Don’t Look Now But…

By William Trillo

Don’t look now but it looks like HBO and the Klitschko name will become synonymous again as HBO has their eyes on not only the fight with Tomasz Adamek but are considering putting a package deal together that will bring Klitschko back to the Home Box Office airwaves. This one is closer than you think.

Don’t look now but did anyone notice that the Pascal vs. Hopkins rematch that is set to air on HBO on May 21st is the exact same date that Showtime is airing the semi-final Super Six bout between Carl Froch vs. Glen Johnson. If you think this is just a mere coincidence…think again.

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10 Responses to “Don’t Look Now But…”

  1. David McGarry says:

    HBO and Showtime are aiming at different markets, so broadcasting fights on the same day makes perfect sense. Not many people in the UK or Europe will be interested in Pascal – Hopkins, and a big majority on the other side of the Atlantic would rather see the light heavyweight fight than Froch – Johnson.

    (Either) Klitschko – Adamek will be about as exciting as Klitschko fights against Chambers, Johnson, Chagaev … the list is rather long. Adamek’s life-and-death struggle against Michael Grant showed he hasn’t a prayer against either Klitschko, which is why both of them are keen to get in the ring with him. I pity anyone who pays for that PPV broadcast.

  2. William says:

    Less than one month ago it was reported that Interbox chief Jean Bedard wanted to put Froch vs. Johnson in Montreal’s Bell Center on May 21. Bedard also confirmed he was seriously considering putting it on the May 14 Lucian Bute card (same venue). Johnson has a very good following in the US and his fight with Froch will be of major interest here. Considering HBO and Showtime both want Quebec on the same date it seems to me they have the same bullseye in their crosshairs.

    No one in the USA will be paying for that fight, it’s on regular HBO World Championship boxing. People in Poland and other parts of Europe will have to pay for the fight, throw your pity to them.

  3. David McGarry says:

    Seeing as Froch is seen as a future opponent of Bute and maybe Pascal again, that makes some sense. If Johnson was to win the fight, I suppose the same would apply. Can’t see the Poles getting excited enough to pay to see the contest, though. More importantly, the money for the Froch – Johnson fight is on one side of the Atlantic and the money for the Pascal – Hopkins rematch is on the other. That probably explains why the fights are taking place where they are. And why the HBO decision is probably spot on.

  4. William says:

    The PPV you questioned was Wlad vs. Thomasz not Froch vs. Johnson. Nice job of back pedaling though, David Haye would be proud of you.

  5. David McGarry says:

    I think the problem is your poor grasp of the English language. I said one fight of the two fights taking place on the same day would be more popular on one side of the Atlantic and the other fight would be more popular on the other side. Like a blind squirrel that occasionally stubs its toe on an acorn, you managed to make a valid point about the Froch – Johnson bout, so I acknowledged it. If calling that backpedalling makes you happy then I’m glad I’ve brought a little joy into your life. No doubt David Haye is also thrilled.

  6. William Trillo says:

    No…you said you pity anyone paying for Adamek vs. Wlad. We here in the USA won’t be paying…it’s FREE. You also said Showtime and HBO are aiming at different markets. You were wrong.

    Please someone, help McGarry out here. The man is very obviously delusional and knows not what he said.

  7. David McGarry says:

    I commented on Klitschko – Adamek once, saying I pity anyone who’s paying to see that fight. If the viewers in America can watch it for free, that doesn’t make those who pay for it elsewhere any less deserving of pity for wasting their money on what will be a lousy fight.

    I did say HBO and Showtime are aiming at different markets, and then you made your once-in-a-year correct observation that there was more interest in Froch – Johnson than I had assumed. I acknowledged that. After all, witnessing you get something right is a special occasion.

    Despite the overlapping of interest, I still think HBO and Showtime are aiming at different markets that are each big enough to justify their business decisions about broadcasting the fights. What’s more, HBO and Showtime believe this, and their decisions are much more relevant than our opinions.

    For the life of me, I don’t understand why you put the link to one of your earlier rants into the dialogue, especially as it shows such poor judgment. Also, I don’t understand the accusation of backpedalling unless that applies to me acknowledging that you had made a valid point. At least you won’t be able to accuse me of being a serial backpedaller – you’re not due to get anything right again until February 2012 at the earliest.

  8. William says:

    Got ya by the short n curlies, ay David?

  9. David McGarry says:

    If grabbing a handfull of my pubes makes you happy, who am I to deny you that pleasure.

  10. William Trillo says:

    Badda Bing Badda Boom!