Weekend Lessons Learned…or Not! Back To The Drawing Board

By William Trillo

As much as I love to go to live boxing events, sometimes I don’t mind sitting at home and putting my feet up and watching the fights from the comfort of my humble abode. This weekend proved to be a great weekend to analyze some fights as both Friday and Saturday nights TV offerings were full of lessons for all to learn.

Focusing on the Friday night fights televised on Showtime and the Saturday night fights televised by HBO let’s go over the lessons together:

Lesson # 1: When fighting a slick undefeated fighter it’s best not to overestimate your power and rely on winning by KO only. Chris Avalos made more than one mistake on Friday night but the biggest one was thinking he could walk through anything the unheralded Chris Martin had to offer. He didn’t and that’s why he lost.  Martin made mincemeat of Avalos and embarrassed Showtime’s sure fire star.

Lesson # 2: If you want to go home with the Champions belt make sure you can make weight. Martin’s victory was impressive but since he did not make the Bantamweight limit not only did he not get the belt, he was also fined 25% of his purse. Double ouch!

Lesson # 3: Don’t say you are going to be fighting for the cruiserweight title before the year is out and then put on a less than impressive opponent against a hand picked journeyman. Lateef Kayode’s trainer Freddie Roach told Showtime that his fighter would be ready for a title fight before the years end, but coming off his performance on Saturday night it’s clear Kayode is not so Wile E. and he has a lot of work to do before he faces the likes of Marco Huck or Steve Cunningham. Oh sure, Kayode disposed of Alfredo Escalera Jr. in 8 rounds but he struggled to do it and Escalera was there for the taking all night long. Kayode likes to call himself “Power” but Roach better help him get some polish as well.

Lesson # 4: Don’t play around with Glen Johnson! Tavoris Cloud thought that youth and strength was on his side but he failed to respect Johnson’s experience and ring savvy and it almost cost him the fight. Falling into Johnson’s traps Cloud found himself in a real fight and was taken the distance by “The Road Warrior”.  If Cloud pays attention he will have gained a lot of knowledge in this fight and it should serve him well in the future. If not Tavoris will not be keeping his belt for much longer.

Lesson # 5: Don’t let the night that was built around you go to your head and then lay an egg in front of your hometown fans. Devon Alexander was stretched to the limit by Andriy Kotelnik and barely eeked out a unanimous decision win. Many thought he lost to the Ukrainian fighter. With many huge fights in the Jr. Welterweight division it was Alexander’s night to prove he was the cream of the crop. Instead he showed many flaws and his place at 140 pounds is now less than secure. On the bright side his performance most likely opened some doors and fighters who were apprehensive to fight the “Great” one now may be willing to take him on.

Lesson # 6: 2 > 3. I am not sure if it’s by design or someone has been calling in sick, but as of late HBO has been going with 2 men in the announcers booth and I think it is going very well. Hopefully they are going to trash the idea of a 3 man booth from now on. Not having to hear 3 guys stumbling over each others egos is a breath of fresh air and I hope this is the status quo from now on. The only time a 3 man booth worked was on Monday Night Football when Howard, Frank and Dandy Don were entertaining us on a regular basis, after that every other attempt has been little more than a glorified circle jerk.

Bonus Lesson: Read between the Don King/Floyd Mayweather Jr. lines! I wondered all week what King and Floyd were up to but, seeing Mayweather ringside in St. Louis was a little more than a casual invite by King. I think Floyd was there on a scouting mission. That’s right, I am suggesting that King and Mayweather are planning to stage a fight with Mayweather taking on none other than Devon Alexander!  Considering Alexanders performance I think it is now very likely.

Just think about for a minute.

Alexander is an undefeated 5 foot 7 inch southpaw with blinding hand speed.  What better way is there to pass the time while waiting for Pacquiao to fight Antonio Margarito? Fighting a guy cut out of a similar mold seems logical to me.

And of course Devon is promoted by King so all the nonsense we have seen trying to get 2 promoters to see eye to eye on anything is thrown out the window.

Am I crazy or does this make perfect sense?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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6 Responses to “Weekend Lessons Learned…or Not! Back To The Drawing Board”

  1. The Watcher says:


  2. Frank Boff says:

    No way does HBO allow an Alexander-Floyd matchup. First, Devon obviously isnt even ready to wipe out the 140 pound division. It was be a boring mismatch, and HBO knows it. Second, HBO has been putting a lot of time energy and money into the junior welterweight division. They want Alexander to fight Bradley, Khan and Maidana.

    As for the two-man booth, HBO is not going to replace Lennox Lewis with the year almost over. They will debut a jock as the third guy on BAD next year. My hunch is they have already chose him.

  3. William Trillo says:

    I am either a genius or I don’t know what the heck I am talking about. The jury is still out. Either way thanks to you guys for chiming in.

    And yeah…the last thing HBO would approve is a boring mismatch….?

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  5. Luis says:

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  6. William Trillo says:

    Thanks guys! Appreciate the feedback!