Gambling Is Only A Problem When You Are Losing…Just Ask Juanma

By William Trillo

Nowadays, when our favorite heroes fail to live up to expectations it’s not uncommon for them to deal the “I have an addiction” card and tell you that their problems are the direct result of his said, “illness”.

Juan Manuel Lopez took that to a whole new level this weekend when after getting brutally KO’d by Orlando Salido, (for the second time in as many fights), Juanma pointed the fickle finger of blame directly at the referee Robert Ramirez, who mercifully stopped the action before Lopez could face more of Salido’s wrath.

Juanma said referee Ramirez had a gambling habit that was the motive for his decision to stop the fight. “In the first fight, his son (Roberto Ramirez Jr.) stopped it,” Lopez told Showtime’s Jim Gray. “Now the father stopped it. The referee stopped the fight because he has gambling problems. I told the (Puerto Rican Boxing) Commission the referee was a gambler. “And they did wrong as putting him as the referee. It was very irresponsible for putting him as the referee knowing he has a gambling problem.”

Gambling problem or not, Ramirez did the right thing by stopping the fight when he did. The only gamble that would have transpired in the ring at that point would have been for Ramirez to gamble with Lopez’s life by allowing him to fight on in a round that had over 2 minutes left.

Since his ill-advised accusations Lopez has apologized for his statement but it does not appear Ramirez is ready to forgive and forget so quickly. Ramirez is demanding a formal and world-wide apology from Lopez and with that there is no guarantee Ramirez still won’t be filing defamation of character charges.

More importantly for Juanma, this was his moment to recapture the hearts of his Puerto Rican fans, and quite frankly, up to that point the fight was a classic and win, lose or draw Lopez may have won back the fans he had lost over the past year. Unfortunately for him, with the bowl of sour grapes he served up on Showtime it’s likely Juanma has dug a hole for himself that will be difficult to climb out of.

Talk of a rematch surfaced immediately after the fight from both fighters but again, this is a gamble that will only produce more losers than winners. Salido has given Lopez the beatdown convincingly twice now and seeing a third installment is just asking for disaster. Personally I would like to see Juanma take a long break from boxing and get his life back in order.

It is truly a shame to see what has happened to Lopez. Here is a kid who only a few years ago was on the brink of Super Stardom on the island and was the heir apparent to Felix “Tito” Trinidad. But after a few poor choices outside the ring and a loss of focus in the squared circle it appears Juanma will have to salvage a lot more than just his boxing career.

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5 Responses to “Gambling Is Only A Problem When You Are Losing…Just Ask Juanma”

  1. Jason says:

    Funny how three years ago Puerto Rican fans wanted to throw Cotto out with the garbage and call JM Lopez the future.

    Cotto must be smiling at how quickly the fans are coming back to him and the bandwagon is filling up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who’s Come Miedra now?

  3. true says:

    juanma please go back to gym and solve your problem on the defence area; any good featherweight would have torn jm lopez in a bloody pulp last saturday , keep in mind that salido has got 11 losses . gamboa beat salido but not before he yurokis taste the canvans , salido it’s a very easy fighter to figure out , but after you still need to knocking him out wich is a task who required stamina power and the gift of a champion . lopez just showed what a average boxer it is and i dont want to see these guy in the ring with salido again.

  4. true says:

    and by the way, if these fight would have gone to the 12 rounds and lopez was standing at the time he would have won the fight, the three judges score the fight all in favor of juanma wrongly. i think the referee was the only one who did the right job even dough i think these was a set up fight in favor of lopez.

  5. William says:

    Thanks True….I am sure u speak for many with your thoughts.