Random Toughts

By William Trillo

Super Bowl weekend doesn’t always lend itself to much in the way of boxing news but there were a few items I felt were at least noteworthy that I wanted to run by you:

Cruiserweight Lateef Kayode did not do much to convince me he is anywhere close to the upper tier of 200 pound fighters. His victory over Nicholas Iannuzzi on Shobox’s Friday night card left much to be desired. The scores that gave him an easy unanimous decision were ridiculous. As far as I am concerned he was lucky to come away with the victory.

I can’t imagine anyone on either side of The Atlantic is excited about the Khan vs. McCloskey fight being finalized.

Israel Vazquez is easily one of my favorite fighters and it pains me to see he is considering a comeback.

Don’t think that the announcement on Shobox of both the Cotto vs. Mayorga fight and the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight went unnoticed by the suits over at HBO. I am 100% certain they are going to do a complete about face on some of the decisions they made last year.

Have to agree with Teddy Atlas, what was Devon Alexander’s motivation to fight on against Tim Bradley knowing that no matter what happened in that fight he was set to make $1.5 million in his next fight?

I’ve been told that by a vote of some very self serving and egotistical players the prize for winning The Super Bowl will no longer be called “The Vince Lombardi Trophy” but will now be known as the
“We Don’t Need A Head Coach Cup”.

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6 Responses to “Random Toughts”

  1. kenc15 says:

    lol wow

  2. David McGarry says:

    Consistency is a good thing. Unless you consistently get things wrong. Sadly, this seems to be the case whenever Mr. Trillo deigns to comment on British boxers. The Khan – McCloskey fight is generating a lot of interest and will be one of the biggest fights to be staged in Britain this year. Khan is very popular among Britain’s Pakistani community, so thousands of them will buy tickets to see the fight at the stadium or live on TV. McCloskey is from Northern Ireland, and it’s been years since anyone from that small country even challenged for a genuine world title. This is one of the few sports that unites the Protestant and Catholic communities, so thousands of them will travel to wherever the fight is being held and thousands more will watch it live on TV.

    To put things in perspective, more people will be at the venue for this fight than for the Bradley-Alexander unification bout at the same weight limit. There’s a good chance the fight will be more entertaining as McCloskey is unbeaten and the current European champion, and Khan’s strengths and weaknesses are well known. In fact, there probably won’t be more than three fights anywhere in America this year that attract a larger crowd.

    At least on the other side of the Atlantic you have Pacquaio – Moseley and Cotto – Mayorga to look forward to.

  3. William says:

    That’s quite the benchmark you set. Bradley vs. Alexander? Fight was thrown in one of the most impoverished areas in the USA and was as dull as your sense of humor. I know you think the blast about Paq vs. Shane & Cotto vs. Mayorga is a sarcastic rip job but I have a feeling they both will be pretty entertaining. And with Bute, Pascal and Lemiuex fighting in Montreal (North America) you can throw your prediction about about Khan vs. McCloskey attracting bigger crowds than most fights over here right out the window.

  4. David McGarry says:

    You’re right about one thing – some of those fighters in Canada will probably attract bigger crowds than for the Khan – McCloskey scrap. It wouldn’t surprise me if a few fights in Mexico attract bigger crowds. But that country in between? Usually referred to as “America”. It’s been a while since crowds got really worked up about a fight in the USA. Mismatches like Pacquaio – Moseley and Cotto – Mayorga aren’t likely to improve things.

    For nearly a century America was the most important country in boxing in terms of the number of champions produced, crowd attendances and ultimately the money. Things have changed over the past 20 years. There are far too many causes and effects to cover in a short response to a hack’s “random thoughts”. Anyone who focuses almost exclusively on the USA and considers Montreal the furthest place abroad worth paying attention to is in danger of becoming irrelevant.

  5. DAX says:

    David, you are a very smart guy and we are all impressed. You are also pretty boring and as a countryman of yours it bothers me that you stick up for this fight. You may be bright but youare also blind, Khan fighting McCloskey is a joke and jus because the crowd will be full of PAkis and drunkards from Ireland means zero. You can jab at this hack all you want but at the end of the day he is right. THis KHan fight is a sham and you know that. Your blind allegiance to your country is admireable but it has driven you mad.

  6. William Trillo says:

    Thanks DAX
    McGarry is ok…..I think he is just bothered that an average American Joe like me has a small place to share my thoughts. I’m ok that both of you guys think I am a hack, doesn’t bother me in the least. This hack is having the time of his life.