Las Vegas Cinco De Mayo Wrap Up

By William Trillo
Photos: Naoki Fukuda – WBC

This past weekend in Las Vegas was easily the best Cinco De Mayo boxing celebration the city has seen in almost a decade. Well, at least in my humble opinion it was. From the free outdoor show outside the T-Mobile Arena on Friday night to the inaugural boxing show held the next night in front of over 16,000 fans this was definitely one for the books. This was a fight fans weekend, this was the fighter’s weekend. If you don’t mind I would like to share a few of my personal highlights.

At some point in the early stages of Canelo vs Khan I saw Amir hit Canelo flush on the chin with a carefully placed shot. Canelo didn’t blink but instead got the same look on his face after Alfonso Gomez hit him like that back in 2011. The look was not quite a smirk but you could see Canelo was somewhat amused. Soon thereafter Canelo threw caution to the wind and attacked Khan with little or no fear of getting hurt. Two rounds later Khan was flat on his back after a right hand put him to bed early.

Now I know why Virgil Hunter was wearing sunglasses inside the venue on Saturday night. It was because he made a fool of himself telling Canelo he needed to face GGG next. Nice way to deflect the obvious, that being explaining that horrific game plan he drew up for his soon to be rendered unconscious pupil. Five body punches over six rounds? Really? Five? I’m sorry but outside of Andre Ward who could have made it to the top with just about any trainer in California, what has Hunter really done? Angulo? Khan? I’m not impressed.

Before anyone think that Canelo vs. GGG is coming to a theatre near you check out this morning’s report by Daniel Cloutier. Golden Boy’s plans for Canelo do include unifying the 160 pound title, but there is a catch……….

Glen Tapia had no chance against David Lemieux on Saturday night. He was doomed the second he made the decision to leave the 154 pound ranks and move up to middleweight. Tapia is as tough as they come but fighting like he does at 160 pounds is going to get him hurt. Good job by his corner for saving Tapia from himself before the Montrealer really did some damage on him.

If I am grading Frankie Gomez after his unanimous decision victory over Mauricio Herrera I give him a C- at best. Herrera looked like a fighter who had no energy during the fight, yet Gomez could not muster up the energy to stop the lifeless Herrera. Poor job by Gomez no matter how you slice it. When Freddie Roach said Gomez was the next Pacquiao I am sure he was making reference to Bobby not Manny.

Curtis Stevens exposed Patrick Teixeira for being nothing but smoke and mirrors, plain and simple. I say it’s safe to assume we never see the Brazilian fighter again. Good….I was never going to be able to figure out how to pronounce his name anyways.

Did you see the main event of the fight on Friday night? Lightweights Marvin Quintero and Petr Petrov literally broke each other’s faces. I’m not kidding. Sources told me they were actually in the same hospital room when the grim news was confirmed. They both suffered broken cheek bones. That will be a lot easier for Petrov to take as he came out of the war victorious.

I am told the appearance by Andre Ward at a local Las Vegas shoe store on Saturday was uneventful at best. Not since Al Bundy from Married With Children has one person single handedly driven away that many prospective shoe buying clients.

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4 Responses to “Las Vegas Cinco De Mayo Wrap Up”

  1. Buffalo says:

    Last Saturday night was a prime example of why the sport of boxing has become increasingly irrelevant. It was another blatant cash grab by Oscar De La Hoto, Tard Hopkins, and the rest of the bandits at Golden Girl promotions.

    No boxing writer in the HBO poll picked Khan to win. No hardcore boxing fan thought his chin would hold up to Canelo’s best punches. It wasn’t a question of If, but when.

    Why were we force fed this drek for $59.95 and up? The REAL TRUTH is there was no one for Can-elo to fight. With the exception of GGG and Demetrius Andrade, almost all the top 154/160 pounders are controlled by Haymon or fight in Europe and have no profile in the U.S., etc. Even Oscar is not dumb enough to try putting Gabriel Rosado as the B side to a pay per view, so somehow they hooked up with Khan to make this farce look like a blockbuster.

    And spare us the bullshit post-fight spin about Khan having “courage” and is a “hero” for stepping up in weight to fight Alvarez. The FACT is he took the fight for the money. He could have fought Kell Brook, who is closer to his own size and a solid champion in his own right, in front of 80,000 or 90,000 people in a soccer stadium in England but priced himself out of the fight. We all know that pricing yourself out of the fight is one way of avoiding an ass kicking, which given Khan’s penchant for making tactical mistakes just may happen. Arum also said more than once Khan priced himself out of the Pac fight. Amir probably pissed Floyd off, so Floyd played him like a chump and decided not to give him a payday. Now we can look forward to Danny Garcia knocking Khan out again at 147 in a “mandatory”.

    I give Golden Boy credit for a great show on Friday, and they made it free to the fans to boot. But that PPV card was a joke, and while Oscar is going to win when the buy rates come in, it’s obvious he is putting on this kind of trash so his company can rebuild from the whole Haymon-Schaefer disaster.

  2. William says:

    I understand your feelings, there were three mismatches on the PPV card, the only close fight was Gomez vs. Herrera and that’s only cuz Gomez is the biggest under-achiever on the Golden Boy roster.

    Seriously though, it was a good time in Las Vegas this weekend and the fans in attendance to both shows seemed to enjoy themselves. I can see how it may have been different sitting at home watching the PPV.

    Please don’t ever mention Demetrius Andrade in any boxing conversation again. Seriously…I affectionately refer to him as YAWN-Drade….boring….

  3. David McGarry says:

    Khan’s only chance of winning against Alvarez was if he managed to avoid getting hit cleanly for the entire 12 rounds.

    Tapia hadn’t fought in a year, and hadn’t won in even longer, so that was a complete mismatch in favour of Lemieux.

    Meanwhile in Manchester, Antony Crolla defended his WBA lightweight title against Ismael Barosso in a great fight. Barosso was interim champion and unbeaten with 18 of his 19 wins coming by knockout. Crolla was defending at home. The crowd was bigger and noisier than the one in Las Vegas, and they enjoyed a much better event.

  4. William says:

    Thanks McGarry,

    As always your comments are appreciated. Can’t argue the fact there were mismatches in Las Vegas, but it was fun. I can’t comment on the fight in Manchester but I am sure it was a raucous crowd.

    I am expecting a good year for boxing from sea to shining sea.