Rack ‘Em, Pack ‘Em & Stack ‘Em

By William Trillo
Photo-Chops: Bret “The Threat”

Okay, I was wrong about referee Lupe Garcia interfering in the Chavez Jr. vs. Rubio fight this weekend but that does not mean I still don’t think the deck was heavily stacked by Jose Sulaiman and The WBC in that fight. First I want to apologize to Garcia who had his hands full of Rubio low blows and Chavez Jr. elbows all night long. All things considered he did a fine job.

But when it comes to stacking the deck any hardcore cheater will tell you it’s better to load the deck with more than a few Wildcards (no pun intended).

As it turns out Rubio pointed out more indiscretions by the WBC when he said there never was a urine sample submitted by Chavez Jr. for drug testing, a blatant violation of WBC rules. That’s right, the Texas commission never got a urine sample from Chavez Jr. When asked about the oversite, WBC President Jose Sulaiman, who I am told is Chavez Jr.s legal Godfather, (another wildcard), casually said, “We forgot!”


With that said…

Marco Antonio Rubio has no one to blame for this loss but himself. If ever there was a time that a Champion was there to be beat it was Saturday night. Considering the up and down weight of Chavez Jr., the skipped drug test and a drunk driving arrest 12 days earlier, Chavez Jr. should have been an easy mark for Rubio. Instead of concentrating on the fight Rubio spent the entire week complaining. That was most likely Rubio’s last chance and all the protesting in the world won’t change that.

Donaire Fight Coverage

I was really hoping that one of the big changes we would see and hear at HBO, now that Ken Hershman is at the helm, would be the end to the HBO commentators shilling for whatever fighter they deemed to be their future star.

Larry Merchant excluded, HBO went out of their way to tell us how great Nonito is and how powerful he is when the fact of the matter is he looked pretty damn ordinary against Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. It’s amazing how mediocre a fighter looks once he starts fighting guys his own size. Now that Donaire is going to stop having to fight Munchkins, HBO might want to stop trying to shove him down our collective throats. At least they can wait until he proves himself, and he did not on Saturday night.

Jim “Swifty Lazar” Lampley

Do you remember when Jim Lampley was a young and hip commentator who was on the cutting edge of sports journalism and it was always a treat to have him taking lead anchor for all our top sporting events?

Those days are long gone my friend.

If there was any chance for “Lamps” to gain the sports fans confidence and trust again it was shot to hell when Lampley decided to wear those leopard skin eyeglasses in front of the camera on Saturday night.

It was no sooner than Lampley’s first appearance Saturday night that I got a message on Facebook saying, “Holy crap, where in the hell did Lampley get those glasses and did he lose a bet to have to wear them?”

Moments late I received a text message on my phone saying, “Tell Lampley to give those glasses back to his girlfriend!” That was followed by another text asking, “What the hell is Lampley wearing Leopard glasses for?”

I have a suggestion for Hershman that would not only end the shill label HBO has been branded with but it will bring a quick and grinding halt to leopard skin eyeglass frames as well.

Wanna guess what that suggestion is?

Cotto Training Regimen

Miguel Cotto’s training schedule has for whatever reason been released to the media. It looks like Miguel will begin his training very soon in Puerto Rico. I am told from a very reliable source that Cotto is taking on a new strength and conditiong program for this fight. I am not at liberty to say what this new exercise program is but by the time Cotto hits Florida for camp he could already be in the best shape of his career.

Three Champs For Bob

By the end of the weekend Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Nonito Donaire and his beloved “G-Men” the New York Giants all held world champion titles. It’s safe to say Bob Arum woke up a happy camper on Monday morning.

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One Response to “Rack ‘Em, Pack ‘Em & Stack ‘Em”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Another way of stacking the decks is to have the weigh in 30 hours before the fight. They might as well have had Chavez Snr referee the contest.

    The best thing HBO could do to attract more viewers is to get rid of “Colonel” (what did he do to earn that rank?) Bob Sheridan.