“Money” Where His Mouth Is

By William Trillo
Photos: Marlene Marquez

Love him or hate him it’s very hard to deny Floyd Mayweather Jr. his just due after his dominant unanimous decision victory over Shane Mosley on Saturday night. Prior to running his record to 41-0 with 25 KO’s Mayweather spent an inordinate amount of time running his mouth about his greatness and how he was going to dispose of Mosley, most of that came on HBO’s hit series 24/7. And as much as many of us hated to hear it, there is nothing we can do now but humbly stand back and say that he did just as he said he would.

In his dominant victory, Mayweather showed us he is probably the most gifted technical fighter in the game today, even the talented and rapid fire Mosley was no match for Floyd’s skill on this, and possibly any other night. Another thing that was stamped in indelible ink on the memory of anyone who saw the fight is, when faced with adversity early, when cracked so hard his knee’s buckled in round 2, Mayweather found a way to weather the storm and get through the round without going down and without losing his focus. In fact the blows delivered by Mosley seemed more like a call to arms for Mayweather and it’s easy to say he went on to win every round after that, thanks in part to that early wake up call.

Yes, at times ”Pretty Boy” postured and toyed with Mosley, he even resorted to talking to him during some rounds, but it was Mosley who paid the price as he fell into Floyd’s trap and as soon as he attempted to engage in conversation, Mayweather blasted Shane in the mouth. This wasn’t the first time Shane would fall into the snare that is the “Pretty Boy” trap, and Floyd was laying bait long before the two entered the ring on Saturday night.

From the demanded pre-fight drug testing to denying fighting for the WBA belt and then entering the ring second on Saturday night, something that is always set aside for the Champion, Floyd left Mosley playing second fiddle before and after the fight. At the post fight press conference Oscar De La Hoya spoke about how Floyd gets into your head before the fight, in fact Oscar, who knows first hand of Floyd’s mind games, said Mayweather is a “Master” at this tactic.

It worked against Oscar, it worked against Shane as it also worked against some 39 other opponents and the chances are it will work again before his career is over. Many of us may not like it, but when you put together the entire package of superior skill, both mentally and physically, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is going to be a very difficult fighter to beat.

Humbly Speaking
At the post fight press conference Floyd Mayweather Jr. spoke eloquently with the charm of a humble warrior who accomplished his task but still had respect for his fallen foe. Mayweather thanked Mosley, the promoters, advertisers and even said thank you to the media even though most of us have ripped him unmercifully at times.
Years ago, just prior to his fight with Arturo Gatti, Mayweather held a luncheon with the media in Los Angeles and at that time I was taken aback at how gracious the young man was and for a moment in time I saw a side of Mayweather I hoped we would see more often.
The fact is, for the most part we have not seen the humble Mayweather but instead have been subjected to his arrogant and brash attitude he directs at whomever he deems unworthy…which is most of us.
Yet, on Saturday night almost everyone to a man left the building talking not only about Floyd’s performance in the ring but his respectful performance on the podium after the fight.
I can’t help but think that if Floyd would project that humble attitude more often he would add greatly to his fan base and maybe he would get those 3 million PPV buys that he and everyone at Golden Boy is looking for.
Memo To Promoters, Managers & Clingers On…
One of the best photo opps’ for any fight, especially the big ones, is when the fighters square off face to face in one final stare down before the fight. It’s compelling and can make for some great and more importantly, valuable photographs. That has all changed over the past year or two as now when the fighters go nose to nose someone from the promotional team decides to stick his Pie Hole right smack in the middle of the shot.
Newsflash losers….No One Wants To See Your Hideous Grill In The Shot….NO ONE!! 
This dilemma has been eating at me for quite some time now but the proverbial straw that broke this camel’s back was this weekend when our photographer sent over pictures of the weigh in face-off and right smack in the middle of the Floyd and Shane was none other than Leonard “Hot Flashes” Ellerbe.
That’s all I can take and I can take no more.
Dammit Leonard….get your smug face out of the shot! And that goes for every other Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to get in on the face-off. Unless you are one of the participants no one wants to see you.
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18 Responses to ““Money” Where His Mouth Is”

  1. kenc15 says:

    don’t like the guys attitude but as a fighter he has earned my respect. can’t take nothing away from the man

  2. jr says:


    FM why don’t u fight pacquiao?enough excuses!!!go and fight!

  3. Joe says:

    After witnessing what he did to Shane Mosley, I now give Manny a very slim chance of even being competitive against Floyd. There are really only three fighters that I really believe have a shot against Floyd. Andre Berto, might be too soon for him but if the opportunity presents itself he has to take it. Paul Williams, I doubt it will happen and if it does happen at 147 he won’t stand a chance because of over training. Sergio Martinez, Won’t happen because Martinez can’t make 147 and I believe Floyd is done with 154. Floyd doesn’t have to prove anything anyways he beat who was the Number 1 welterweight in the world and he calls the shots from now on.

  4. brave0ne says:

    I told you so! and if Manny stops taking enhancement drugs he’s next.

  5. floyd is still a boxer who has taken meaured risks in his career and that won’t change anytime soon. Great, he finally fought Mosley, a fight that should have ocurred many years ago. But it didn’t happen because he avoided him, just as he did Margarito, Williams, Cintron, Cotto, Berto, Clottey, Collazo… the list is kind of long isn’t it!?! Always looking for an excuse, Not Maragrito because he had losses… not Cotto or Berto because they had no name power… then what does he do… fight Carlos Baldomir! Didn’t that guy have like 9 losses!?! Whe he was at 140, he didn’t fight Kostya Tszyu. He has avoided many in the past and he will continue to do so. In the 24/7 series he stated that he can’t say that any other boxer, including Ali and Ray Robinson, are better than him becaue they all lost and, to add insult to injury, he, Mayweather, has fought the best. The legends that he disgraced with that comment truly fought everyone and anyone that were placed in the ring before them. Why didn’t he fight Pacquiao when he came out of retirement? If he builds the courage… why didn’t he fight Williams when they both at 147? Why doesn’t he fight Sergio Martinez at 154, he fought Oscar at that weight… well not really because he came in underweight on purpose. His PPV numbers are a smokescreen, including his alleged “sell-out” crowds, his exagerated purses and his self proclaimed “greatness”.

    Good night and God Bless

    Luis M. Cadiz Sr.

  6. Mary Ornelas says:

    Ok I’m sorry but I don’t think the fight was worth a crap. I was very sad to see that Mosley ran out of gas, but Mayweather didn’t do anything great.. I keep seeing reports of how great he did and I keep asking myself what fight were they watching. I watch this young up coming fighters go in there and battle like true warriors and get no recognition for it. And then this crappy performance gets praise.

    This is exactly what is wrong with boxing these people that are champions and greats need to step it up and really fight like true champions. Giving it all they have and battling until that final bell not talk all that trash like you don’t have any class… let your skills do the talking and if they aren’t capable of doing this then step down and walk away!!! Stop being a disgrace to a beautiful sport.

  7. B says:

    Floyd is the man.. Manny take the test you bum!

  8. Gibb says:

    @LUIS M Cadiz go do your homework on flyod, mosley is the one who avoided flyod in 2000 who claimed his hand was broken then again in 2005 when he claimed his tooth was hurtin stop being a mayweather hater and just look at facts! Pac man said giving blood makes him weak so evertime he gets cut should they stop the fight.? that tattoo on his forearm was done two day prior to one his victorious fights! If u knew when u were taking aa blood test im pretty sure u would be able to pass it as wel.l Do it randomly if u really has nothing to hide bum

  9. Gibb says:

    Mary Ornelas u should go and watch ufc if u wanna see a brawl thats not money mayweather style.

  10. Gibb, let’s look at the “facts”… As I posted before, floyd takes measured risks. I mentioned the names of 8 boxers that he avoided pre-retirement. He comes out of retirement and decides to face Marquez instead of Pac from the get go. He then talks alot of B.S., as usual, and the mega-bout with Pac falls through. He faces Mosley in a fight that have taken place years ago. Marquez and Mosley were measured risks. Marquez was a counter punching blown up light weight, tailor made for floyd, who also paid the fine to come in overweight, guess he didn’t believe in his abilities that he needed extra insurance. Mosley said it best when he stated in 24/7,”…who else was floyd going to face?” Manny is pounding on welterweights, being Cotto and Clottey, that floyd avoided before he retired, mayweather needed a credible opponent. The “money” man said he was greater than Ali and Ray Robinson because he was still undefeated and faced “everyone”. HELLO!!! What about the names of the boxers I just finished mentioning? He avoided them like the plague! I don’t know what floyd’s idea is of “everyone” but with so many quality foes to choose from and he would take fights with the likes of Carlos Baldomir… but remember, we are talking about a man who thinks that he’s the “cash cow” yet can’t count PPV numbers… the so called 3 million buys is turning out to be more like 1.1 or 1.2. As for Manny not testing, Gibb, do you let a co-worker go to your work area and dictate to you your duties? No right… well, I hope not because if you do, you are short changing and belittling yourself. Only your supervisor, boss, superior, etc… should tell you what to do and how to do it. Why should Manny subject himself to floyd’s terms when he’s just a boxer/athlete like Manny? floyd talks about a “level” playing field, but either way you put it, it’s his terms with no compromise. Where’s the fairness in that? Gibb, I am not a hater, I am a realist. Realistically speaking, floyd doesn’t want to face Manny and much less Paul Williams or Sergio Martinez. mayweather will either forget about his demands and fight Manny, take on bigger and more dangerous risks in Williams or Martinez… or retire yet again. He’ll always have his uncle, dad and Ellerbe by his side… Oh yeah! don’t forget his mouth.

    Good night and God Bless

  11. Anonymous says:

    after he beats manny p. whose left?….

  12. Gibb says:

    MR Luis Cadiz is seem u know alot about the history of boxing im gonna ask u this one question why did pac mac leave the weight class where he and and marquez fought i think its bcause he didnt want it anymore wit mr marquez!!! What do u say?? As far as his ppv numbers tell me another welter weight whose fights do the numbers his do.As far as the drug test goes why not do random drug test if you clean i would never turn down 25 mill to make 6 mill and im pretty sure u wont either unless u have something to hide. Just so u know mike tyson came wit the same olympic style drug testing against holyfield and he agreed because he has nothing to hide. Its so much cheating going on in boxing now its getting to the point where i dont even wanna be affiliated wit it anymore flyod was ready to fight pac man and mr pac man did want to take the test if he takes the test as mosley did the fight will happen!!! after he beat pac man what will u say next??

  13. Gibb says:

    Luis go to u tube and put in is manny on steriods and look at that video so u can see why mayweather feels the way he do it should be the fifth video and its 1057 long.

  14. Shaun. says:

    Floyd did very well, but Shane did very bad.
    Please understand that Floyd is a good fighter, but a great outside the ring preparer. I won’t take nothing away from his win, but you have to factor in Shane’s age and inactivity.
    Let us be honest, if this fight had happened years ago, Shane would have had a better chance, but than again, Shane knew this way before any us, and he is a man who made the choice.

    Had Shane dismantled that whole one knockout punch to win a fight style, and boxed, he would have had a good chance to land more shots like he did in the second round.

    Manny is a different fighter & personally, I wouldn’t want to see Floyd & Manny fight, because Floyd already won with that steroid non-sense. He fights a guy who he used steroids, and if he loses to a guy who he thinks uses steroids, the whole battle of Floyd’s rants would be used as leverage to defend his antics.

    Floyd is a very good fighter & I wish him continued success.

  15. First part of your comment, why does any and all boxers move up in weight class, either to make more money or they are having problems making their current weight demands, sometimes both reasons factor in to the decision making. Manny moved up to bigger and better things. He had a draw the first time with Marquez and then a decision win, both hardfought. But Manny being Manny, he fought Marquez again anyway, knocking Juan down 4 times in 2 fights. So it is pretty safe to say that Manny will practically fight anyone. Now floyd fought Oscar to a split decision win, meaning that one judge actually saw Oscar win, Floyd Sr. even said that his son lost. But little floyd didn’t give Oscar a rematch, yet he demanded an immediate rematch if he lost this past Saturday. The man who talks about a “level” playing field, but tries to dictate like Cuba’s Castro the order of things. Gibb don’t be such a floyd fanatic, remember fanatics are blind and blind people are dangerous. Read between the lines of my comment, Manny is not and will not play into mayweather’s mental mind meld. That is what ticks little floyd the most, that he has finally found a fighter that can play be his own set of rules. As far as PPV # go, the difference between the two is not much. Manny vs Cotto did a little over 1.3 million, mayweather vs Marquez did 1.1 million, Manny vs Clottey made 700 thousand while mayweather vs Mosley pulled in unofficially another 1.1-1.2 million. Add it all up and mayweather is ahead by about 2-3 hundred thousand buys, so much for the “cash cow” theory, the numbers are pretty close. Remember, Clottey is not Mosley, what would have Pac vs Mosley sell compared to Clottey and vice versa, mayweather vs Clottey? I have an interesting story to tell you about boxers not giving their opponent an edge in anything, neither before or during the fight. It was an anecdote shared with me by way of Don Felix, Tito’s dad. Another time I will post it, don’t want to make my posts into testaments. Gibb, I am not a floyd hater, you don’t be a floyd fanatic. We’ll keep this up later…

    Good night and God Bless

  16. Gibb says:

    Mr Castillo did u watch the video? let get to the point he ran from marquez point blank!!! Marquez clearly won the first fight lets be for real do u really think it was a split decision?? Be honest wit yourself lets not even get into ppv numbers welterwieghts didnt even know what it was to fight for seven figures until mayweather did it!! and as far as his dad he said it depends on how u judge the fight and i quote if u wanna go on buy who threw the most punches u have to give it to oscar and if u wanna go off of a guy throwing more single punches give it to his son. im not a flyod fanatic i just call it like i see it but please do ur self the faor and watch the clip on you tube im not trying to make u agree wit me i just want u to see things clearly

  17. Mary Ornelas says:

    Its not about a brawl its about going out there and showing skills, showing why you should be considered an elite athlete not just walking around a ring running your mouth and throwina a punch here and there… and just because you try to make it seem like he’s doing his job by saying thats his style. STOP and look at the original champions and the battles they fought thats how its supose to be. Now don’t get me wrong you want to play like a clown then watch some pernel whitaker fight or a little paez they palyed but they still came and fought their butts off..

  18. First off it’s Mr. Cadiz not Mr. Castillo. Let’s get to the point: you are being hard on Manny for not taking on Marquez for a third time and supposedely “running”. mayweather is the biggest track star when it comes to running as he has avoided many opponents in the past, present and most likely future. The only rematch he has taken was with Castillo because we all know, including little floyd, that he lost. I talked PPV numbers because in your previous comment you alluded towards floyd’s grandness in that area and I just gave you a wake up call. You are also very mistaken about welterweights not making 7 figures, I guess you forgot about Oscar DelaHoya. You say you want me to see things clearly when it seems that you are suffering from stigmatism or retinal damage when you can’t see the facts. I haven’t watched the video because you probably posted it. Or Ellerbe… If Manny is using PEDs, sooner or later we will know. The same way that mayweather is using xylocaine for his fragile hands. Sooner or later, the truth is known… Ask Margarito and Capetillo about that one.

    God Bless… keeping it real…