Searching For Donaire’s Next Foe Somewhere Over The Rainbow

By William Trillo

Bantamweight title holder Nonito Donaire successfully defended his belt on in a ho-hum 12 round unanimous decision performance over Omar Narvaez on Saturday night. Of course the question on everyone’s mind now is who is next. Would Nonito step and and finally face some of the champions in the higher weight divisions? Names like Abner Mares and Yuriokis Gamboa have been mentioned as future foes but so far nothing has transpired there. Top Rank’s Bob Arum has gone on record saying WBC Super Bantamweight champ Toshiaki Nishioka will get a big offer to face Nonito early next year.

All that sounds well and good but if history tells us anything it’s that Nonito’s opponents keep getting older and shorter. The facts speak for themselves. In 2006 he was taking on the 5ft.4in. 29 year old Raul Martinez. In 2010 it was a 5ft.4in. 35 year old Voldymyr Sydorenko. Throw in another fighter, Hernan Marquez who was listed at 5ft.2in. and you see I am speaking the truth. On Saturday night he faced a 36 year old Argentinean that measured all of 5ft. 3in. The writing here is clearly on the wall.

Taking all that information into consideration it’s difficult to see Donaire taking a step up anytime soon. In fact after feeding all this information into the Pound4Pound computer you will see that coming up with Donaire’s next opponent is easy…All you have to do is follow The Yellow Brick Road.

Enter The Lollipop Guild!

You remember these little guys…right? Dorothy and Toto ran into the Munchkin’s on their quest to meet The Wizard of Oz. If my calculations are correct these guys just might be old enough and short enough by now to be on Donaire’s shortlist for future opponents.

You laugh, but we just had a sham of a promotion named after a carnivals barkers museum of freaks, why not one filled with flying green monkeys?

On Saturday night the fans at MSG deserved a lot better than what they got, their boo’s and cries of “this is Bull Sh_” were not out of order. If they could have heard Donaire complain that he was bored and he was cramping in between rounds they may have set the place on fire.

You are bored? You are cramping up?

Want to cure the boredom?

Maybe Donaire could have taken the Tin Man’s advice. With a little more heart maybe he would have stepped up the pace and whacked out this diminutive foe. What on earth was he waiting for?


Stop cutting weight so you can face the little guys. A little chat with the Cowardly Lion might come in to play here. Donaire was visibly famished at the weigh-in and that speaks directly to the fact that he may not have the courage to step up and fight the bigger guys. Again, the record speaks for itself.

Along the way Donaire has hooked up with The Wizard, convicted PED peddler Victor Conte. I am still of the belief that like in the movie, once the curtain is pulled on this “Wizard” everyone will see that he is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. If this stuff he was feeding his latest pupil was so great why in the name of The Wicked Witch was he cramping up all night?

All kidding aside, I believe I speak for a good portion of the boxing community when I say we are tired of HBO and everyone else telling us Donaire is one of the top pound for pound fighters in boxing. Beating the Omar Narvaez’s and the Voldymyr Sydorenko’s of the world are not convincing us. And taking on the 35 year old Toshiaki Nisioka will do little to help his cause. Until he steps up and beats fighters like Gamboa and Mares, and he just may be able to do that, it’s hard to swallow he is one of the best fighters in any division.

And before you think you are smart and play The Scarecrow card on me…yeah yeah…If I only had a brain!

One thing I can tell you for sure, if I did have a brain I certainly would not have wasted 48 minutes of my Saturday night watching that garbage.

Guilty as charged!

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7 Responses to “Searching For Donaire’s Next Foe Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Donaire is getting millions for what he does. Bob Arum is also making millions and not even getting punched while he makes it. As long as people are willing to pay them, they will keep doing what has made them rich. In principle, it’s no different to complaining about the quality of food served at McDonalds.

  2. William says:

    So…in principle, you agree with the body of the blog?

  3. David McGarry says:

    Absolutely. Agree 100%. However, it’s not me you have to convince because I don’t pay to watch boxing and so don’t really have a vote on how it’s run. The only thing that will change the way Bob Arum does business is if you convince enough paying customers that they are being short changed. To do that you need a wider boxing audience. I wish I could make a positive suggestion as to how you could achieve that.

  4. William says:

    Thanks…I think

  5. Mark says:

    The hope is that Ken Hershman can force better fights to be made such as Donaire vs. Guillermo Rigodoneaux, Celestino Caballero, Chris John or even Mikey Garcia.
    The biggest problem comes down to Arum and his refusal to not only work with other promotoers but match top guys with top guys. The whole debacle with Lopez and Gamboa is proof of that.

  6. William says:

    Nice insight Mark….one day you will have to reveal to me where you get your info… :)

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