Mosley vs. Mora: Unsolicited Media Reaction

By William Trillo

When it was announced that Shane Mosley would take on Sergio Mora in a meaningless catch weight bout I decided to put this fights coverage in the capable hands of our L.A. team of Roy & Marlene Marquez. Not only did I know they would do a fine job, but in all honesty I had no interest in this fight whatsoever. I had more than a few reasons, but in fairness to the fighters and promoters I chose to leave this card alone, I kept my comments to myself. After the fight I had plenty to say but again I thought it best to stay away from giving my thoughts.

With that said, as it turn out 3 different media members contacted me and told me what they thought of Saturday night’s main event. In a message on the phone one L.A. member commended me for my decision not to cover the fight and he wished he had followed my lead.

I also received two separate emails that I would like to share with you. The first email read:

…the reason I’m writing is to let you know that I am not a blind Mora fan – OMG what an abortion that was!!! Mosley tried to fight somehow, but wow! No way! Sergio got a huge gift, plain and simple. At the press conference someone asked Shane about a rematch, and he said that he didn’t think anyone would really want to see it, and that he had bigger fighters in mind. Ouch!

The second email from another media member read as follows:

Mosley – Mora, what a let down. Looked more like the GB Two Step!!! Fight? What fight? You would think having lost to Mayweather he would come back battling to prove he was a viable entity still. Mora looked afraid of Mosley most of the fight. I thought he was sand bagging and waiting to tire Mosley, but that was not the case. He did not capitalize on Mosley’s engine pumping smoke in the later rounds. Curious point, Shane came into the ring looking dry, he didn’t look like he even warmed up. At the post fight conference I didn’t see a scratch on him. If this is his best effort, it’s time to retire. No shame it that. Someone asked about a rematch. I hope not! Was there a first fight? If someone believes there was, I have some ocean beachfront for sale in Arizona!!!

Need I say more?

During the Main Event broadcast the HBO crew called the fight pathetic and suggested anyone who saw Mora winning was a candidate for a full frontal lobotomy. In his closing thoughts Larry Merchant said he wished Sergio Mora well but had no desire to ever see the season one Contender Champion fight again.

I could not have said it better myself!

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One Response to “Mosley vs. Mora: Unsolicited Media Reaction”

  1. jeff taylor says:

    Was at the fight undercard was great. That mosely fight was horrible. it was loudly booed throughout and in between every round. Mosely looked horrible but at least he was trying. Mora was scared running and hold the whole fight. He won maybe 2 rounds at the most.