Povetkin’s Epic Fail

By William Trillo

As some of you may know as soon as the fight between WBC Heavyweight Champ Deontay Wilder vs. Alexander Povetkin became official I went on record saying I will not believe this bout will take place until I see them both standing in the ring answering the opening bell in Russia. My contention at the time was that Wilder would at some point find a way to back out of the fight, either choosing to vacate the title or pulling up lame at the post. Not in my wildest dreams did I think Povetkin would be the cause of this fight getting postponed and/or cancelled.

But, when a drug test of Alexander “The Ingrate” came up dirty last week it put an end to the chances of Wilder finally getting in the ring with a formidable foe. As it turns out Povetkin went all Maria Sharapova as his test came back with traces of the PED meldonium.

I will spare you the details of what the drug is supposed to do and cut to the chase, he got busted cheating and the right decision was made by the WBC…it’s a crying shame.

That turbulence felt by jets last week across the Atlantic was not from foul weather but rather it was from the collective sigh of relief released by Team Bum Squad who got the news of the failed as they were en route to Europe. “Whhhhheeeeeewwww, that was a close one.”

Officially this fight was postponed by the WBC but Wilder management is claiming the fight is cancelled. It’s just a matter of time before they find their next bottom feeder to “defend” their belt against.

Wilder vs. Povetkin will NEVER happen, trust me on this.

In the meantime Wilder is claiming he is so disappointed that this fight did not take place because he wants to prove he is the best of the best in the heavyweight division.

Be careful what you wish for Deontay.

If you haven’t noticed your advisor/manager/promoter Al Haymon is cashing out his heavyweight stable in rapid fashion at the hands of the new IBF Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua. First it was Charles “Rowan and” Martin in a laughable display that lost him his ill-deserved belt and next up is Dominic “Needs a Bra”-Zeale. The saggy chested one has as much of a chance as Martin did, which means he won’t last 3 rounds. All the while Haymon is pocketing (cashing out his stable) a small fortune off British promoter Eddie Hearns bank account.

The writing is clearly on the wall, Wilder may be in for a huge surprise when he is ordered by Haymon to fight Joshua before the end of the year.

For most boxing fans who were looking to see Povetkin dismantle Wilder, the chance of him facing Joshua gives them hope they may see Wilder finally get in the ring with someone other than a Palooka.

That being said hear me loud and clear…Alexander Povetkin is a cheater who got caught in the act. I personally don’t care if I ever see him in the ring again.

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7 Responses to “Povetkin’s Epic Fail”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Povetkin’s reputation as a top level heavyweight is based on a knockout win in a rather good fight against Takam, followed by a one round destruction of a guy who no longer wanted to be a professional boxer. He hasn’t looked even remotely special against any other opponent, and was manhandled almost with disdain by Wladimir Klitschko. He might have beaten Wilder, but he was hardly a huge favourite. As he’s been caught cheating, I have no further interest in him.

    We still have no idea what happens when Joshua is hit cleanly more than once by a decent puncher. What we do know from his fight against Whyte is he goes into a shell for a while after getting hurt. Would Parker, Wilder Ortiz, Haye or either of the Furys let him off the hook if that happened?

    Meanwhile, Team Wilder will give some poor sap about five weeks notice to challenge for the WBC title. At least it won’t be fought at a catch weight. My guess is Ruiz, Rudenko and Pulev are the most likely candidates.

  2. William says:

    Wow McGarry,
    This is as close as we have ever come to agreeing on all points.

    I predict Wider will fright someone of lesser talent than the fighters you mention.

  3. David McGarry says:

    I’m not sure who else is left in the division. There is no way Wilder will be allowed anywhere near Ortiz as he’s probably the most dangerous fighter in the division. Parker and Takam are otherwise engaged. Hughie Fury has already turned Wilder down because he wasn’t given enough time to prepare. Haye is probably too dangerous and too injury prone, which means the bout could be cancelled right up to the last moment. Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko are out of the equation for now. Martin and Glazkov lack credibility. Ditto Arreola and Chisora. Even Uncle Mauricio wouldn’t sanction another title fight featuring Shannon Briggs.

    I’ve probably overlooked a few East Europeans/Russians with padded records, but the fact is Wilder is running out of bums. The three guys I mentioned earlier are the most likely candidates. Who do you think he’ll choose?

  4. William says:

    Haymon will serve up Arreola and pocket double the cash while keeping that WBC title in house.

  5. David McGarry says:

    What cash? Even the families of the two boxers wouldn’t buy tickets to see that one.

  6. Mark says:

    I don’t get the hate on Wilder, Fury and Joshua. No offense to you two but how many American and UK fans were excited about the Klitschko’s. Wladimir was a great fighter but he was so boring at times that HBO ignored him.
    As far as Wilder’s opponent, word is he wants Pulev but that Pulev wants big money (at least a million) and the rest of the WBC rankings are dreck. We probably will get Arreola or Washington but when half of the “bums” (Molina, Scott, Szpilka, Duphuas, Stiverne) are past Wilder opponents, and the rest either won’t leave Europe (Chagaev/Pulev) are coming off losses (Takam/Chisora) or eyeballing Joshua (Parker/Haye). Ask Wilder and he wants a fight with Fury next, hell if they could they would do Fury vs. Wilder ASAP but you can thank the Klitschko rematch clause and Povetkin’s failed drug test for screwing this up.
    Regarding Luis Ortiz the fact that Golden Boy still is suing the PBC and Ortiz is a drug cheat himself, kinda dampens things for getting Wilder.
    I enjoy you two for your boxing knowledge but sometimes I think you would rather go back to the glory days of Tyson and his tough fights with Joe Hipp, Bruce Sheldon, Frank Bruno and the legendary Carl “The Tooth” Williams.

  7. William says:

    I certainly don’t hate Joshua, in fact it’s the exact opposite there. I am not a fan of Fury and I am still of the opinion the Wilder is coddled. I was always a huge fan of Vitali and have not been a huge Wladimir guy.

    It looks like Arreola gets the Wilder shot now, I do not see how he beats Wilder in his current broken down state. I would like to believe he can and will be rooting for him like no other, but his chances are very slim.

    I think Ortiz would pummel Wilder but as you state, that will never happen. Maybe now that Arum and Haymon have buried the hatchet we will see Andy Ruiz get a shot some day soon.

    Whoopee Woo.