Greed Extends Super Six’s Dilemma

By William Trillo

You have to hand it to Showtime for trying to move their Super middleweight Super Six Tournament to the Semi-Final round after Mikkell Kessler pulled out due to an eye injury. But as fate would have it, Carl Froch postponed his October date due to injury and that gave the promoters involved time to realize they were missing out on the money they could stuff in their pockets if the Stage 3 portion of the tournament was axed.

According to an article posted on Boxingscene by George Kimball the promoters decided they wanted to find an opponent to face Allan Green and it looks like a replacement for Kessler is days away from being announced. Get ready for Stage Three.


With the Stage 3 bouts between Froch and Abraham and another with the fighting Andre’s set to take place sometime before the end of the year, and now the Green fight, it seems pretty clear this tourney will be lucky to come to a conclusion sometime before 2012 ends…hopefully.

When I speculated way back when that this format was fraught with casualty possibilities, injuries, retirement forced beat downs, bizarre endings and greed, I never thought every single tournament delaying scenario would play out…but they did.

I guess I have to congratulate Showtime for seeing this thing through to the finish, but at this point I have to wonder if boxing fans even care about it anymore.

Raider Nation Takes A Left Hook And Goes Down

It all looked good  for The Oakland Raider faithful on Sunday. With the game in its closing seconds they put their kicker Sebastian Janikowski a chip shot away from winning the game. But as soon as the ball left his foot it was clear he had hooked the chip shot wide left and The Raiders fell victim to The Arizona Cardinals. The audible collective gasp was heard up and down the California coast as their commitment to excellence currently stands at 1-2. Lock up the liquor cabinets and keep you cars in the garage, the natives are getting restless.

3 Responses to “Greed Extends Super Six’s Dilemma”

  1. jeff taylor says:

    I have to admit when I thought this tourney was a great idea. Boy was I wrong. I just thought it was going to mean I lot of good fights at 168 with so many other division not putting on great fight. But everyone one who seen this as a problem waiting to happen were right and I was DEAD wrong. I don’t care about this anymore at all and actucally think it would be better to scrap it and all together because there are a lot of other good fights at 168 that cant happen now because of the fighter locked into this tournement

  2. William Trillo says:

    Yes, and at the rate it’s going now it could lock 168 pounders up until the end of time.

    Bad idea from the start.

    Never liked it, never will……well unless they allow Glen Johnson into the tournament as rumored and he throws a huge monkey wrench into that already misfiring machine.

    If Johnson gets in and KO’s Green, which is highly likely, and somehow gets to the semi finals he will be a very live underdog. Fighters like the Andre’s would not have a clue what to do with Johnsons experience. Froch will get KO’d by Glen too.

    If Johnson gets in this thing and makes a mess of things this joke of a tournament will go from my personal whipping child to my most favorite boxing event since “Danger Zone”!

  3. Aprince12 says:

    I disagree this is a great tournament. It’s not on payper view for one and since we rarely see the best fight the best we should all applaud showtime’s efforts. I look forward to the super six regardless of how long it takes. As far as greed I’m not surprised with mismatched pay per views and who care attitudes to what the fans want to see along with bad decisions and a belt for every letter in the alphabet, those are the type of things we should be ranting about. The super six helps clear up who’s the man at this weight class. 1 more thing, Glen Johnson is a great fighter but his skills have faded quite a bit. He has a big heart but speed will always be his biggest enemy in the ring.