Mora’s Trunks Aren’t The Only Thing Unraveling

By William Trillo

Like his trunks that were coming apart at the seams on Friday night, Season One “Contender” Champ Sergio Mora’s (22-2, 6 KO’s) career is now barely being held together with adhesive tape, blood & snot as another “Contender”, Brian Vera (18-5, 11 KO’s) humiliated “The Latin Snake” in front of a celebrity filled house at The Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas. With Super Bowl participants and high rollers looking on Vera beat the daylights out of Mora on his way to taking a split decision.  Scores were 96-94, 96-94 Vera, 96-94 Mora.

Vera took charge of this fight early and walked right through Mora’s few and weak shot’s while landing some heavy leather that had Mora bloodied and ducking for cover early in the fight. Maybe the blows disoriented Mora who appeared to be thinking he was still in a Season One “Contender” battle as he mugged for the crowd and talked with the ESPN2 announcers. The truth was the fight footage was not going to get edited down afterward to make it look as if Mora won the fight.

ESPN2 commentators not only told the fans that Mora had recently let go his longtime trainer Dean Campos but in and unprecedented and desperately egotistical move Mora said he did not want anyone listed as his lead trainer. I am not sure how this sat with whoever was carrying his spit bucket on Friday night but I am sure Mora’s ex-trainer Campos had a good laugh as he watched his former pupil embarrass himself on national TV. Apparently Mora didn’t feel the need for a cutman either as whoever was in his corner did little more than wipe blood and rub Vaseline into the gashes over both Mora’s eyes.

Meanwhile the Vera corner was cool, calm and collected as their plan was working and they knew they were on the verge of yet another Vera upset.  As the jubilant fans cheered their victorious hometown hero Vera when the scores were read, Mora,(the loser), chose to go the route of a pre-pubescent bad sport as he threw his gloves down and left the ring in a huff.

Prior to the fight Mora was expounding about his greatness and said something along the lines of, “I am in my prime and you are gonna have to kick my ass to shut me up!”

Well Sergio, you just got your ass kicked, now would be a very good time to shut up.

But let’s never forget, according to Mora he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame because he beat a Hall of Famer. So the question is, does Brian Vera now deserve to be in the Hall of Fame because he beat a guy who beat a Hall of Famer? And what about the 4 guys that beat Vera in his last 5 fights? Shouldn’t they get Hall of Fame consideration now too?

Look, one day Mora will get his deserved accolades and he will be in the Guinness Book Of World Records for milking his 15 minutes of fame longer than anyone in the history of civilized man, but make no mistake about it, that run is officially over.

I know everyone is calling this an upset, but as for me…I could not be happier.

P.S. Got a call from Allstar Boxing promoter Ed Holmes after the fight. Holmes was the one who put Mora on his cards at The Quiet Cannon Ballroom early in his career and helped get The Latin Snake started. Holmes reflected on this comment Mora made, “From The Quiet Cannon, to HBO to PPV. I ain’t ever going back to The Quiet Cannon again!”

Holmes wants to make it perfectly clear… “Sergio is not invited!”

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This just in, on behalf of the entire Los Angeles Laker organization Kobe Bryant has announced that they no longer need a Head Coach and from now on Phil Jackson should only be referred to as the guy who blows the whistle at practice.

7 Responses to “Mora’s Trunks Aren’t The Only Thing Unraveling”

  1. The Watcher says:

    Ahaahaa I’m so glad this bum got best on tv, maybe he will go away.

  2. kenc15 says:

    lmao love it, the breaking news had me rolling

  3. William says:

    Thanks for chiming in guys, I always appreciate you letting me know you read my thoughts.

    Watcher…the fact that I saw no Golden Boy logo sewn anywhere on Mora’s trunks leads me to believe he may be going away whether he likes it or not. Come to think of it, he could have used that extra stitching to keep his shorts from falling apart…too bad.

    Kenc….how ridiculous is it for a fighter to say he wants no one listed as his head trainer? Have you ever heard anything like that before? Had I been Jeremy Williams I would have made that ingrate carry in his own spitbucket and go it alone. Mora’s team members who allow him to treat them as lesser thans are part of the problem.

  4. kenc15 says:

    yeah that is crazy, i never liked the guy thought his cockiness surpassed his actual skills, at best he is a c- fighther. question who is the hall of famer he beat??

  5. William says:

    Vernon Forrest

  6. boxerchina says:

    vera did not umiliate no one , did not enough outclass sergio mora.on my eyes sergio won a close fight but these was not a umiliating lost for sergio. mora style never going to be spettacular . he lost and i hope he learn something . he hes a much better boxer then vera and he will be at he’s best if he turn professional and he iring a good trainer.

  7. William Trillo says: