Joe Comeback?

By William Trillo
Today in Los Angeles Golden Boy Promotions will announce an important surprise regarding an addition to Golden Boys promotional roster. Nothing specific was added to the press release other than free tacos would be served up to anyone in attendance.
As I was busy staring blankly at 4 of the dullest fights I have ever seen on Saturday night my mind wandered off and I began to speculate as to what this announcement might be. What fighter is out there and available that may want to ride on the coat tails of the powerful Golden Boy Promotional bandwagon?
Then like a ton of Golden Bricks it hit me.
My memory (for what it is worth) harkened back to the Los Angeles Mayweather vs. Mosley press conference. I recalled that when I entered the ESPN Zone for lunch prior to the press conference I saw Golden Boy’s Richard Schaefer in a private booth with none other than former Super Middleweight Champ Joe Calzaghe. I thought to myself, “What the heck could Joe be doing here?” One look outside at the gorgeous So Cal weather and I dismissed Joe’s California appearance as nothing more than a vacation from the frigid Welsh winter.
Then, of all things seated right next to yours truly during the “Who R U Picking” press conference was Calzaghe himself. I left Joe alone during the festivities but as the show wrapped up I got the former Champions attention by asking him to give me his pick for The Super Six Tournament. “I don’t know,” was all he said. Finding that a tad peculiar considering he was the former Super Middle king I said,”Really Joe, you don’t have any idea who will come out on top?” Joe replied, “Really I don’t know. I don’t have any idea!” I followed that up by asking him what he thought about Lucian Bute being left out of the tournament. It was then that Joe’s eyes lit up as he said, “Yes that is odd, I don’t understand that at all, he certainly deserves to be.”
With that I thanked Joe and we went our separate ways. All I took away from that was Joe didn’t want to discuss the Super Six for whatever reason but he was convinced that Bute is the real deal.
Any idea of a come backing Calzaghe was quickly put out of my mind as I always believed he was serious about his retirement.
Then sometime last week retirement announcements of Enzo Calzaghe,Joe’s Father and Trainer, were being made ad infinitum and although Enzo was a fine trainer I thought they might have been going overboard just a bit, unless of course Joe told him he was coming out of retirement and Enzo disagreed and told his son, “You will be doing it without me!”
This is all purely speculation on my part but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Calzaghe as the guest of honor at today’s press conference.
I mean there is that long standing rivalry with Carl Froch still brewing and it must really stick in Calzaghe’s craw to have Froch winning in the first round of the Super Six. Rumor is Calzaghe has offered to help Mikkell Kessler while he trains for his upcoming fight with the hated Froch.
Calzaghe also said in a recent interview that the Bernard Hopkins fight is the only one he would want to restage. He feels he was wrong to chase Hopkins too much early on. Without that he thinks the victory would have been more decisive than the split decision he secured. As we know Hopkins is also a Golden Boy promoted fighter who will be fighting Roy Jones in April. The fact that Calzaghe beat them both (Hop & Roy),must not be sitting well with him either as he watches the two getting ready to cash in on a PPV card.
Although he has insisted he will not come back Calzaghe has called the promotional business a pain. Unless of course you go into business with Golden Boy a la Bernard Hopkins and Shane Mosley. Then the only pain is from sitting on an over inflated wallet full of cash.
I repeat, this is just me thinking out loud and I could be dead wrong…but I have a hunch.
I suppose I could go on a rant about the mediocre card that transpired on Saturday night, but I won’t. I suppose I could rail on Joshua Clottey showing up just for a pay day, but I won’t. I guess I could say that the under card followed in another long line of crap under cards shoved down a paying boxing publics throat, but I won’t. I suppose I could go on a tirade about $50 parking at the stadium and $60 pizzas and $10 bags of popcorn, but again I won’t. I mean 50,994 paying fans in Arlington pretty much make all that a moot point….right?
“Bang Bang” Lampley
As if having to sit through round after round of Joshua Clottey doing absolutely zero wasn’t bad enough, the torture Jim Lampley put me through somewhere in the mid rounds, (they all seemed the same to me), was intolerable. In making his point about Pacquiao’s dominance the ever irritating Lampley closed each statement by loadly barking, “BANG!”
“Pacquiao throws a left….BANG!”
“Pacquiao hits Clottey with a right….BANG!”
“Manny throws a combination…BANG BANG BANG!”
I don’t want to say that was the most annoying bit of boxing commentary I ever heard, but if Lampley spewed out one more BANG I was seriously considering puncturing both my eardrums with coat hangers.
Jim Lampley has worn out his welcome as HBO’s Boxing commentator…BANG!
Jim Lampley has become as relevant as Disco Balls, Cabbage Patch Kids, Pokemon and Pet Rocks…BANG!
Jim Lampley needs to step down from his self perceived throne….BANG!  
Check out for all the latest boxing news……BANG!

7 Responses to “Joe Comeback?”

  1. kenc15 says:

    that jim lampley shit is funny as fudge

  2. Frank Boff says:

    Good column. I think there are two big money fights out there for Joe. Froch in England. And then go to Montreal to fight Bute in a huge PPV in Canada. If he beats both, he can retire rich and satisfied he shut down the non-super Six. These guys who retire, they all come back. It’s all they know how to do. JOe has no college, no other talent. He’s too young to do nothing. YOu nailed it Punchingbilly.

  3. Jim Lampley says:


  4. Luis says:

    jim lampley needs to kill himself, BANG !

    Clottey’s paycheck ougth to be withheld, he was an utter disgrace.

  5. M-Dubb says:

    BANG BANG BANG!!!! Was the best part of the night everybody in my house was laughing so hard! Clottey was boring us and out of nowhere came the BANG BANG!!!! Stop Hating! The BANG BANG and Lampley saying after the 11th. “Pacquiao is blowing the roof off here in Texas!” Just after they opened the roof was classic. Maybe he watched Eddie Murphy’s Boomerang before the fight. When John witherspoon famously said BANG BANG BANG in reference to whipping the Pu$$y!

  6. D Miller says:

    Just when I was getting ready to cut you some slack M-Dumbb you go ahead and out do yourself. Bang Bang was the best part of the night for you and your boys? I don’t even want to know what you and the Bang Bang boys did with each other after the fight! Bang Bang? Eewwwwww?! Pacquiao is blowing? You really need to take up a new sport M-D. One where the men aren’t wearing silk shorts, I think it’s too much for you to handle.

    P.S. Hey Billy! Nice call on Calzaghe, what next? Barry Mc Guigan making a comeback too?

  7. M-Dubb says:

    Anyway D-Miller, yes we thought it was funny!!!! Along with half of the internet and I’ve already seen it mocked by basketball commentators on ESPN and CBS. But like I told you before PAYASO! I don’t name call and talk shit on the internet now you can e-mail me at and we can meet and handle your problem with me like men, please contact me at that e-mail so you and your family can’t sue this site for whatever damage is done to you! I’ve asked you before and this will be the last time. I will no longer respond to you because now you know how to reach me If you want to which I think not because somebody like me has probably been whipping your ass your whole life from grade school to college and as an adult somebody like me probably took your girl, so you come on the internet and be tuff. Ademas, Billy you had to like BANG BANG BANG the reason why it was so funny to us was because we already tought HBO needed a new team years ago.