Did you Happen To Notice…

By William Trillo

Did you happen to notice the job referee Steve Smoger did this weekend during the Andy Lee vs. Bryan Vera fight? Of course you didn’t! As always Smoger did a fine job by staying out of the way and letting the fighters fight. This was a first class job as 3rd man in the ring by Smoger, more ref’s, especially the ones in Sin City should take note.

Did you happen to notice the sportsmanship between the fighters in the Sergio Martinez vs. Darrin Barker fight? After an errant headbutt and a break in the action the two fighters touched gloves (multiple times mind you), and then stepped back and got back to work. No cheap shots or sucker punches…what a novel concept!

Did you happen to notice that after getting a pep talk from Andre Ward the Oakland Raiders promptly went out and got destroyed by the New England Patriots? It should come as no surprise that the Raiders added considerably to their league leading penalties after the pep talk from a guy who is known for head butts and holding.

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9 Responses to “Did you Happen To Notice…”

  1. William Trillo says:


    I think Sergio expected a little less from Barker and had to adjust his game accordingly to get the KO in 11.

    Sergio will be well prepared for Lee and will toy with him for 6-7 rounds and then drown him in a sea of deep water around 9-10.

  2. Luis M. Cadiz Sr. says:

    I would much rather see Sergio drop down to 150 and take on either PAC or mayweather, preferably mayweather.

  3. kenc15 says:

    i would love to see sergio kill fraud gayweather

  4. Luis M. Cadiz Sr. says:

    Kenc15 is part of the growing family of people who would like to see Sergio retire mayweather from boxing. WELCOME!!!

  5. Threat says:

    Tyson vs. Holyfield III will happen before Mayweather fights Martinez.

  6. Ronnie says:

    Martinez is to big for pacman and floyd. His speed and power would overwhelm them both. I would like to see martinez take on Dmitry Pirog. Personally I think Pirog has the style, power, and capability to Ko martinez. It would be a great fight and a real war.

  7. Mark says:

    Would love to see that too but DiBella for whatever his reasons refuses to even consider Pirog take on Martinez.The biggest problem Sergio faces is that the best realistic money fights out there for him are either in Russia (Pirog) or Germany (Sturm) and Team Martinez doesn’t want to go to either place.

  8. Luis M. Cadiz Sr. says:

    If Martinez is willing to go down to 150, then why can’t mayweather do it? He has had opponents come up in weight to fight him, now it’s his turn. Manny will probably take the challenge, that’s why he is the pound for pound best of our time. Two men taking risks, a foreign word for floyd.

  9. Ronnie says:

    Lol Manny would never take that challenge he only fights people he can beat. Margarcheater was to slow to pose any real risk and mosley has no business in the ring. Pacman always fights at a catch weight in order to have some type of advantage. I think if your going to fight for the 147 pound title it should be at that weight but pacman makes his opponents drop weight like cotto, margarito, del la hoya. Between Arum and roach, they would never let manny fight martinez. Martinez would wipe the floor with pacman and mayweather. mayweather is in the same boat as pacman he does not fight people who pose real risk of beating him. I think Pirog on the other hand can handle martinez and would make for a much better fight.