Speak No Evil

By William Trillo

As my loyal readers (all three of you) know, I have been on somewhat of a hiatus over the last few weeks. I don’t think I have written a thing since my trip to Montreal, and for that I apologize…sort of.

I mean really, what of any real significance has been going on?

Let’s see:

Wilfredo “Papito” Vázquez, Jr. (24-6-1, 19 KOs) and Juan Manuel “JuanMa” López (34-5, 31 KOs) fought in one of the most meaningless fights this year.

After saying he is no ones puppet Richard “Faust” Schaefer showed up alongside the king marionette Tom Brown to announce he will be promoting Abner Mares vs. Jesus Cuellar in Los Angeles. Sorry to tell ya “Faust”…we all see the strings…go ahead and assume ventriloquist Al Haymon has added another dummy to his collection.

Even as a shell of his former self Manny Pacquiao dispatched Jessie Vargas with relative ease. On the same evening Nonito Donaire got beat by Jessie Magdaleno and then came up with excuse after excuse as to why he was screwed. Awful.

Speaking of awful how about that broadcast trio on the Top Rank PPV. Good Grief.

That being said we do have a big fight week ahead of us with the Main Events promoted Sergey Kovalev vs. Andre Ward superfight on tap. Pound4Pound will be there all week with special reports coming your way from our ace reporter Daniel Cloutier who will be reporting live from Las Vegas all week. We also will have a full crew on hand for the weekend festivities.

It looks like my prediction that Ward will pull out has fallen by the wayside and now we look forward to a great night of championship boxing. Let’s hope we get the fight we are hoping for.

Although many boxing pundits are expecting Ward to stink up the night with his “Jab n Grab” tactics I am of the opinion that once Ward gets a taste of Kovalev’s power it will change his gameplan drastically and we could be in for a real barn burner. I hope I am right. Both men appear to be in prime condition and this could be a fight that will make us all forget about suffering through the Luis Ortiz vs. Malik Scott fiasco.

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4 Responses to “Speak No Evil”

  1. Mark says:

    I know you hate UFC but when you compare the effort and push that UFC did for its “super card” in UFC 205 in NY, and what boxing has been giving us lately…. this should piss you off!

    At this point I think Bob Arum has regressed as a boxing promoter. He doesn’t do a great job promoting the majority of his talent, he has done nothing to hype Loma-Walters in two weeks, and that PPV was terrible. Meanwhile Terrence Crawford might as well beg for top opponents because he is getting nowhere near Manny.

    Bottom line Bill, you want to know why boxing is suffering and MMA is doing better and all you have to do is compare UFC 205 and the next two boxing PPV cards. UFC 205 had a main event card with 3 title fights & 2 Eliminators and features non stop action.

    Top Rank’s PPV feature a blowout with Oscar Valdez, a sparring session Manny, a decent fight in Donaire-Magdaleno and Zho Shimming crap.

    Ward-Kovalev PPV will be worse and as you said… Ward is a boring fighter to watch. Thank you boxing!

  2. William says:

    I hate UFC? It’s not my cup of tea. But I don’t hate it. I love when a guy gets his grill rubbed up on a chain link fence. It’s like a cheese grater for the flesh. Who could not like that?

    Its a shame that Loma vs. Walters is flying so low under the radar. Gonna be a good one.

    Mark…I did not ask your opinion on why MMA this or UFC that…I personally don’t care and I think you might be way off base.

    To the point, lets hope Krusher lands a blow on SOG early and often ( a la Bernard Hopkins) then we got a fight. Nothing boring to me about watching Ward run for his life only to get clobbered and KO’d……NOTHING

    One can only hope.

  3. Habibski says:

    Finally, a pay per view main event that is worthy of….pay per view! Two undefeated champs and both guys are top 10 pound for pound. Hoping for a great fight!

  4. William says:

    I too hope for a great fight.