Maurice Is Not Off The Hook

By William Trillo
Photo: David Spagnolo – Main Events

With all the hubbub surrounding the controversial score in the Ward/Kovalev main event you can bet that Maurice Hooker was hoping no one would remember the injustice rendered when he was given a gift draw against Darleys Perez. As bad as the decision in the main event may have seen, this was worse.

Perez won this fight hands down and how one judge saw Hooker winning the fight and another saw the battle a draw is simply anyone’s guess. The 97-93 call for Perez was correct and he should have won this fight across the board.

To add insult to injury it was Hooker who grabbed the microphone at the weigh in telling everyone to expect him to win by another quick KO. Not only did Hooker not come close to a KO but he was in fact schooled by Perez who moved up to 140 pounds for the first time in his career.

With all the talk of a rematch for the main event has anyone mentioned the fact that Perez deserves a rematch of his own? The likelihood of that happening is far less than a rematch for the main event. Hooker will want no part of Perez ever again. Take that to the bank.

The common denominator in both bouts is that the fighters who were on the receiving ends of early Christmas gifts are both promoted by ROC Nation. Do with that information as you will.

Sorry Maurice, I can’t let you off the hook here. You were a beaten man on Saturday night.

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3 Responses to “Maurice Is Not Off The Hook”

  1. Habibski says:

    The steak didn’t match the sizzle. All the hype and he got schooled and gifted by the crooked judges.

  2. William says:

    Hooker looked like a Ham n Egger in there against the pro Perez.

  3. BoxingMaven says:

    I gave Hooker two rounds at best. I think it was the wrong game planning by his people. He cannot box and never has. He is a straight come forward fighter with KO pop in his hands. But for this fight he was supposed to outbox a guy coming up in weight? All Bad.