Shock The Monkey: Clearing Up The WBC Diamond Belt Questions & Arreola’s Potty Mouth Turning Off Fans

By William Trillo  

Shortly after Floyd Mayweather announced he would not be fighting to capture Shane Mosley’s WBA 147 pound strap, the WBC stepped up to the plate and proclaimed their prestigious Diamond Belt would be up for grabs this weekend. It was then that the Gorilla somewhat ignorantly posed the question, how can Mosley vs. Mayweather be for the Diamond belt when the WBC had already awarded it to Manny Pacquiao after his victory over Miguel Cotto, a fight that also took place at 147 pounds?   I was very certain I knew the answer to that question since the WBC made it very clear before the Paq vs. Cotto fight but I fired off an email to our friend Jose Sulaiman, president of the WBC just to make sure. It went something like this:   Dear Sir,

F…tnews has questioned how the WBC is awarding the Diamond Belt to  Floyd vs. Shane winner when you have already awarded it to Manny Pacquiao who  is also in that same 147 pound division. Their suggestion is how can there be 2 Diamond Belts in the same division?

If I am not mistaken the Diamond Belt is a belt to recognize the winner  of a matchup of great fighters and once the fighter has the belt it is his  forever. There is no defense of that belt as it is only awarded for special fights and it does not matter if the belt has already been awarded this belt  in any particular division.
It is my opinion that F…tnews thinks they are smart by pointing out a mistake, when the fact is they are the ones that are clearly mistaken!
Can you confirm this for me and our boxing fans please?
Sincerely,  William Trillo   Sulaimans response goes as follows:  

My dear friend Mr. Trillo:
      You have pointed out exactly what the DIAMOND WBC BELT is.  It is a historical recognition to the greatest boxers in the ring of today and the future…….. They have to be elite boxers and whoever wins it, keeps it forever.
     We do believe that promoters are free to decide what their promoted fights are for, but the organizations are also free to award recognition to their boxing heroes. 

Best regards.  José Sulaimán

Shortly thereafter I received this email from Mauricio Sulaiman:    DEAR FRIEND,
THANK YOU VERY MUCH   So this weeks fight will have the WBC Diamond belt as a prize and the winner will get to keep that award forever, IT IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A DEFENDABLE TITLE!    

Potty Mouth Chris  

As I made my way around the offices I call on today, those in tune with my boxing gig chimed in on Saturday nights fight and everyone to a man started the conversation with comments about Chris Arreola’s foul mouth in front of the camera. “Who does this guy think he is,” stated one fan. Another said that he was tired hearing Chris swear whether he won or lost and yet another said it embarrassed him because people across the country assume everyone from Southern California is like that.   Then when I got home I opened my email and had this comment/question sitting in my inbox:

Just wondering what your thoughts are on the Angulo fight. I loved it, and there is no comparison to the way he conducts himself compared to Arreola. I’ve heard Arreola before, both when he wins and loses – can’t say I love him much. Just curious.

In all honesty, Chris could stand to clean up his act a bit in front of the camera in my opinion. I heard he was a bit frustrated on Friday because he heard ticket sales for his fight were not as expected. If the reaction I got today about his demeanor is any indication, I do not expect those numbers to climb anytime soon.  

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2 Responses to “Shock The Monkey: Clearing Up The WBC Diamond Belt Questions & Arreola’s Potty Mouth Turning Off Fans”

  1. Pin Galarga says:

    After loosing to a great cruiserweight, but still a cruiserweight, Arreola should consider retirement. If not, at least He should retire his mouth. The big ape is good sticking his boot on his mouth.. time after time. Eitherway, Arreola is done.

  2. MarkSpizer says:

    great post as usual!