Pol’ Dancing

By William Trillo

The only thing more impressive this past Saturday night than the heavyweight fight between Adamek & Arreola was the Polish contingency that came out in full force to back their man and eventual winner Tonasz Adamek. The fight was in Arreola’s back yard but you would have been hard pressed to say that the Polish fans didn’t make a huge difference as the toe to toe and close fight went down. It may be hard to fathom but it is very likely that the biggest draw in Heavyweight boxing in the USA is the Polish born Tomasz Adamek.
Smoke and Mirrors?

How does a promoter help to make their perpetually overweight fighter look like he is in decent shape? Well, for starters you can front load the card with a plethora of tubby, chubby & flubby fighters so by the time your star walks into the ring he looks like Adonis compared to the previous combatants. It’s hard to say if that was the case on Saturday night, but make no bones about it, the heavyweights who appeared earlier in the night had little or no business showing up in public with their shirts off.
Who Let The Dog Out?
I must admit I had some concerns about Alfredo Angulo on Saturday night. What with his boycott of the final press conference and his late arrival at the weigh in, I was thinking maybe Angulo was not ready. As it turned out that was far from the case and Joel Julio can attest to that. The one punch KO by Angulo in round 11 was very impressive. El Perro is the real deal and his path at Jr. Middle looks to be on the right track.
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One Response to “Pol’ Dancing”

  1. dave wilcox says:

    thats a crack up Bill. I’ve seen Morales(the fat guy )about three times.

    Can’t complain about that night overall it was a fun show. The crowd was absolutely on fire.

    I want to be an honorary Pole. My wife is half Polish..does that help my case?