Duenas “Chills” Baier

By William Trillo
Photos By Doroteo Arango

I had the opportunity to cover a local event this weekend in my Southern California home and as always it was good to get back to the roots of prize fighting. I was a bit taken back when I heard the Ray Alcorta promoted event was going to be held out an outdoor venue but as it turns out The Finish Line Sports Grill is a real nice spot and I can’t wait for the next show in April.

With that said, most of the West Coast crowd was feeling a bit nippy as the temp may have dipped under 50 degrees as the night wore on. I doubt any of our boxing brethren back east feels the least bit sorry for us out here as they would take a 50 degree high temp. about now.

With local trainers, managers and fellow media members in full force the night, which featured some Muay Thai fights, was a breath of fresh air. The young fighters were there to prove themselves as they climb up the ladder, no showboating, no spoiled brats, just guys who wanted to fight. The fans in attendance were there to see said fights. They weren’t there to be seen, they weren’t there to roll the dice and catch the Main Event, they were there because they are fight fans and they appreciate the men who get in the ring and perform their craft. Oh sure, there was a lot of suds being thrown down, but it was a mellow crowd and the throwback to the good old days was a much needed break from the holier than thou hustle bustle of what has become “Big Time” boxing.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give you the nights results & pix:

Welterweight Ricky Duenas TKO’s Diamond Baier in 1 time: 2:45

Light welterweight Alexander Podrezov drops splitty to Rufino Flores

Featherweight Daniel Franco Majority Decisions Juan Sandoval over 4

Lightweight Alejandro Luna KO’s William Fisher in 2

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2 Responses to “Duenas “Chills” Baier”

  1. The Watcher says:

    Great Show!!

  2. William says:

    You were there? And you didn’t say hello?