Kovalev vs. Ward Fight Not A Done Deal Yet

By William Trillo

With only moments to go before Sergey Kovalev was set to address the media to discuss his proposed battle with Andre Ward the Light heavy weight champ leaned on the railing of The Target Terrace at L.A. Live and gazed over the downtown Los Angeles street scene. One could only assume that he wondered to himself if the highly anticipated fight with Ward would ever become a reality.

The body language of all parties involved told the story, and it wasn’t good.

As the press conference began the media in attendance learned that Andre Ward and his promoter Roc Nation were not in agreement with Kathy Duva and Main Events. Apparently they had taken issue with the venue that was already in place to hold the event, that being The T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas.

In regard to the negotiation process Duva described it as “a living hell”. Strong words for someone who had just recently had to deal with Adonis Stevenson and his promoter PBC and Al Haymon. As we all know Adonis avoided Kovalev like the plague. And now this, Ward is following suit as he is obviously having second thoughts about facing “Krusher”.

Trying to explain the situation Duva stated, “Roc Nation may not be capable of dealing with this fight or there is some problem with Ward.”

Personally I believe it’s a combination of both. When push comes to shove I am not certain they, Ward and Roc Nation, really want this fight. Sources close to the situation express my sentiments exactly. It’s not unlikely that Ward is looking for a way out. It’s as simple as that.

Kovalev has done all the work inside the ring to make a super fight like this one happen. Likewise, Kathy Duva and Main Events have done all the work necessary outside the ring to make this fight become a reality. Yet, at the present time it’s not clear if any of that hard work will pay off.

And, as usual, it’s the boxing fans who could end up being short changed once again.

Hopefully Roc Nation and Andre Ward will grow a pair and sign on the dotted line. Only time will tell.

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