The Mail Pouch: Andrade Lost?

By William Trillo

Last Friday night I was shooting ringside photos at the “Solo Boxeo” card that featured Aaron Pryor Jr. vs. Librado Andrade in the main event. The battle was hard fought, not exactly pretty because the styles were awkward in tandem, but both men gave it their best. Yet when the scorecards were read in favor of Pryor Jr. the house erupted in vehement boos and it was obvious the fans in attendance thought it was Andrade who should have walked away with the victory. Disappointed but not discouraged Andrade did not complain and there were no “sour grapes” coming from anyone in the camp. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed Andrade, he has always been a class act and has remained humble even in the face of adverse conditions.

As the weekend went on and the new week began I got calls from friends who said Andrade clearly won the fight and was robbed. I poked around on the internet a bit and likewise many writers had the same view. The running and holding that Pryor did turned off a lot of boxing experts and fans. One fan in particular, by the name of Dale, wrote the following letter and wanted to know what I thought:

When Enrique’s fight was over, I wouldn’t have been surprised at a split decision. I thought Enrique had won, 95-94. I think all 3 judges gave him all  but knock-down round, and scored it 98-91. I was happy for Enrique, but honestly a bit surprised at the scoring. Then came the ugly fight… the one that makes me wonder “am I crazy? Do I know nothing about boxing?”

I really would like your honest opinion of the decision, and if you can get your hands on a video of the fight, I’d love to see it.  I couldn’t find Telefutura listings on our TV service, but my son tells me we have it, and they showed it at 11:00 p.m. here. If I had found it, I would have DVR’ed it, and probably would have watched it several times. I have to say, I thought Pryor made it a very ugly fight, and felt Librado was doing all he could to make it any kind of fight at all. Lucky for Pryor that Librado’s a class act. A dirty fighter could easily have ruined his evening. I remember a few times when Pryor was doing his inside pushing, shoving, and holding on for dear life, that Librado spun him around, raised his right hand, and could have landed a perfect blow to the base of the skull. I thought Pryor looked a bit frightened throughout the fight, and seemed to fight like he just wanted it to be over with. When Librado threw him to the canvas (I think it was in round 6) I told my friend, “Hey, if you wanna wrestle, you gotta expect to get taken down now and then.” When the mess was over, I truly thought Pryor had won a single round, the eighth. I expected to hear scores like 99-91, or 98-92. When the first judges score was announced, 95-95, I got this kinda queasy feeling like I was about to hear a very sad story. So tell me, am I crazy? Do I know nothing about boxing?

I certainly hope Librado doesn’t feel like he lost.

Dale, please rest assured Librado does not feel like he lost the fight but understands the judges decision is what it is and he is fully prepared to move on and he has instructed his management and promoter to secure him a fight as soon as possible, hopefully sometime in the summer.

You are not alone in your opinion Dale, but the decision is rendered and we all should follow Andrade’s lead and pick up the pieces, learn from the experience and move on.

In regard to the replay of the fight you can find it on Youtube in various places. Here is one link for you to follow. Click Here

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