Martin & Lewis Revisited In Vegas

By William Trillo
Photo-Chop: Bret “The Threat”

Anyone who has visited Las Vegas knows there is an over abundance of tribute acts. Leading the way is the umpteen obligatory Elvis impersonator shows, Michael Jackson tributes and Beatles recreations. Well this year “Sin City” will be treated to yet another tribute act. Like the American comedy team, comprising of singer Dean Martin as the “straight man “and comedian Jerry Lewis as the comedic “foil”, Miguel Cotto and Ricardo Mayorga will play their respective roles on March 12th as Cotto puts his WBA Light Middleweight title on the line. Like Martin and Lewis, Cotto and Mayorga will be bringing their act to Las Vegas, the perfect place for the finale of what is sure to be a one of a kind press tour.

Before you assume that I am going to rip this promotion unmercifully, let me tell you that as far as announced fights for 2011, this Top Rank and Don King promoted show is the one I am looking forward to the most. You can have Manny and Shane, Pascal vs. Dawson or “Canelo” vs. whomever, this Cotto/Mayorga card has all the makings of a sure fire hit.

Yes, I know Cotto is by far the most gifted of the two men and 2 or 3 years ago I may not have been so excited about this fight.  But let’s face it, Cotto is much worse for wear after the Margarito and Pacquioa beatings he took, who really knows how much he can take now? And Mayorga fights so few and far between it’s hard to tell exactly where this guy is at. But we do know he can whack and is willing to fight, so for however long it lasts, “El Matador” is going to make this one interesting.

While Mayorga is the proverbial Class Clown, Cotto is a grimace, he rarely smiles and the next time I see him joke around will be a first. Basically he is a sourpuss and the concoction of this Puerto Rican and Nicaraguan cocktail should prove to be volatile.

If there is a downside to the promotion it’s that the fight will only be available on PPV. As much as I am looking forward to this show I do not know it is a Pay-Per-View worthy fight on it’s own. Hopefully Arum and King will put on an undercard that will make the telecast a worthwhile buy.

I was talking with our writer from Puerto Rico, Luis Cadiz, this weekend and he told me that it is being reported on the island that fans are saying they don’t know if they want to kick down $50 for the fight but they would most definitely pay $100 to attend the press conference.

My sentiments exactly!

I am hopeful that the press tour will swing through the Los Angeles area. And if it does, rest assured I will be front and center with video camera in hand. I can’t wait to see Cotto’s reaction when Mayorga reaches around the podium and slaps him in the back of his head. I doubt Miguel will go all Fernando Vargas on him, but whatever reaction Cotto has, I want to be there to see it, both at the press conference and the fight itself.

I’m not sure if they have named this fight yet, but if you pass along your ideas I will make sure to run them by the powers that be.

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2 Responses to “Martin & Lewis Revisited In Vegas”

  1. fair one says:

    cotto will put a big stop on mayorga ego!!! cotto will target ricardo body until mayorga fall in pieces and surrend to the younger , faster , sturdier miguel cotto.

  2. William Trillo says:

    Hey FO

    As I said…Cotto most likely beats Mayorga, but who doesn’t want to go witness this train wreck in person?