No Matter How Thin You Slice It, It’s Still Baloney!

By William Trillo

As defined by Wiktinary:
no matter how thin you slice it, it’s still baloney
Regardless of how many clever points or fine distinctions one makes, what one is saying is still nonsense.

After Saturday nights fight (or lack thereof) between Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson plenty has been said. In fact so much has been said that it would be monotonous to repeat the entire scenario, so I will just get to the point and bring it down to the various conclusions.

1. You can say that this was an unfortunate circumstance and that when Bernard went down in round two it was an accident and when he was deemed unable to continue the fight should have been declared a No Contest.

2. You can say that Dawson was deliberate with the take down of Hopkins and therefore should have been DQ’d and Bernard should have retained his titles.

3. You can conclude, as the referee did, that there was no wrongdoing of any-kind and Hopkins was hurt in the action, and because he was not able to continue Dawson should be awarded the victory via second round TKO.

I am sure there are other suggestions at how this should have been handled, but at the end of the night the fact remains that for the paying customers in the house and for those who bought the PPV broadcast this was another case of the fans getting ripped off…again.

Yes, there were some other decent fights on the card but the “Believe It Or Not” title was all about seeing if a 46 year old champion still had what it took to beat one of the hottest talents in the division. The fans were treated to less than two rounds of that fight and when Hopkins could no longer continue it added to the list of why boxing fans have soured on the sweet science.


What would you say if you heard a promoter tell a ref after a fight was stopped and his fighter was on the short end, “You will never work one of our fights again”?

Well, according to those within earshot that’s what one disgruntled promoter shouted to the ref at the conclusion of the fight.

Does that make you wonder as to what exactly his intentions are…or have been in the past?

I know I wonder.

I wonder if that means the only judges that are “hired” to work the promoters fights are one that see things his way.

I hope when the commission reviews the tapes this week, and we know they will because protests are imminent, that while they are looking at the tape they also review what the promoter actually said to the ref and get to the bottom of what he meant by that threat.

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2 Responses to “No Matter How Thin You Slice It, It’s Still Baloney!”

  1. David McGarry says:

    On the other hand, as so many referees are making lousy decisions these days, I can see why a promoter would not want someone who screwed things up on one of his shows getting a chance to do it again on another show. On this occasion, the referee’s decision was so obviously wrong, he shouldn’t be allowed to referee any fight again.

    If Dawson intentionally threw Hopkins, it was a foul that should have led to a disqualification. If it was accidental, then an accident caused an injury that left Hopkins unable to fight. This is no different in principle to an accidental clash of heads. Therefore, the result should have been the same.

    Yet again, it all comes down to bad refereeing.

  2. jeff taylor says:

    people might give hopkins the benefit of the doubt if he didnt try and get his way out of the calzaghe and the roy jones jr fight. This guy is always crying and whinning.