Lasting Impressions From El Paso

By William Trillo

I didn’t know what to expect when I made me journey to El Paso, Texas this past week. I must admit I was a tad leery considering the city is a border town right outside of Juarez , Mexico but after I spent some time in the South west town I was surprised to find it was a great and hospitable place to be.

As far as the fights went, I also had lasting impressions from each of the Golden Boy promoted battles. Here is a quick break down of my thoughts.

Mares vs. Morel

Abner Mares looked tough as he took the vacant WBC Super Bantamweight Title with 12-round unanimous win over Eric Morel. The lopsided scores make it appear on paper that this was a cake walk for Abner, but truth be told he was in a real fight for 12 rounds and Morel was no pushover. Although he won every round Mares was put to this test and this fight will serve him well when he steps it up over his next challenges. If it were me I would give Abner a much needed rest before he steps back into the ring. He has been in some real wars over his last few fights and in my opinion there is no reason to push him into another slug-fest right away.

Moreno vs. De La Mora

Seriously I have no idea what De La Mora was doing in this WBA Bantamweight Title versus “Chemito” Moreno. I mean Moreno had defended his title 10 times prior to this card and only a top notch performance would upset this awkward Champion. De La Mora spent an inordinant amount of time running away from Moreno and the crowd who came to cheer their Mexican hero could only boo as he quit in round nine. It was a pathetic performance by De La Mora.

Andrade vs. Bryant

Fighting at a 175 pound catch weight little known Roland Bryant came to Texas and pulled off the improbable as he stopped Andrade in round 3 of a scheduled 10 round fight. This one was a slug fest from the start and it wasn’t destined to last long. After stumbling to the mat early in round three the fighters got up and after landing a big shot that sent Andrade to the ropes. Bryant seized his moment and started throwing a lot of leather and the referee decided he had seen enough and quickly halted the bout.

There are some who said Andrade deserved to be given more time considering the way he has gotten through similar onslaughts in the past but there were no excuses from Andrade who did not lay blame on the ref but instead said it was his fault for fighting in such a reckless style. ” I should not have fought like that at the start of the fight and I know it was not smart on my part.This guy came here to win and I will not make excuses to take away from his victory.”

Bryant was humble after the fight telling Pound4pound that he worked very hard for this and he came here to get his name put on the map. There is no doubt Bryant is not a secret anymore and he surely has put himself in position for bigger fights in the future.

As to Librado’s future he said, “I am going to take some time off and spend some time with my family. I know I can not fight in that style anymore and I need to think about retooling my style before I make any decision to fight again. If I can do it, I will be back, but if not I will really have to consider where I will go from here.”

Ramos vs. Attah

Lightweight Luis Ramos Jr. got the nod over Daniel Attah over 10. Like his stablemate Mares, this was not as easy as the lopsided final scores appear. Attah was a difficult customer and tagged Ramos late raising a huge lump under his right eye. Ramos fought through the pain and took the fight while gaining some very good experience that will serve him well as his career moves forward.

Escalante vs Camacho

Super featherweight Antonio Escalante KO’d Francisco Camacho in 4 very impressive rounds. I got to watch Escalante in training and he seemed like a very hardworking and likable fighter, and that he is. Escalante has a very fan friendly style and put on a great show for his hometown fans. I look forward to seeing him in action live again.

Vargas vs. Lora

Before the fight between Super featherweight Francisco Vargas and Rafael Lora took place the photographer next to me pointed at Vargas and said, “Look at that guy! He looks like he is getting ready to put some serious hurt on someone!” I looked over to the Vargas corner and sure enough, this guy looked as though he was going to destroy someone. This was one book you could judge by it’s cover as Vargas dismantled Lora and stopped him in 4.

This was very entertaining card thrown by Golden Boy this weekend. With most of the fights being shown on Showtime and Showtime Exteme boxing fans got their fill of really good fights on Saturday night.

For the record, that’s 2 weekends in a row I have had the privelage to cover very well matched fight cards. Let’s home this trend keeps up.

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2 Responses to “Lasting Impressions From El Paso”

  1. Mark says:

    My thoughts from the card and your write up are;

    Donaire and Mares need to fight. Mares is the best at 118/122 and this stupid Golden Boy/Top Rank pissy spat is hurting both men’s careers. Give Mares a good 8 months off and then make this damn match.

    Tough to gauge Moreno as he basically took on a fighter whom seemed to wilt once the action came to him. Would like to see Moreno take on a Wilfredo Velasquez Jr or some fighter of that caliber.

    I hope that Librado retires as I think unfortunately time, wear and tear and just the battles in the ring have taken their toal. Say what you want about the KO (it was borderline) but after the punishment if 2 Bute fights, Mikkel Kessler, Yusef Mack, Robert Stiegletz and Vitaly Tsypko his body is battered. Its a shame as he is a very humble and classy fighter whom I have liked for a long time.

  2. William Trillo says:

    Mares and Donaire do need to meet …but as you say, the Top Rank feud with GB appears to be a huge stumbling block there.

    I am going to say it’s not tough to gauge Moreno at all, that makes his 11th title defense, that makes him the real deal in my book.

    The Andrade situation has some questions to be answered for sure. Was it stopped too early seems to be the number on question on the minds of fans, but not Librado’s. He will not second guess the ref but instead will take a long hard look at himself and make a decision from there. Whatever decision he makes no one will deny that is a darn impressive list of foes and he can always hold his head up as he looks at his career.

    And let’s not take away from Rowland Bryant. He and his team are a class act. They came into Texas quietly and didn’t raise any fusses at all. They acted professionally and when it was time to take care of business they did. In the aftermath they left just as quietly and didn’t run around the hotel demanding attention. They let their actions speak for themselves. Considering the way I have seen others act in the past, this was a true breath of fresh air.