From Champion To Meal Ticket

By William Trillo

Less than two weeks ago WBC Middleweight Champ Saul “Canelo” Alvarez stood in the ring after knocking out Amir Khan with one punch. With a giddy Oscar De La Hoya standing behind him “Canelo” began to taunt multiple 160 pound belt holder Gennady “GGG” Golovkin who was standing on the ring apron. Through an interpreter when asked about fighting “GGG” Alvarez said, “Like we say in Mexico, We don’t F..k around! We don’t come to play in this sport, I don’t fear anyone! Like I said in the last fight, RIGHT NOW!! I will put on the gloves again.”

11 days later Golden Boy and Canelo sent out a press release where “Canelo” stated, “After much consideration, today, I instructed my team at Golden Boy Promotions to continue negotiating a fight with Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin and to finalize a deal as quickly as possible. I also informed the WBC that I will vacate its title.”

Looks like Alvarez needs an interpreter again.

Allow me…

“After a long discussion with Golden Boy Promotions today my team told me that I am their “Meal Ticket” and there is no way they are going to allow me anywhere near Triple G. I will throw my belt in the garbage can. It is pretty obvious I am Oscar’s “Cash Cow” so you can expect this charade to go on for quite some time.”

“Canelo” has been getting torched on social media since the statement was made, and rightly so. At the end of the day it is the fighter who should have the final say on who he fights and who he doesn’t. So in that aspect Alvarez is guilty of ducking Golovkin, it is an undeniable truth.

That being said, the people that “Canelo” call his team are most likely the real culprits here. I mean, c’mon, Alvarez is bringing in fans and more importantly cash to the promoter at a rapid clip and there is no way they are going to jeopardize that money making machine, not right now anyways. Most likely not for a very long time. As long as they can feed “Canelo” blown up 147 pounders with questionable chins and sell it to the fans they will keep force feeding boxing this trash.

Yes, it was a fun Cinco De Mayo weekend but that was mostly because there was an anticipation in the air for a real Dream Fight if Alvarez came out victorious. With GGG in the house it seemed like maybe for once we would get a fight with two Mega Star fighters in their prime. That was our hope.

Now it looks like we will have to wait while “Canelo” lines the pockets of everyone on his team while he takes on a string of second rate talent. It won’t be until we see a visible slowdown in GGG that Alvarez will be allowed to face him.

No doubt everyone at Golden Boy knew they were going to take some serious heat once their statement was made public, and they were right. Boxing fans deserve way better than this, their anger is justifiable on every level.

I will close with some lines from Elton John’s song titled “Meal Ticket”:

And I gotta get a meal ticket
To survive you need a meal ticket
To stay alive you need a meal ticket
Feel no pain, no pain
No regret, no regret
When the line’s been signed
You’re someone else
Do yourself a favor, the meal ticket does the rest……

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10 Responses to “From Champion To Meal Ticket”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Like you, I believe Alvarez would be prepared to face Golovkin. He may even be confident of winning. His management team is more realistic. There are about half a dozen middleweights who would beat Alvarez right now. Two or three who would knock him out. Alvarez just isn’t big enough to handle top middleweights, regardless of how much he actually weighs when he steps into a ring.

    In the unlikely event Team Alvarez runs out of excuses and lets the meal ticket fight Golovkin, there can be only one winner, and he decides how and when it ends.

  2. William says:

    Thanks McGarry,
    Most real fighters would welcome the challenge and I believe Canelo would sign on the dotted line today. Let’s hope that somehow the fight can still be salvaged.

  3. David McGarry says:

    Matthew Macklin was offered a fight against Canelo recently. That should give you an idea of the kind of opposition the brains trust are looking at. It wouldn’t surprise me if David Lemieux is the next opponent. It almost makes sense.

  4. William says:

    As was mentioned in an article by Daniel Cloutier after Khanelo weekend, Golden Boy was trying to make a fight in the summer for Saunders to face Lemieux. That is a twofold killer as it would keep GGG for securing that WBO belt and should the Montrealer win you know they make his first defense against Canelo. I warned you in my post fight blog they were up to some shenanigans……and there it is….

  5. David McGarry says:

    Saunders is very good, but he’s injury prone. He would probably postpone a fight at least once and that would throw schedules out of line. He would beat Lemieux quite easily if they did meet. More importantly, Saunders’ promoter, Frank Warren, has made it clear it’s Golovkin they are after.

  6. William says:

    I see the whole play as more of a monkey wrench for GGG than anything.

  7. Mark says:

    I personally blame HBO for all of this crap. They created Golden Boy and allowed Oscar to dictate terms. They got their budget slashed and have let guys like Provodnikov & Andrade leave while guys like Abraham Lopez and Sullivan Barrera get pay days.
    If HBO wanted to they could easily call Oscar up, tell him “make the damn GGG deal or else Golden Boy is not coming on HBO TV for a while” and you can bet Oscar would not be as tough to deal with.
    Everybody in this forum hates on the PBC and Al Haymon, but the guys who has ruined boxing the most have been HBO as they continue to play favorites, empower guys and then act like an absentee dad when the kids go wonky.

  8. William says:

    Oscar is protecting his only Marquee fighter to the chagrin of most boxing fans.

    Haymon products are showing up more on Showtime or other promoters card more than they are on the failing PBC. I see them working.

    Big mess.

  9. Mark says:

    Which I agree with William, but he doesn’t have to worry about anyone forcing him to make this fight.
    Imagine if this was the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers said “nah we are not ready for the Thunder/Golden State Winner… we are going to play the Los Angeles Lakers next instead.” You would have Adam Silver reigning world war 3 on Lebron, Gilbert and the rest of the Cavs.
    Years ago you talked about how HBO needed a new steward from Ross Greenburg and hoped that the new guy would straighten the promoters/managers/boxers out.
    Well its been two regime changes since Greenburg and things are still the same over that at HBO. Can’t blame Haymon, PBC, UFC, FDA or even Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton for this. This is HBO not wanting to upset Oscar/Canelo and yet they don’t want to loose GGG.
    I just want Peter Nelson and HBO to put the proverbial big boy pants on… find their courage and tell Oscar “GGG vs. Canelo next…. or join Haymon in HBO siberia.” That would get this fight happening.

  10. William says:

    No…this is on Oscar 100%. Sorry but you are wrong. Personally, I think Peter Nelson is doing a fine job in the early stages of his career at HBO’s sports leader.

    PBC put themselves in HBO Siberia all on their own. Look at Haymon trying to sneak his way back in on Showtime and other promoters cards. Dude is cashing out fighters at a rapid clip.

    What happened to those clean rings he was all about?

    Look, if Haymon would just send out a statement he was dead wrong about his plan to take over boxing and just admit to the fact he is trying to weasel his way back into the pack things would go a lot easier for him.

    Vazquez vs. Bone….gimmee a break.