Mayweather Jr. Gets November Fight

By William Trillo
Photo-Chop: Bret “The Threat”

Well, with his over the top antics over the last week Floyd Mayweather Jr. got what he was looking for, a November fight only days before the scheduled Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito fight that is set to take place in Dallas on November 13th. But unlike the Dallas fight that will take place in the squared circle, Mayweather is set to appear before a Las Vegas Justice Court on November 9.


By now we all know the reason, Mayweather’s  former girlfriend with whom he has three children, complained to Clark County law enforcers that Mayweather physically assaulted her and stole her cell phone. After a brief disappearance and then arrest, Mayweather was released by Clark County jail after posting a $3,000 bail for a grand larceny case.
The wheels started coming off the Mayweather bus shortly after the Pacquiao vs. Margarito press tour got under way. First there was the racially incentive laced video tape that appeared on the internet. That was followed by a very unapologetic “I was just playing” video. Then came the Thursday morning domestic violence call to the Las Vegas police and the 24 hour hunt for the desperate for attention “star.”
It’s hard to figure what Floyd is thinking. Is this just a case of trying to outshine two fighters that he has went to great lengths to avoid or is there more to this sad tale?
When you think of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his tremendous skills what do you think of: awesome defense, not offense. Is it he has built this defense so no one can hurt him mentally as well as physically anymore?  Defense so no one can see how much he is hurting inside? Could it be Floyd’s style is a reflection of who he is as a “man?”
At this point it appears there are some deep seeded issues in Mayweather’s life that have left him no choice but to act out in this “look at me” behavior.
Is it right? Am I trying to justify his actions?
Absolutely not!
While Floyd’s fighting style is defensive, his life style at times has become offensive, just ask his baby mama. This has become a desperate situation that needs to be dealt with immediately by those who are guiding his career.
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10 Responses to “Mayweather Jr. Gets November Fight”

  1. Frank Boff says:

    Great piece. Well done. I thought your insight into his defensive style was terrific!

  2. William says:

    Thanks Boffer.

  3. jeff taylor says:

    I believe mayweather has a lot of issues thats for sure. i also believe that anyone acting that confident and sure of themself has more self doubt then those that don’t. i do think we should wait to judge him until all the evidence comes out. Its funny that he was arrested for stealing a cell phone. what happened to him beating her up. She accused him of beating her up one other time and then later admitted she made up the story because he left with another female. I’m not making excuses for his behavior what I’m saying is let all the details come out because this woman who said he repeatly hit her in the face somehow didn’t have enough physical evidence to have him arrested for assault.

  4. William says:

    Yeah Taylor,
    You are right, let’s not make any any hasty judgements about Floyd. Meanwhile let’s point a huge finger of doubt at the woman who accused Floyd of battery. In fact let’s see to it that everyone makes sure to see her as a lying tramp. ???
    Have you not seen this before Taylor? How many times has a woman been beating repeatedly by her baby Daddy only to blame herself when the cops show up? Or better yet not even call the cops after getting smacked around? And oh Yes, the stealing of her cell phone is VERY funny. Felony Grand Larceny is always a real laughing matter!! I am glad you got a good chuckle out of that Jeff.


    Just curious Taylor, in your eyes was O.J. Simpson guity or innocent of murder?

  5. Dax Ferguson says:

    Mayweather may just be on the same path as Valero. He is definitely not right in the head out of the ring.

  6. jeff taylor says:

    Wow William,

    I have nothing but respect for you articles. Honestly that is the only reason I come to this site. In no way was I defending Floyd for what he did all I said was lets hold judgement until all the facts come out. It is the same thing Max said Sat night. But I guess because its proven I’m a mayweather fan I have no right to say that. Also i never said or tried to say that she was a lying tramp you put those words in my mouth. Its true that women do cover up for a beating boyfriend or husband. Its also true like in the Matt Barnes case that just happen even if the woman tries to change her story with the police if there is physical proof of a physical altercation you will still be arrested for domstic. I did use my words wrong saying its funny he was arrestted for stealing a phone. thats is not funny but he was accused of battery and thats not what he was arrested for. Just like many women lie for getting hit to proctect people a lot of rich famous people are wrongly accused of something they didn’t do. I’m not saying that happened here i’m just saying lets wait for the facts everyone deserves that. If it comes out that floyd hit her I will be the first one on you site saying he was wrong and should face the whatever happens to him. even though we dont agree I will continue to respect your articles and response to me.

  7. jeff taylor says:

    just read the police report on the mayweather case. it is her side of the story but honestly if it turns out to be true mayweather needs to go to jail. Like I said its her side of the story and its amazing that he hasn’t been arrested for assault. I hope all the facts come out soon but if he did lay hands on her and its proven I will no longer suppert my favorite fighter career.

  8. William says:

    Hey Taylor,

    Thanks for the response, I appreciate your continued support. I was pretty fired up last week about this situation and my guard was way up. I think you understand where I am coming from here.

    Yes, let’s let the facts speak for themselves and let the court deal with this matter.

    Thanks for reading!

  9. jeff taylor says:

    no problem I due understand. My first reaction as a fan is to hope is not true. People first reaction as non mayweather fans have the right to be whatever there reactions are. As a fan of boxing anything that gets in the way of mayweather and pac man fighting is scary and disappointing to me. I have to realize that another human being being abused wheather its true or not is much more important. I will continue to support your blog gets some of the best reactions out there and thats a credit to you.

  10. William says:

    Thanks Jeff