Haye Gives Boxing The “Toe”

By William Trillo

“Humiliating! Disappointing! Continually flopping! A lucky loser who won a big payday!”

Those are but a few of the terms used by the HBO crew to describe David Haye and his performance against Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko on Saturday. At times I have not agreed with the HBO commentary but in this case I have to say they were spot on, in fact maybe they were being too nice to Haye who not only did not leave Klitschko quivering on the canvas like he claimed but instead spent most of the time staying out of harms way and never truly engaging in any warfare at all. To rub salt into the wound Haye went “Excuse Maker” after the fight by revealing he came into the fight with a hurt toe and could not push off properly to launch his trademark “Haye Maker” right hand.

What a load of rubbish!

Contrary to all the hype, this is how Haye fights anyone who may hurt him. All one needs to do is look at his battle with Nicolay Valuev to see that when Haye takes on bigger men he fights like a frightened sissy and lands roughly a paltry 12 punches a round. Either that or Haye went into the Valuev fight with a busted foot digit as well. Whatever the case may be, that ploy worked against the awkward Giant but against the sure footed and sharp shooting Wladimir he stood no chance…NO CHANCE AT ALL.

I know there is a huge groundswell building, (mostly in the U.K.), that is somehow trying to say that the reason this fight sucked is Klitschko’s fault and if Haye didn’t have a broken toe…blah blah blah.


I understand you are going to root for your hometown lad, but after all the trash talk this guy did I would advise all you blokes to do like Haye and tuck your tails between your legs and hide. If the past few weekends have told us anything it is that the World uses Brit fighters as the minor leagues, a good feeding ground to keep World class fighters busy, but really no consistent threat to steal anyone’s title.

I have not seen or heard anything as bad as Haye’s toe excuse since Roberto Duran want, “NO Mas, No Mas”, against Sugar Ray Leonard claiming he ate a tainted Burrito before the fight.

Excuses have no place on a Champions agenda and whether you are shoving a botulism burrito down your throat or cracking your toe while kicking the cat…we don’t want to hear about it. (Not to be confused with concocting a busting your toe alibi because you have been embarrassed by a public case of “Hoof in Mouth” disease.)

On the contrary Champions do whatever it takes to play through pain to get the job done. Watching Willis Reed hobble onto the court with a torn up knee to lead his New York Knicks to an NBA world title comes to mind. Hearing how Jack Youngblood went onto the football field with a broken ankle to try to help his Los Angeles Rams win The Super Bowl is what sports fans have come to expect from their heroes.

And then there is Olympian gymnast Kerri Strug who needed a huge vault to get her USA team the Gold Medal . One problem, Kerri had a busted leg and was the last hope for the team.

Did she run her mouth and say how she was going to humiliate her competition?


Did she make excuses as to why her performance was subpar?


She did as real Champions do!

See for yourselves.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYSacT1iHi4

Am I saying that little Strug has bigger balls than Mr. David Haye?

That’s exactly what I am saying!

And now to the Mail Pouch:


What a waste of time and money that event was.

Wladimir Klitschko has almost every physical advantage known to man and still hides behind that jab of his. Sure, it’s the best jab in the heavyweight division and he’s proven it’s possible to win contests without any need to take risks, but surely the defeats the whole point of boxing from a spectator’s point of view. We want to see men at the peak of physical and mental condition go in there and win a fight. Show some courage, aggression and fighting skills. All Klitschko showed was that if a bigger man is fit, mobile and reasonably well trained, he can fend off a smaller man by repeatedly sticking out his left arm and having his fist land before the smaller man is able to land his punch. I’m not paying anything for that revelation.

As for David Haye, he has been horribly exposed. The trash talking was for two purposes: to bypass a lot of other fighters in the queue to fight for a world title and to unsettle his opponent. Having got the opportunity of a lifetime, I expected him to use it a lot better. Haye talked a lot about his superior speed. It’s true he has that advantage. Unfortunately, he hadn’t a clue how to use it. A slight edge in speed doesn’t count for much if you throw single punches. Your opponent will still have time to block the incoming blow. You need to throw three or four punches in a combination for speed to work in your favour. This is especially relevant if a boxer specializes in throwing looping punches, like Haye. The defender can block the first easily. The second is a bit harder to stop, and by the third or fourth, the receiver’s reactions are just a little behind and a punch can land. Walk into any boxing gym and nearly everyone knows this. So why didn’t his trainer tell him?

If this is the best matchup the heavyweight diviion can produce, it’s time for TV stations to boycott all professional heavyweight contests. After all, does anyone really want to see Klitschko – Adamek?



This is easily the funniest bit I have ever read here in the Mail Pouch. Monty Python and Morcambe & Wise would be proud of your efforts.

I would ask you to do a basic Google search using the keywords, Boxing 101.

You will find that having a good strong jab is the most important weapon in boxing, everything else comes after that.

Trying to discredit Klitschko for working behind a “Steel Hammer” jab is ridiculous and trying to fault Wlad for this pathetic fight is ridiculous. He did what he had to do to decisively beat the inactive Haye, you can not fault the man for that.

Thank you for pointing out Hayes flaws which are many, his mouth being his biggest one.

This guy is an embarrassment to boxing and I hope for our sakes he will do what he already says he is considering, and that is retiring. He really needs to go away.

To quote Cris Arreola during the press tour before his fight with Vitali, when asked about Haye pulling out of the first proposed Klitschko fight Arreola said, “I always knew David was a vagina!”

I could not agree more with that statement.

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32 Responses to “Haye Gives Boxing The “Toe””

  1. Gary says:

    One thing that I thought was interesting during the fight (not the actual fight, of course) was HBO constantly crying and complaining about how they were at the mercy of German TV. They said it at least two or three times during the fight, including when Emanuel Steward apparently went into the ring to complain to the ref about taking the point away from Wlad, and then again at the end when they had to wait til after German TV and Sky 1 got to interview the boxers.

    Maybe HBO should spend less time crying and complaining about being relegated to the kiddie table, and think that maybe if they had not thrown the Klitschkos away in the 1st place, then maybe THEY Would be airing the show and then they could show whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.

    Just a thought.

  2. Frank Boff says:

    Here’s a message for David Haye:

    “A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t”

  3. William says:

    That camera dangling in front of HBO’s shot all night long was the coup de gras.

  4. Frank Boff says:

    As for lame brain Haye, you might send him this incredible injury feat about Kirk Gibson’s homer in World Series.

  5. William says:

    Thanks for that one Boff. How me, Joe Dodger fan, forgot about that one is anybody’s guess.

  6. David McGarry says:

    I think Marvin Hagler had the best response to a fighter who complained about an injury to his little finger and withdrew from a fight: he said the chance to fight for the title and make so much money was more important than a little finger and if it was preventing you from coming to the fight, cut it off. He said it far more eloquently than than I have managed to..

    A jab is the most important punch in a boxer’s arsenal. Why do you suppose that is? A jab has many functions, it distracts your opponent. It can hurt your opponent, if it’s hard enough. It scores points. Could it be that if you read boxing 101 you’ll see a section of how landing a solid jab also enables you to land more meaningful punches in a combination? Of course, none of those punches can land if you don’t throw them.

    Wladimir Klitschko pumped out his jab all night long. As the bigger, stronger man, that gave him the perfect opportunity to follow up with a devastating attack. This never happened. Why?

    Think of all the heavyweights with great jabs in living memory: Lewis, Holmes, Bowe, Ali and Holyfield. Once they established dominance with the job, they followed it up. Repeatedly. I know all of them had points wins on their resumes, and even a few fights where they took it easy and played it safe. But never in a really big fight.

    As I said before, Wladimir Klitschko had nearly every physical advantage possible and still refused to take any risks. He played his part is hyping the bout as one that would be an exciting, violent contest. Winning a dull points decision by throwing out his much longer left arm repeatedly is not what the paying public had in mind. That performance was not worth the fee charged for wtaching it, regardless of how successful it was against a much smaller opponent who had entered the contest very badly prepared. If this analysis has anyone laughing out loud, maybe I’ll join the standup circuit and make a living reading my thoughts on the big fights.

    David Haye trash talked his way to a $16 million pay day. His performance was nothing short of a rip off for everyone who contributed towards his earnings. The broken toe excuse was so pathetic, I didn’t feel it deserved any comment first time around. BTW, if you read the British press, they are the ones criticising him the most. And rightly so.

    As I said before, for the life of me I can’t understand why he didn’t try to throw more combinations. I don’t believe he was scared in Hamburg, just clueless. He thought he could do exactly the same against Wladimir Klitschko as he did to Valuev. I thought he would try something similar, but would have refined his approach to suit a different opponent. Clearly, I was wrong about that. Haye’s trainer, Adam Booth, deserves some of the blame for not coming up with a meaningful fight plan and for not pressing Haye to change when it was clear things were not working for him. David Haye promised he would retire before his 31st birthday in October 2011. Might as well announce that retirement now.

  7. fighter says:

    to bring up Duran’s fight and not mention that it was the three month “rematch” of an epic beating he dished to a bigger man can not compare to an average fighter copping out, Roberto is a legend and should be treated as such this writer knows better.

  8. Mark says:

    In many ways this is what HBO deserves as they were the ones whom created this monster with David Haye.
    -They never forced him to take on fighters like Eddie Chambers, Chris Arreola, Tony Thompson or Alexander Povetkin.
    -They “introduced” Haye to Golden Boy and ensured that he would be under their protection.
    -They ignore any Eastern European fighters and often refer to this era as the worst in boxing heavyweight history.
    -They never aired any of Haye’s fights and built him up on clips.
    -They BACKED Haye and backed the Klitschko’s into a corner by refusing to have any heavyweight fights on without Haye.
    All I could think of is how loud Eddie Chambers, Chris Arreola, Ruslan Chagaev, Tony Thompson and Tomasz Adamek were laughing as they watched Haye show his foot off. If there was ever a reason for mass cleansing at HBO then the attitude towards the Klitschko’s/Bute/Pirog/and crusierweights is enough for us all.

  9. Mark says:

    In response to David McGarry, if that is the way you and most feel about Klitschko, then why do people watch Floyd Mayweather Jr? He is more safety first then the Klitschko’s hasn’t had a KO win since Ricky Hatton, takes on opponents whom at times are smaller than him, and rarely goes for the finish.
    If the Klitschko’s were American (Black, Caucasian or Hispanic) people would be more loving towards them.

  10. David McGarry says:


    I have no time to Floyd Mayweather. I watched his fight with Hatton because Hatton was the opponent. It has occurred to me some people might watch Mayweather in the hope he gets knocked out and shut up. Also, the Klitschkos are Caucasian, for what it’s worth.

  11. William Trillo says:

    I was a huge Duran fan and was first in line at my closed circuit venue to watch the first Leonard fight. I also witnessed the second fight and there is no way I can excuse what Duran did that night…he was getting beat, could not handle Leonard at all, so he just quit…there is no way for any logical person to defend that.

    And lets be clear Mark, because maybe some don’t know and are taking your questionable word for it…The first fight was a great victory for Duran but hardly an epic beat down, all cards had Duran SLIGHTLY ahead… judge: Harry Gibbs 145-144 | judge: Angelo Poletti 148-147 | judge: Raymond Baldeyrou 146-144.

    A quitter is a quitter on any level, good bad or indifferent, making excuses to cover up quitting is the cowards way out….that goes for both bums & legends. PERIOD

  12. William Trillo says:


    Not sure Mark knows what a Caucasian is.

    Here Mark, you seem confused:

    Caucasian race, a racial classification of human beings
    A term sometimes used to describe white people.

  13. jeff taylor says:

    I believe both fighter deserve the blame for this poor fight. Haye more so because he opened his mouth but Klitschko also said he wanted to punish him for 12 rounds and didn’t make that much effort to do that. I dont understand how anyone could say that watching mayweather is like watching klitschko because they are both saftey first fighters. Klitschko is a great heavyweight who produces boring fights against horrible fighters. Mayweather resume is better then pactards no matter how you look at it and his fights continue to pull in huge numbers because as much as people say he is boring his pay per view numbers are amazing so those same people continue to buy his fights. Pac is supposed to be the most exicting fighter. I have one question with the people they have in common who they have fought Delahoya hatton marquez and mosely why did mayweather put up better pay per view #. Numbers dont lie if mayweather was so boring stop buying his fights.

  14. A Muteen says:

    “If the past few weekends have told us anything it is that the World uses Brit fighters as the minor leagues, a good feeding ground to keep World class fighters busy, but really no consistent threat to steal anyone’s title.”

    Are you forgetting Hatton? Naseem Hamed? Lenox Lewis? Frank Bruno…

    I agree with the rest of the comments. He seemed to bring all the pressure around himself by trash talk. Even in the stare out you could see he lacked confidence.

  15. Michael says:

    Haye has the skills, wrong strategy. Vlad has skills, but the fear of being hit cripples his ability. Haye talked smack-probably to try and get Vlad to throw more punches other than a jab so he could counter. All Haye could do was try to counter after Vlad threw, but every time Haye came in, Vlad threw up his arms and ran back. Like Emmanuel said, Vlad’s got fast feet. The best I have ever seen Vlad look was against Brewster… until he got hit… Powerful, great combos, fast, etc… But obviously that doesnt work for him. BTW, A great fight is made because of styles. Vlad/Haye’s styles clash.

  16. fighter says:

    Trillo, no excuses but no comparison either Duran gave boxing fans an epic beat down to a world class fighter, Haye could not and had an excuse shortly after, rewatch the Duran/Leoanard fight and there is only one, and see for yourself the body punishment absorbed by Leaonard, he had the snot beat out of him litarley check the end, if thats not a beat down, Duran made a split decession thinking Leanord would give him a quick trillogy we all know what happened.

  17. William Trillo says:


    Well, you just one upped McGarry for the greatest comedy bit ever.

    Hatton & Hamed both were huniliated when they met world class competition in their prime and Frank Bruno….Frank Bruno…..hahahahahaha.

    Lennox stands alone in that last as a true Champion, but tell me, why is it he would never pledge his allegiance to the Queen?

  18. William Trillo says:


    Thanks for clarifying what makes a great fight, I never knew that :/

    You my friend are delusional. The only one with the fear of being hit was Haye! Look at his punch output, he didn’t throw for fear of being cracked, it’s that simple. Don’t give me the he was waiting to counter excuse, it’s lame.

    And as far as Haye coming in…all that loser did was dive in head first and drop too his knees and then look for the ref to penalize Wlad. You saw what that got him, the ref told David do it again and I am counting you out.

    Not sure what fight you were watching Mike.

  19. William Trillo says:

    Duran made a split decession thinking Leanord would give him a quick trilogy???????
    Seriously? Is that the best you got?
    So in your eyes Duran bested Leonard because he didn’t do what “No Mas” wanted?

    Excuses are excuses, I don’t care who you are. What’s yours?

  20. Michael says:

    Trillo, Durna thoroughly whipped Leonard the first fight… are you kidding? Leonard couldnt touch Duran with that overhand right… You need to check it out again my firend. The fact that you think Vlad actually did something remotely worth accolades in the Haye fight leads me to believe you are a fan with an opinion of boxing. And that’s OK, but I misleadingly thought you were someone of experience and inside knowledge of the sport. My bad. You can’t see beyond the myoptic vision of Larry Merchant. That indeed is a shame… Fail. you need to take (the sweet) Science 101 over again my friend.

    PS, in this fight, the ref was a goof. He may have refereed other fights effectively before, but even scoring David going to his knee as a knockdown was plain DUMB. There was no punch. Deduct a point? OK, but score it a knock down and count? What is the point? And you, my good sir, cant figue that out yet your able to comment on boxing? That’s why this sport is going to hell in a hand basket… to many people thinking just because they know how to yell, they know how to fight. With boxing’s luck you are going to be taking Mr Merchant’s place when he “hangs up the gloves”.

  21. William Trillo says:


    Did I ever say Duran did not win the first fight? No!
    But thoroughly whip? That’s a bit extreme.

    Did I sing the praises of Wlad in this Haye fight? No!
    Did I say he easily won? Yes.

    I personally don’t care what you think of me. I call ‘em as I see ‘em and you “my friend” are obviously a blind fan who has never accepted the truth about what Duran did in the second fight and have been making excuses for him ever since.

    Thanks for telling me the ref in the Haye fight was bad…..I did not know that??? :/

    Where in any of my writing did you read me taking the ref’s side?

    I love the way you are throwing your BS up against the wall and hoping it will stick.

    My regular readers (all 12 of them) know better, they won’t buy into your accusations.

    Do me a favor Miguel, unless you are pointing out things I actually stated then keep your thoughts to yourself. And if you do need to blather on again…run a spell check…your spelling and grammar is abysmal.

  22. Michael says:

    1st up Will, I take issue with your boxing commentary- try not to take it personal… (after all, I didnt take it personal when you said I’m blind). Free world, we can disagree. 2nd up, Will… relax, its all good… Duran whupped Ray (and if you ever met him, he’d tell you so) the first fight (the judges may of seen it close, but that-much to my chagrin-was not a close fight)… Duran quit the second fight. I am a huge fan of Ray’s but I (like you) cal ‘em like I see am… (i”ll make more typos so you have something to come back at me on, if that’ll make you feel better. But do try and stick to the point-not putting stock in symantics and mispellings)…

    “Naseem Hamed, Ricky Hatton Frank Bruno never fought world class competition” or never beat a great fighter-in your estimation.? Which one, Because hamed was unconventional but a damn good fighter… Ricky Hatton had his strong points as well. Took pound for pound one of the best to lay him low… Don’t spit on him, he kicked a lot of ass.

    Ummmm, my friend, you did bring the ref’s into play when you said the ref wasn’t standing for David’s BS… By not saying anything about Vlad’s lack of gumption, (the only one with fear of being hit, was Haye) and mentioning nothing but David’s lack of ability-you endorsed Vlad… A boxing match is generally thought to be a 2 way affair otherwise you are SHADOW BOXING! But don’t take it personal my man. It’s all good-keep on doin what your doing.

  23. Michael says:

    oops. a mispelling! Semantics. I did it for you. Ciao

  24. William Trillo says:

    Thanks…had no plans changing my act on your account.

  25. William Trillo says:

    This has been a wild ride, thanks to everyone for chiming in. This would be a great topic to keep alive in our new forum and I hope you will consider going there to express your views and get some other reactions. http://www.pound4pound.com/Forum/index.php

    Thank u.

  26. David McGarry says:

    For what it’s worth, I thought the first fight between Duran and Leonard was close, but Duran had the edge. This was the only time he got the better of Leonard pyschologically. Like a great champion, Leonard learned his lesson and never made the same mistakes again.

    Hamed beat everyone in the featherweight division for years. His downfall was caused by arrogance, not helped by his family egging him on. By the time of his fight against Barrera, he had his brother as manager and pretty much trained himself as he no longer listened to advice. This doesn’t mean Barrerra didn’t beat him, but that was only because of what Hamed did to himself after he had already been at the top of his division for a long time.

    Bruno was an honest trier whose lack of confidence let him down nearly every time he fought a top level opponent. He still managed to win the WBC title.

    Hatton was another fighter who let himself down, this time by his lifestyle in between fights. Still, he won three world titles, which isn’t bad.

    I would rate Calzaghe, especially before he got all those hand injuries, way ahead of any of those fighters.

  27. fighter says:

    Trillo, and McGarry, Leonard recieved an epic beating to the body period, he became a runner there after just like Floyd did after Castillo 1, it happens after a beating, pyschologically he was never the same started to clown and run, Duran expected the third fight as fast as he granted the second, Leonard did not honour that request, Leonard lacks honour ask Hagler or Hearns, he became a safety first damaged fighter with a bag full of demands, Floyed learned from the best, pyschologically and you are right he was never the same.

  28. William Trillo says:

    Thanks McGarry

    It’s a futile argument, their guy quit and they will never be able to process that info.

  29. Charles says:

    Boxing is in real bad shape, Now boxing 101, The Art of boxing is to hit and not be hit. You will not see people running up to you in any contest and ask how you won, They Ask Did you win, And if he has the better jab, you don’t fit something that’s not broken.

  30. David McGarry says:

    One last point about the pathetic broken toe excuse. I believe Wladimir Klitschko said something along the lines of real fighters don’t make excuses for bad performances. Quite right. But wasn’t this the same Wladimir Klitschko who claimed he had been poisoned at ringside during his first fight with Lamont Brewster and that was the reason for his shocking knockout defeat. Shame on you, David Haye, for not being able to come up with a more inventive excuse.

  31. William Trillo says:

    Great point! That was one of the worst excuses ever.
    Excuses of any kind are lame, poison, toe, bad burrito….whatever.

    There is no excuse for Michael….none whatsoever.

  32. William says:

    Beblack is back….undercover but back :)

    I knew you would never leave me :p