Super Six, Legal Fix; Time For The Tourney To “Hit The Bricks”

By William Trillo
Showtime has sent “legal letters” telling promoters Gary Shaw and Dan Goossen the their fighters, the “Andre’s” had better fight on the scheduled date of September 25 or another chosen date in October or the gavel of a lawsuit is going to drop.
No kidding?
You mean you really can’t take a multitude of promoters and put them in a round robin tournament without the entire thing falling apart at the seams? Who could have seen that coming?
Without going on another one of my “I told You so” tirades let me tell you where we stand right now:
I spoke to a very highly placed source this week and the source told me what is going on right now. When Mikkel Kessler pulled out of the tournament he also had to lay aside his WBC belt. That of couse left a vacant WBC belt. Now, the WBC was prepared to sanction the Abraham vs. Froch fight as the WBC title fight but a little dilemma appeared on the horizon. Andre Dirrell informed the WBC that as the number one ranked Super Middleweight he was demanding that he fight for that title now! That left the WBC in a quandary and as you see no WBC 168 pound title fight has been sanctioned. At the same time Ward vs. Dirrell is without a date or a venue and don’t look now but the website for the venue of the Abraham vs. Froch fight in Monaco does not mention that supposed October 2nd fight at all. Not even a whisper! 
It’s all a real mess.
Here’s a question for you. Since Dirrell is supposed to be fighting Ward for his WBA title why is he so concerned about the vacant WBC belt all of a sudden? I mean if he wants the WBC belt all he has to do is fight and beat Ward and his next fight would be for that WBC belt.That is of course unless the Andre’s really don’t want to fight each other at all to begin with…which seems to be the case no matter what anyone is saying on the record.
I contacted both fighters promoters but neither one would comment on the Showtime “legal letter”.
Right now I am waiting for Showtime to send out a press release with a revamped schedule. I can see it now: Showtime’s Super Six Moves To Final Four With New Pairings! The press release will try to convince us that since the Dirrell vs Abraham fight ended in such controversy that they decided to fight again to settle the score and Andre Ward will now be facing Carl Froch and the winners of each bout will meet in the final Championship fight. Everyone at Showtime will then hit their knees and pray every night that one or both of the Andre’s will lose and we won’t get put through their BS once again.
And just so you don’t say I didn’t warn you, if that Super Six repairing does go down I will be climbing to the highest mountain top in California to shout out another of my Super Six “I TOLD YOU SO’s.”  
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Question: What do Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder, Fuzzy Zoeller, Don Imus and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have in common? Please leave your answers in the leave a reply box below. 
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2 Responses to “Super Six, Legal Fix; Time For The Tourney To “Hit The Bricks””

  1. smokin' jav says:

    They are all closet racists that F****ED up by letting a racist comment “slip” out and then backtracked by apologizing saying that “it was misunderstood,or I was only joking,and I was only having fun” In my opinion they all suck as a person.As usual you’re right about the stupid six,oops …er I mean the super six!

  2. serendipity says:

    Floyds closet has some other things he may not want to discuss as well. As far as the super six, it is time to take old yeller out to the back yard and put a slug in him.