…When It Comes To Montreal Lucian Bute Still Holds The Key To The City

By William Trillo

…Pascal is not Bute’s boss. Am I trying to take away from Pascal’s victory over Dawson? Absolutely not! Pascal stepped up to the plate on Saturday night and basically hit one out of the park. The problem was there wasn’t anyone on base.

Allow me to explain.

The announced paid attendance for The Bell Center fight on Saturday night was a paltry 8,122. The entire upper deck was blocked off and the loudest roar of the night came when Lucian Bute’s image was flashed across the Videotron Big Screen above the ring.

To put those numbers into perspective, when Lucian Bute fought an optional defense against Edison Miranda in April the Bell Center was 13,682 strong. Factor in the fact that the first round of The Stanley Cup Playoffs were in full effect and Montreal’s beloved Canadiens were playing at exactly the same time on national TV and it makes that near 14,000 paid mark pretty remarkable.

When Bute fought Librado Andrade in their first battle The Bell Center was packed to the rafters. There were 16,300 paid customers that night. That’s literally twice that of Pascal’s paid attendance vs. Dawson.

Jump to Quebec City for Bute vs. Andrade 2 and the number of ticket holders at the Pepsi Coliseum was 16,473. What makes that number even more astonishing is the fact that the Pepsi Coliseum’s seating capacity is a reported 15,176. I don’t know where they put the extra 1,297 patrons, but I was in the house that night and it was packed like sardines, hot, sweaty and LOUD. I guess the rumor I heard about them selling tickets at the door even though there were not really any seats left is true. It wasn’t until promoters pulled the plug on ticket sales for fear of getting shut down by the Fire Marshall did the box office close.

They didn’t have that problem this past Saturday night for Pascal.

Staying in Quebec City, Eric Lucas and Librado Andrade recently drew 8,138 on a Friday night for a 10 round Non-Title fight. That too beat out the ticket buyers at The Pascal/Dawson title fight.

After adding all those numbers up I have come to this conclusion, there is not a new Sherriff in Town in Montreal. Lucian Bute is still the man running the show and the record speaks for itself.

But this grey Jean Pascal cloud does have silver lining. If he and Bute do business and step into the ring in Montreal you can expect every ticket to be sold for this event, maybe more. But it will be Lucian’s show that night and Jean will be playing second fiddle. Pascal can change all that with another upset victory, but until then proclaiming himself as the “Boss” in Montreal at the present time is wishful thinking at best.

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