Just Two Things

By William Trillo

1. The Rios vs. Gamboa fight has always been a ridiculous size mismatch in my opinion. Rios was gonna crush the fighter 2 weight divisions below him and everyone knows it…including Rios. Watching Brandon pop off by calling Gamboa a coward is typical bullying in my opinion and I would expect nothing more from him. Tell you what, since Rios is looking for a dance partner now why doesn’t he stop looking for guys two divisions below him and start picking on ones that are two weight classes above? How does James Kirkland sound? Wonder if Rios would like to try him on for size?

2. To all the monkeys that waited with bated (not to mention bad) breath for Oscar’s big announcement…how stupid do you feel now?

Stop posting Tweet’s as real news! You are making yourselves look like tabloid baboons!

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3 Responses to “Just Two Things”

  1. Mark says:

    Agree with you about Oscar but then again who cares.

    Gamboa was the one though whom also called out Rios and now is trying to get out of his deal. While I have no love for Rios, you can’t fault him for being pissed in that Gamboa is now trying to get out of not only the fight but the deal also.

    Seems typical of Cuban fighers lately as Despagne just flat out ducked and dodged out of a contract, Solis came into the Vitali fight injured, and now Gamboa doesn’t have the stones to abide by a contract that HE SIGNED for in the first place.

  2. William says:

    No one is sticking up for Gamboa here….NO ONE!! If this plays out the way I believe it will I will be commenting on him shortly.

    In the meantime….Rios vs. Gamboa was always a joke to me and anyone involved, Top Rank, Arum, Rios, Robert Garcia and that spoiled brat Toddy all are guilty of trying to rip off the fans with that incredible mismatch.

    Here’s one….if Pierre Olivier Cote gets his health back and looks good in his next fight let Rios move up to fight him. I am 100% positive Cote knocks all the spots off Brandon’s loin cloth.

    Suck on that lollipop for a while.

  3. Mark says:

    Gamboa though was the one whom called out Rios that is my beef.

    Was the fight a joke… yes. Was Rios and co at fault… yes! But Gamboa called out Rios then once either common sense or a BBD (Bigger better deal) came along … Gamboa is gone with the wind.

    This all started with Arum convincing Bradley to hold out and leave his contract during the height of the Khan vs. Bradley hype. Now every fight can do the same thing since there is noone to punish them for this crap.