Pacquiao/Marquez…Now What?

By William Trillo

I guess I could go on and on about the questionable scoring this Saturday night in Las Vegas but along with everyone else I have pretty much said my peace in regard to the matter. Unless you or I wake up and find out this was all some kind of bad dream the fact remains that Juan Manuel Marquez’s record against Manny Pacquiao is 0-2-1, there is nothing we can do to change that, it’s in the record books and it’s printed in indelible ink. Unless Marquez fights and beats Manny 3 times there are many who will say Manny had Juan Manuel’s number. It’s a fact in the record book that will be hard to argue with.

Should they fight again? Will they fight again?

If you listen to what everyone had to say after the fight that question has yet to be answered.

Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach has already resigned himself to the fact that they will have ti fight again. It’s something he clearly is not looking forward to. The two fighters had less to say about another fight but Marquez hinted at considering retirement. Bob Arum was the only one who gave any inclination at all when he stated that tens of millions of dollars would be on the table for a fourth installment. Leaving that kind of loot on the table won’t be easy for any of them…another fight is by no means out of the question.

With that said it’s hard to imagine it will happen again.

Unless Marquez fights and beats Manny 3 times in a row he will always seem to come up short in any discussions about who owns who. Those numbers speak for themselves no matter who you are talking to.

For now we can all look back at the great trilogy and be thankful for two fighters that gave their hearts and souls in every fight. In a day and age when most fights end up disappointing the masses because one or both fighters didn’t lay it all on the line in their hyped Super Fights, that can never be said about these two great warriors. I tip my hat to both of them and hope that if and when the dust settles they will always be remembered for laying it all on the line in their epic battles.

The Mail Pouch

Hello William
My Name is David Chalfy and I deal at the PH with your daughter. She told me about your website. I boxed amateur in my youth and I, like yourself am a student and avid fan of the game. I could not wait to get to your website, as I wanted to see if you would tell it straight as many are sugar coating the travesty of this decision. I thought Marquez painted a masterpiece. He kept manny at the precise distance and angle needed all night and continually drew manny’s lead and countered with clean hard shots and then would break off at the right instant muting Manny’s response. This way he never got into tit for tat shootouts perfectly scoring and escaping. Even when Manny scored, they were on the very end of punches or they were partially or fully blocked. You could see the panic rising steadily in Manny’s corner and the worry in Manny himself, as the confidence was growing in Marquez’s corner. Manny Pacquiao never took control of the fight! Manny looked frustrated and at the end of the fight, resigned to his loss.

It was a pleasure to see you tell it like it is in your article. I happen to be a fan of both these fighters and watched it objectively. Having said that… These decisions bother me terribly. Even most writers and fans do not truly know the extent of the work and sacrifice these fighters give of themselves every painful sparring session or grueling mile on the road Win handily and not be awarded for your lifes work is a shame of cosmic proportion. Manny Pacquiao should have been man enough to admit he lost the fight. He knew it, you could see it in his eyes and for me his personna as a humble man of humility has been severely tarnished.

The commentators for HBO are a sickening bunch. Lampley outright roots for the fighter they have under contract. Stewart hasn’t one testicle and when he knows Lampley is wrong, says he has no opinion. I thought he was being paid to give an opinion? Kellerman, another balless entity from Eunichs Anonymous is afraid to shake the status quo, so just gives opinions that you have to read between the lines to discern he is not going along with the PC gibberish. If you are smart, you should turn off the sound and watch the fight or get a slanted view.

Anyway. Good article and great website. Thanks. I enjoyed it.
Regards, David Chalfy

Thanks David,

I appreciate all your kind words. We received a lot of compliments for our coverage this weekend and I thank you and everyone else for giving us the thumbs up on our work. A lot of times we are not taken seriously because we always tell it like it is and at times seem a bit harsh and over the top. I can speak for everyone at Pound4Pound when we say we love the sport of boxing and hope to see it flourish for many years to come.

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14 Responses to “Pacquiao/Marquez…Now What?”

  1. jeff taylor says:

    The thing that made he the most upset was the HBO crew they were all rooting for Manny and commenting on every punch he landed yet time after time Marquez landed punches and nothing was mention. Lettermans scoring was crazy. Also one judge had Manny winning by 5 rounds going into the 12th are you f’ing serious that is down right cheating. I was honestly rooting for Manny to keep the floyd fight alive but damn that was wrong poor Marquez what does he have to do to beat this man. The fact that they are talking about a fourth fight right away is showing they dont want a part of Mayweather. So did Manny actions in the ring you could tell he thought he lost and you could tell when asked about Mayweather he didnt even want to answer.

  2. William says:

    You can forget about manny v floyd….it’s never gonna happen…especially now!

  3. David McGarry says:

    The real winner was Bob Arum. He made the most money, and now he has an excuse to pimp another installment in this saga. I wonder if Ariza’s special conditioning was chemically induced. Pacquaio looked far from special against Marquez and lost by a wide margin.

    I’ve said all along Mayweather would beat Pacquaio very easily if they did meet. What I saw over the weekend just reinforces that opinion.

  4. fighter says:

    you can harp on the decsion all you want but what will be remembered well be three great fights by two of the greatests fighters of this era viva “Dinamita” viva “Pacman” and not who got the decision, this fan can not get enough of elite competitive fights bring on #4 and for all who said Marquez was done eat your crow.

  5. William says:


  6. jeff taylor says:

    Pac is a punk Arum is a punk. Im just upset that all these years it was mayweather who everyone said was scared. THe proof is out there now who is really scared. Top Rank is scare is is the one cheating the boxing fans. This fight was a good performance by marquez but was not close to as good as the first to fights. The punches throw were way down no one was seriously hurt and once again marquez walked away disappointed. Why do we need a fourth fight. Because this is the only thing they could try and sell besides fighting mayweather. I promise you the numbers for the fourth fight will be down from the thrid fight. People are turning on pac because he is now running scared. He fought Barrerra a second time for no reason Morales a thrid time for no reason now marquez a fourth time for no reason. Pac said after the fight that he was the winner and there was no doubt this time then why fight AGAIN>

  7. David McGarry says:

    Bit harsh to call Pacquaio a punk. He took on some fighters in his career I thought would walk right through him. Now, he’s doing what De La Hoya, Moseley, Cotto and many others have done – he’s looking for relatively easy fights against “name” opponents who don’t pose much threat. It just so happens, Marquez had a bit left in the tank.

    As for Bob Arum, he’s far worse than a punk. Did you notice how he couldn’t care less about how unhappy people were at the result because he was convinced he could sell them another fight next year.

    BTW, the one official who came out of that fight with his reputation intact was the referee. I thought he did a good job, and it’s not the first time I’ve thought that about Weeks.

  8. William says:

    Good point on the ref. A strong case for the opinion that the less you hear about a ref the better of a job he has done.

    Valid point in regard to Weeks!

  9. true says:

    as i writen in other web sites : marquez did not do enough to steal the game . manny did not fight for he’s life on these fight. marquez could easly have beaten somebody else with that kind of performance but not the 8 time worl champion like he is pacquiao ( in order to get a decision vs pacquiao you need to be someone like mayweather . any other fighter will not get away with a decision . i really think pacquiao will fight marquez again becouse fighting mayweather any time soon will be a mistake that will make arum lose 25 to 50 milion dollars. manny pacquiao become a disposable cow who has left two time of milky. if pacquiao want to fight twice he will need to beat marquez better then he can fight floyd before retired.

  10. fighter says:

    Trillo what you said was you would not discuss the decision then went into a full paragraph on it and its effect on the Great JMM record, when in fact it is baseless real fight fans well cherish this trillogy for years to come and recall two elite fighters who left there skill and hearts in the ring.

  11. William says:


    Huh? Really.

    I could swear I said I would not discuss the fight…which I did not.

    Then I told you what was said about a rematch by the principal parties.

    Then I gave my opinion on the only way JMM could possibly even the score in the eyes of the fans.

    Then I wrote a huge paragraph in closing praising the fighters for giving every piece of themselves in a great trilogy and closed by saying:” I tip my hat to both of them and hope that if and when the dust settles they will always be remembered for laying it all on the line in their epic battles.”

    Your interpretation of my thoughts are more than a rad askew.


    Who do you think you are……….Me?

  12. fighter says:

    Trillo instead of a full pargagh on the decsions effect on JMM’s record why not educate newbies on the level of greatness they witnessed for example the skill level JMM posses to counter the speed and exceptional power of the PacMan that has cowered true welters, bring on #4 this fan can not get enough!!!

  13. William says:

    Fighter…Did you read my fight report I wrote from ringside minutes after the fight?

    “Juan Manuel Marquez (53-6-1,39 KO’s) boxed beautifully and exposed so many of Manny Pacquiao’s (54-3-2,38 KO’s )flaws, he made Manny miss his left all night long and countered those shots with clean punches of his own.”

    You are exhausting ….go bug Greg Leon or Dan Rafael…2 guys who don’t know what they are talking about….due to lack of research on your part I am done with this conversation.

  14. jeff taylor says:

    @ david. You said manny is looking for relativly easy fights against name opponents like delahoya mosely cotto and many others have. Well delahoya ending his career by fighting manny and floyd cotto fought pac and is now fighting margartio who has proven to be a dangerous opponent to him weather he cheated or not and mosely fought manny and floyd as well so I wouldnt say they went looking for easy fights they fought the best out there. Now manny on the other had continues to fight people that are either weight drained or fighting above there natural weight. If he dont want to flight floyd that sucks but at least fight a real 147 pound fighter like khan, ortiz, or berto. Also if he fought margrtio at 150 he could fight serigo martniez at that weight. There are a lot of fights out there for him why fight marquez again he will just be robbed for a thrid time if he wins.