Mayweather’s Bait & Switch

By William Trillo
Photo-Chop: Bret “The Threat”

Bait advertising defined:
Bait advertising is an alluring but insincere offer to sell a product or service which the advertiser in truth does not intend or want to sell.

I am not sure when Twitter became a form of journalism but considering how many boxing websites ran with the Floyd Mayweather Jr. tweet yesterday…well you get the picture. Furthermore I want to say that any ape that just copied the Mayweather Tweet and pasted it on their front page…well you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Look, if anyone thinks there is one ounce of sincerity in Floyd all of a sudden calling out Manny to fight on May 5th only days after “Pretty Boy” was given a reprieve on his 90 day jail sentence, you are gravely mistaken.

With the announcement pending that Mayweather will most likely be fighting Robert Guerrero on May 5th, (and this apparently has been in the works for a while), calling out Manny, who made it clear he will not fight until June at the earliest is nothing more than Mayweather setting the bait for the soon to be disgruntled boxing fans.

When the fans shout that it should be Pacquiao on that May 5th date, Mayweather can point to his Tweet and say, “I called him out and the chump don’t want to fight. What more can I do?”


After umteen months of haggling with no progress whatsoever in “Thee Super Fight” talks, suddenly the fight should get made in just a few days?

Get real.

As ridiculous as that is, all fingers of blame should not get pointed in Mayweather’s direction as Manny along with Top Rank are doing their own version of the bait and switch with the likes of Lamont Peterson being proposed as Pac’s June opponent.

As I wrote a few days ago, this circus is now off the charts and it’s time to put an end to it.

I am appalled at everyone who has bought into this Mayweather Tweet!

Have you been paying attention to this real life soap opera star?

Apparently not!

Check out for all the latest boxing truth.

20 Responses to “Mayweather’s Bait & Switch”

  1. William says:

    Boxingscene reports:

    Arum states – “They have already agreed to fight Robert Guerrero on May 5. They feel that if they blame Manny and myself for the Pacquiao-Mayweather not happening and therefore they are fighting Guerrero and that somehow the public will excuse them and buy the Mayweather-Guerrero fight. That is stupid. Nobody is going to buy the fight unless they believe it’s a good fight. The fact that I did this or Manny did that is not going to make a guy buy or not buy a Mayweather-Guerrero fight.”

    He claimed that what they are doing “makes absolutely no sense. They should spend their bullets somehow making a case as to why Guerrero is a dangerous fighter.”

    Arum said “the one thing we are not going to do is to respond to the nonsense.”

    The astute promoter said Pacquiao’s statement that he is ready to face Mayweather at the end of May because of the financial considerations is absolutely correct even as he insisted “they have no intention of fighting Manny before he goes to prison.”

  2. jeff taylor says:

    of course arum is going to say that this is also the guy that said floyd was going to fight Matthew Hatton. Until a fight is sign then you shouldnt open your mouth either way. Do i think mayweather vs the ghost is a good fight hell no. Will i support that fight and say mayweather is picking the best comp no I will not. The same way i dont think pac vs peterson is a good fight and I wont support that. From his past that is who I think pac will fight next but I cant bad mouth him until the fight is signed.
    Also i just have 1 question if the rolls were changed and pac was calling out mayweather and al haymon had 4 different reason why the fight couldnt happen (a cut, need to build a venue, were not waiting for him etc) would you call out pacman questioning his sincerity? I believe you would have a funny picture of mayweather, haymon, and lenorad with a chicken and all the excuses around them (and it probably would be funny most of yours are). Again pac and arum have a chance to call mayweathers bluff if they dont believe he wants the fight. Also you mentioned people posting what mayweather should be ashamed of themselves. I could see your point of course he is going to try and make himself look good and blame pac for not wanting to fight. The same way arum is going to try and make mayweather look bad like he already has a fight in place. so why should people not post what mayweather had to say knowing he is just trying to protect himself yet arum does the same thing with the statements he makes and you post those. How is that any different? Thanks again William you always spark a good debut and I will look forward to your response.

  3. William says:

    It grieves me so much to know there are so many boxing fans that are fooled by Floyds games.

    He was scheduled to go to jail on January 6th…he had to turn himself in for a 90 day stretch. This basically meant he could not fight May 5th and anyone who wanted to fight him, Pacquiao included, needed to make other plans.

    By the way, Floyd said nothing prior to that January 6th date. His mouth was shut tighter than a drum.

    Then Floyd’s Lawyer pulls a rabbit out of his hat and gets Floyd off the hook until June. And what a surprise, suddenly Floyd has diarrhea of the mouth and is calling out Manny for May 5th. Clearly a ploy to make himself look like the good guy here.

    The worst part is dimwits across the USA are buying into that garbage.

    Urban Dictionary: dimwit
    1: a person who is considerably cortically subilluminated, less smart than the average person. It is impossible to have an intelligent conversation with these people.

    To the best of my knowledge Al Haymon has NEVER aired his dirty laundry in public nor has he used Twitter to air his grievances. Al works his magic behind the scenes and has NEVER put himself in a place to get scrutinized by the public or the media like Floyd, Arum, Ellerbe, Oscar, Schaeffer etc etc. every one of them has been Photo-Chopped at some point. And rightly so.

  4. R.W. Jones says:

    David Levi just posted on that lovely form of journalisim Twitter that Mayweather will not be fighting Guerrero on May 5th. The thought is Cotto most likely, who is a free agent, at least among the guys among the message boards.

    Your thoughts?

  5. R.W. Jones says:


  6. jeff taylor says:

    all im asking is why the fight cant be made on pac end now. what is the hold up? regardless of what floyd said or did what is the hold up? It hurts me that so many people are fooled by arum!

  7. William says:

    Do you understand the logistics of putting on a mega fight like that, he asks *rhetorically.

    I could be premature on my assumption it is Guerrero for My 5 but every indication is it will be.If it’s not the who…Alvarez? I just don’t see Golden Boy cashing out on him like that.

    We shall soon see…

    * A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question posed for its persuasive effect without the expectation of a reply.

    Rhetorical questions encourage the listener to think about what the (often obvious) answer to the question must be. When a speaker states, “How much longer must our people endure this injustice?”, no formal answer is expected. Rather, it is a rhetorical device used by the speaker to assert or deny something (e.g., “Can you do anything right?”).

  8. David McGarry says:

    Perhaps if more journalists ignored the pair of them, Mayweather and Pacquaio would either come to an agreement or go their separate ways. All this publicity encourages the manouvering and scheming to get a better deal that has dragged on for years.

  9. William says:

    You are so right David. I really try to stay out of it and then something like this happens…


  10. fighter says:

    the master plan secure a date and site and then expect the ignorant boxing public to believe its for real comp, then expect any promoter worth any leverage to not negotiate the revenue of the site and date? my “money” is on a Golden boy in house pay per scam failure.

  11. jeff taylor says:

    ok who should floyd fight if its not manny and who should manny fight it its not floyd? This is a real question Im not being a smart ass. The reason Im asking is because I dont know the answer. For floyd I would hope for cotto i guess. for pac Im not sure.

  12. William says:

    You have the issue of Top Rank fighters vs. Golden Boy fighters…it just doesn’t seem to be an option…the record speaks for itself.

    Floyd has been fighting Golden Boy fighters and Manny has been fighting only Top Rank fighters.

    Until they can resolve that issue it will remain the mess that it is.

    I wish I had a better answer.

  13. jeff taylor says:

    very true william sad but very true.

  14. William says:

    Update: According to various reports Guerrero is not Floyd’s next fight. That seems to open the door for “Canelo” but at this point I am not even going to speculate but instead will just let the chips fall where they may.

    Are any of you as tired of this as I am?

  15. jeff taylor says:

    i am!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. nameless says:

    I think Arum is preventing the fight to happen all these times, he always want to keep the money in-house… Case in point, he proposed different names for Pac when he thought Mayweather is going to jail, now that it is delayed, Arum still not included Floyd because Pac can’t fight May 5th?
    Enough of that, senile old Bob, it’s Pacquiao’s name on the line, not yours you old cunt!!!

    So Pacquiao and Mayweather should work together in this if they really want the fight to be made, Pac can do a Bradley and sit-out his contract unless the name of the opponent in the contract is Mayweather. Manny should stop being Bob’s puppet and man up!
    And Floyd should man-up too, how will Pac sign a contract on twitter? Floyd needs to leash his dogs too, like Roger and his dad, seriously, they discredit Pac as saying he’s got no talent, no skills yet on steroids? They accused Pac of being on steroid because Manny is TOO GOOD for them… If they are sure Floyd would whoop Pac’s @*$ easy, I don’t see why Floyd wouldn’t sign a contract in minutes…
    Enough talk and hearsays, let’s get it on drama princesses…

  17. fighter says:

    who should they fight ? “JR” has a real fight date with Bubba in the slammer and PacMan has unfinished biz wiith his daddy Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez.

  18. jeff taylor says:

    How does pac have unfinished biz with marquez he already lost to him 3 times and if marquez beats him again they will just rob him. THe reason pac dont leave arum is because he cant he borrows so much money from him there is probably no way he can leave him now.

  19. fighter says:

    PacMan is beyond money he is in the power game and will run his country soon, he is also very pround and will not let stand a gift win, like a true fighter he tests his skills against competitive comp, weather they be bigger than him or just as skilled.

  20. Mark says:

    At this point I just wish both Floyd and Manny both retired right now from boxing. This way boxing could get back onto a healthy track as all the problems that hurt boxing could be solved in some way.
    Arum and Haymon would no longer have any power to force networks to kowtow to them since the big chips are off the table. Martinez vs. Cotto, Gamboa vs. Broner, Donaire vs. Mares and others would happen because HBO could flex their muscles without Manny or Floyd being used as nuclear bomb threats to get suits fired.
    And the promoters would all be on even foot.