There’s An Elephant In The Press Room

By William Trillo

After Nonito Donaire disposed of Fernando Montiel Saturday night he and his team met with the media and as I looked up at the podium I couldn’t help but see an elephant. Let’s see…there was Trainer Robert Garcia, The Fighter Nonito, Manager Cameron Dunkin, Promoter Bob Arum and rounding out that crew was Victor Conte….Victor Conte???

Yes, I know it’s old news now that Conte is “helping” (for lack of a better word) Donaire now, but to see this guy blatantly sitting in front of a room full of sports journalists and smiling from ear to ear was a bit alarming if not downright arrogant. The cockiness in Donaire’s voice as he spoke about Conte’s contributions reeked of condescension and left a foul odor in the immediate area.

Conte’s indiscretions with sports figures in the past have got him locked behind bars and let’s just go ahead and say all he was doing with those athletes was “helping” them as well. That help eventually put Conte behind bars.

One of those athletes was Shane Mosley who eventually discovered that “The Clear” and “The Cream” Conte was “helping” Shane with were two designer steroids Conte himself created and were undetectable at the time.

If you ask what Conte has brought to the table for Donaire one of the first things you will hear about is Conte introducing Nonito to sprint Coach Remi Korchemny. Yeah, there’s a novel concept, running as a training method for fighters….not exactly cutting edge. It’s a sure bet Conte was implementing more “help” than that.

Decide for yourselves what Conte is doing with Donaire, but as far as him sitting on the dais with the new champ and his team this weekend…I personally find it revolting.

Did Golden Boy Shoot Themselves In The Foot?

Last week everyone at Golden Boy was brimming. Richard Schaefer’s trip to Mexico was a huge success, or so it seemed.  Killing two birds with one stone Schaefer not only won the purse bid for the Pascal vs. Hopkins rematch but he also got the WBC to sanction the Saul Alvarez vs. Matthew Hatton fight as the 154 pound vacant title bout. What could possibly go wrong here?

Well as I told you on Saturday things are starting to fall apart for Pascal vs. Hopkins 2 and a source very close to the situation told me the fight is not even close. Meanwhile, Chad Dawson has shown he is ready to take things to the next level with his acquisition of Emanuel Steward as his new trainer; HBO might want to think about Pascal vs. Dawson 2 as a very viable option now that things with Jean & Bernard are about to disintegrate.

As far as Alvarez vs. Hatton, all I can tell you is this; EVERYONE in the Las Vegas press room scoffed at this fight and called it everything from a ruse to an embarrassment. Those who saw the comments that came from Juan Manuel Marquez applauded his disdain of this Alvarez title fight appointment and one upper tier fighter who asked to remain anonymous said, “Good, I am glad Marquez said that about this fight, it’s about time they (Golden Boy Promotions) hear the truth from one of their own.”

No doubt the criticism will fall on deaf ears and “Canelo” will become a Champion early this year, but at what cost? His popularity amongst his peers is already waning and if things keep going south for the young man he may find it hard to become the matinee idol in America that Golden Boy claims is a can’t miss proposition.

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3 Responses to “There’s An Elephant In The Press Room”

  1. David McGarry says:

    You believe Donaire is using illegal drugs and you presented an argument accordingly. If you’re right, then Montiel has been very badly abused. There is another “elephant in the room” when it comes to boxing and illegal drugs: is Manny Pacquaio taking them?

  2. William says:

    Many have questioned Pacquiao’s use of PED’s and the jury is still out on that one, there are good arguments to support or deny the allegations on either side. The one thing I know for sure is that Manny has never put a convicted steroid peddler on his team and brazenly sat him in front of the media after a huge, crushing & almost super human KO victory. The cockiness of that move is pride to the point of stupidity. I have my own thoughts as to why most journalists have turned a blind eye to this one, but as for me, I felt this situation needed to be addressed.

    Thanks for chiming in David!

  3. jeff taylor says:

    Well after the lack of class that was shown by robert garcia in the lead up to the Pac-Cheater fight it comes as no suprise that this does not bother him or he doesnt seem concerned about it at all