4) Forcing Marquez to be the aggressor, taking him away from his fighting comfort zone (counterpunching is Marquez’s bread and butter) .

    Taking these last four items and adding them to the first four items that has improved drastically about Pacquiao, should open your eyes to what will happen if Pacquiao were to meet Mayweather.

    If you are still hanging onto your bankrupt reasoning, after all these compelling arguments, then just lay down and put to rest any of your pretentions to analytical competence – you are truly a moron!

  6. Rommel says:

    jovan (also for Malibongwe),

    Dont be an idiot like Malibongwe! He is of the illiussion that he is a better judge than the decorated judges who handled both fights. If there was any mistake in those fights, it was the judge who admitted who made the mathematical mistake of giving a 10-7 mark on th efirst round of the first fight to Manny. It should have been 10-6, just like the way the two other judges, rated it.

    That being said, there should not have been any draw to begin with. Manny, wins both fights. The second fight is close, I agree. And they were close because Manny truly struggled making the weight for this fight. His punch resistance was really very low, that is why he could not go into his whirlwind attacks every time Marquez counters. But that is another factor that cannot work against Manny anymore.

    Simply put, Pacquiao won both fights with narrowest of margins. And there is no way Marquez can claim superiority over Manny in those two fights. Just no way. Imagine this is being a professional prizefighting at its pinnacle, and then you have one guy getting floored four times in their previous two encounters and then you claim that the guy who got floored those number of times was the actual winner.

    Just plain idiotic!!

    For a bit of a comparative analogy. The Pacquiao version which Marquez fought some years back, is at best 30% of the Manny Pacquiao of today. While at the same time, we we saw the 100% best of the Mexican gladiator.

    To wit:

    (30% of Pacquiao VS. 100% of Marquez = 2 close fights,4 knockdowns for Manny. Pacquiao coming out on top.)

    Compare that to the fight of Mayweather of the slowly fading Mayweather versus the faded Marquez, to wit:

    (90% of Mayweather VS 40% of Marquez = an easy win, 1 knockdown both for Mayweather, plus a very, very boring bout)

    Continuing the trend, what happens when Pacquiao-Mayweather meet soon.

    Forecast: a further upgrade of the Pacquiao phenomenon + added incentive to shut the pieholes of the Mayweather clan, come fight, I imagine the predictive numbers will be like:

    120% of Pacquiao VS. 100% = knockout for PACQUIAO. And I think Mayweather is way overated. He will be exposed soon enough. And am not even saying he will not come up with another ridiculous excuse.

  7. jovan says:

    Rommel, FU!!

  8. jovan says:

    here comes another ******…lol
    Rommel, we’ll just sit & watch what will happen after the fight…My bet goes to Pacman, I rate 65-35 (60 for Pacman)…

  9. jovan says:

    gayweather got what he want (to fight anoger g&#&$ – malignaggi)…lol…
    pacman vs clottey on march 13…

  10. Malibongwe says:

    Rommel (Jov)
    Rommel ur a fckn talker, i am busy currently, but i will get back to you, Jov, where did you get this guy with the ice cream name, Rommel. hahahaha. ohh sht its funny how he analyses boxing, he preferes to base it in numbers, i talk facts, u talk numbers.

    Facts drives numbers, numbers dont even exist, ok atleast not in your world. By the way the property of transitivity doesnt hold in boxing, ur fckn confused now right, if a > b and b>c it doesnt mean c>a. its not pure maths. Question, what the fck do u know about numbers, hahaha, i meant %’s.

  11. Tony Perez says:

    Mayweather needs to stop being scared and stop talking like b****. and Manny needs to take the test before the fight and then we can watch these 2 fools wuup each other.

  12. daamoo says:

    gyweather is the right term ,floyd is just one of the fighters thats just looks like money face without the soul an courage,poor attitude .acts likea little kid….no education like his dad full of crap