Rosarito & Margarito

By William Trillo
Photos: William Trillo & German Villasenor

Over the last couple of years I have been harassed by one of my peers, German Villasenor, to go cover the fights in Tijuana. His reasoning was that TJ was only a stones throw away from our Los Angeles home and covering down south of the border is a lot more fun than it sounds. I was assured that “El Chapo” nor his clan would not bother me in the least. I did not have much interest in all honesty. But when rumors of a comeback by Antonio Margarito began to be heard I stated that if Tony fought in TJ that I would be all in.

It was inevitable.

I held good on my south of the border promise and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that Margarito would fight Ramon Alvarez just a few miles south of Tijuana at a venue in Rosarito.

No sooner said than done and ocean front hotel reservations were made and yes, we did make the trek to the fight. I do not regret a moment of the weekend.

Having covered fights in Mexico multiple times I expected things would be a lot different than what I was used to from fights at home and I was right.

The weigh in was complete with the dude that dresses up like Shrek and all the usual day before the fight shenanigans.

A local promoter put on a show in TJ on Friday night that was long on heart but short on talent.

The big day was Saturday and after a trip to the beach and some Shrimp cocktails we made our way to the event.

I must admit I was stunned to see the new arena in Rosarito get filled to capacity. The area loves Tony and with “Canelo” in attendance to cheer on his brother the event had somewhat of a bigtime feel to it.


I am here to tell you Tony can fill the arena again but before anyone gets too excited about another world title they better take a good hard look at the tape from Saturday night. Margarito won the fight, that is without question, but calling out Cotto and Canelo could be just a tad premature.

It’s going to be hard to contain The Tijuana Tornado. Most likely he will be back in the ring sooner rather than later.

A big thanks to German for his grand tour of the Tijuana to Puerto Nuevo scene.

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