Povetkin’s Doping Demand Is Just Plain Dopey

By William Trillo
I’ve heard a lot of ridiculous things in boxing over the past week but nothing is dopier than the statement coming from Team Povetkin in regard to a proposed fight with Heavyweight Champ Wladimir Klitschko. A meeting between Povetkin’s people and Shelly Finkel who represents Klitschko was set to take place last week until the managing director of the promotional company Sauerland Event Chris Meyer got off this diddy,  “The reasons of disagreement in the organization of the bout for the most part lies in the technical side of things. The thing is, Povetkin signed a declaration, which binds him to pass doping tests according to the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) rules. We insist that team Klitschko also keep to the terms of this declaration. And for the moment this is the main question”.
Really? That’s the main question?
Here’s a better question coming straight out of Team Klitschko’s inner circle, “Since when does the challenger stipulate what the Champion has to do to make a fight? I thought it was a bad idea when Mayweather brought this issue up and I think it’s a worse idea now!”
And if my information is correct, Germany, the host country for almost all Klitschko fights, has one of the most stringent drug testing policies in all of boxing. I highly doubt Klitschko is juicing.
When Povetkin pulled up lame before his scheduled fight with Wladimir over a year ago I never questioned whether or not Alexander was ducking the fight, but now that this doping issue has come to the surface I am having second thoughts…maybe Povetkin wants no part of Wladimir afterall.
Speaking of Doping Dopes
According to the Las Vegas Review Journal lightweight contender Ali Funeka tested positive for hydrochlorothiazide after his rematch fight with Joan Guzman, which took place on March 27 and was televised by HBO. Simply put, hydrochlorothiazide is a drug that makes you go wee-wee an awful lot, hence making it easier for a guy 6 feet 1 inches tall to make 135 pounds.
As it turns out the fight was a waste of everyone’s time and money because as you may recall, his foe Joan Guzman came in some 9 pounds overweight and was denied a chance to take the belt in the ill fated lightweight title scrum.
Guzman was fined for his discretion and now Funeka faces not only a fine but a suspension as well. Good work guys, after 2 fights we are no further along than we were before you met in the first place.
That’s 1 step backward followed up by 3 more steps in reverse.
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