Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Just The Messenger

By William Trillo

So what was your reaction when you heard that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs. Matthew Hatton had been sanctioned by The WBC as the bout that would be for Manny Pacquiao’s vacated 154 title? I know there was a mixed bag of thoughts out there, pros and cons, etc.

“They should give the championships to those who really deserve it, those who climbed the rankings. “Canelo” Alvarez did not have any fights with any ranked junior middleweights and suddenly he’s number one? Even more, I find it absurd that he’s given a title shot against someone who is not even ranked (Matthew Hatton)…that violates the rules, because it’s supposed be against the highest rated available contender.”

Now before you start thinking to yourself, “There goes Trillo again ranting on again as usual”, please know that is a direct quote from one Juan Manuel Marquez, a current fighter on The Golden Boy roster. No doubt Marquez is frustrated with Golden Boy’s new prize possession and the kid gloves treatment he is getting. Seeing how Marquez is suddenly not priority anymore for Golden Boy it’s no wonder he took a shot at Alvarez.

Moving on… I got a heads up on an article that would be posting in Montreal this weekend in the daily newspaper Rue Frontenac . The article penned by Daniel Cloutier (who gave me the heads up) suggests that Jean Pascal could announce next week that he will forget Bernard Hopkins and move on to fight Chad Dawson.

Cloutier started out by saying, GYM front man Yvon Michel and the people around him have refused to talk to journalists since Wednesday, the very moment that Golden Boy Promotions won the purse bid. The logical rumor in Montréal is that they are unable to persuade Pascal to sign the contract.

No one will deny Pascal is certainly frustrated that Golden Boy Promotions won the purse bid with an amount of 1.911 million. And who can blame him? Because he will receive 55 % of this amount, his purse would be $450,000 less than what he received to fight Bernanrd on December 18th. Clearly a rip-off in every sense of the word.

Only moments after the fight on December 18th at Pepsi Colisée in Québec City, Showtime commentators said, “The Showtime boss just told us that a rematch between Pascal and Hopkins would be fantastic, and probably provide between 2 or 3 million dollars to each fighter.”

The following morning, Pascal, Yvon Michel and Marc Ramsay met the press at Château Bonne Entente hotel, but the Golden Boy Promotions people and Hopkins were absent although they had stated they would be there. It was then a Québec journalist revealed to Pascal the Showtime commentators quotes. Jean said, “No doubt in my mind, when I face Hopkins a second time, we will make a lot of money, a lot more than what we did yesterday evening.”

Cloutier asks, How do you think that Pascal reacted Wednesday, when GYM lost the purse bid? How do you think he reacted when has been informed that the winning bid was only $1.9 million?

Don’t be surprised if Pascal forgets Hopkins and pushes GYM to organize immediately a rematch with Dawson, because in this case, GYM would be the promoter of the event, and then would be able to give to Pascal between $1.5 to $2 million. GYM knows that no matter if Pascal fights Hopkins or Dawson in May, the Colisée Pepsi will be jam packed. It is 16,500 fans guaranty.

Do you think that Pascal has the intention to fight Hopkins in Philadelphia or Los Angeles, for $450,000 less than he got in the first fight? I am guessing that GYM actually is trying, with Don Majesky, to talk to José Sulaiman, to tell him Jean is ready to give up his WBC belt, to fight Dawson now. Is it possible to consider this rematch Pascal-Dawson as an interim world championship, which guarantys the winner to fight Hopkins before the end of the year?

Cloutier closed his article by stating, If GYM does that, Pascal would make a satisfying purse against Dawson, and an another good purse after to fight Hopkins. GYM knows like me that a fight with Hopkins is a lot of more risky than a match with Dawson. And I am sure that Pascal knows it himself.

I want to thank Daniel Cloutier for his continued contributions and support of our site.

Now this is just me thinking aloud, but I am sure that Richard Schaefer’s trip to Mexico to meet with Jose Sulaiman last week, the Alvarez vs. Hatton WBC 154 vacant title announcement followed by Golden Boy surprising everyone by winning the Pascal vs. Hopkins purse bid are all just freak coincidences…..right?

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3 Responses to “Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Just The Messenger”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Matthew Hatton has improved a lot as a fighter over the past year or so, and with a little more progress might soon deserve a shot at a world title. At welterweight. Alvarez looks like he is almost ready for a title shot in that division. So when the WBC announces it has sanctioned a fight between those two for their light middleweight title, it just goes to show Sulaiman has no integrity. It’s all about the money. Why is anyone even remotely connected with the sport surprised?

  2. William says:

    I don’t know McGarry, but the next time I see Juan Manuel I will ask him. As I recall he is remotely connected to the sprt.

  3. David McGarry says:

    Ask him if he was surprised.