Quick Hitters

By William Trillo
Photos: Matchroom Boxing, German Villasenor & Top Rank

It was a big weekend of boxing that had both highs and lows. I could go on and on about the proceedings but instead I am going to just cut to the chase and give you my thoughts on it all.

Anthony Joshua made quick work of the shop worn Eric Molina in front of his home country crowd. With his athletic skill and power Joshua appears to be the man to bring life back to the heavyweight division. Let’s hope his April date with Wladimir Klitschko is not coming a bit too soon. I would hate to see him get derailed now. And…Am I the only one who found Wlad’s post fight appearance in the ring to be a staged performance that went off worse than one of Hayden’s B list movie roles?

Online Casino odds making Klitschko as underdog will come as a surprise to many boxing fans and observers alike, with Klitschko being the significantly more experienced of the two and only losing last November for the first time in more than a decade following an excellent boxing display from Britain’s Tyson Fury.

Hey….Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. not only made weight but apparently looked pretty good this weekend. Good…hopefully this is just the shot in the arm he needs to get the courage to step up and fight a real champion. At that point he will get crushed and be put out of everyone’s misery. Hey Jr….stop being so lazy you can’t take care of your own VISA issues and end up getting stuck in Mexico. Get off your spoiled ass and get a passport ….*huevón.

As defined by urbandictionary.com *huevón: in latin culture, a lazy man. a huevon is a person who is so lazy that his testicles drag on the ground.

No one likes an ingrate. That would be you Charlo (lite). Yes we know you and Williams were talking some serious smack before the fight. That is to be expected. But what also is expected is for combatants after a fight to show the proper respect due to the man he faced. Win or lose. The fans expect it too. Your pathetic performance dissing Williams who came over to congratulate you after being KO’d, followed by your disrespect to the fans is going to come back and bite you on the ass. You want to show up the fans in Los Angeles? Now you will pay. And you’re not even the good Charlo (Not that I think either one of them has a snowball’s chance in hell if Haymon were to let them fight outside the PBC bubble). Bad move.

Note to the Flathead boxing websites that posted results of the Joseph Parker vs. Andy Ruiz fight down under without so much as a spoiler alert for fans who wanted the HBO triple header later that evening without knowing results. You big apes are so concerned about being first for everything that you have put the concerns of your readers on the backburner and the flame is on low.

Last but not least let me say that there is simply no excuse for taking a fight for a world championship and then coming in 4 pounds overweight. I repeat, there is NO excuse. John Molina Jr. is one of the better guys in the sport but that does not give him a pass for what he pulled for his fight with Terrance Crawford. With Super Fights looming in his future Crawford needs to make the most out of every victory these days to put himself in place to grab those big dollar fights. Now this victory will always have the taint of Molina coming in overweight and not being a real test (and it wasn’t). Who knows how long someone else’s carelessness will delay Crawford’s first Super Fight. And I don’t want to hear that Molina gave money to Crawford out of his purse so the fight would go on. Whatever that amount was is “Chump Change” in comparison to what Crawford is looking to make on the big stage. And thanks for the apology, but on behalf of boxing fans it’s not accepted. This went from world title fight to meaningless and near unwatchable scrap in a matter of seconds, it’s unacceptable. I have watched fighters suffer to make weight over the years, some older and past their prime but I also watched them do what they had to in order to make weight. You signed the contract for a world title fight, now make the weight. I don’t care if your name is Jose Luis Castillo, Orlando Salido or John Molina Jr. You sign the contract, you make the weight. No excuses!

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2 Responses to “Quick Hitters”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Joshua will probably dispose of Klitschko in a couple of rounds or so. The Ukrainian won’t have nfought for nearly 18 months and will be nearly 41 by then. It gets worse – if Klitschko was afraid to let his hands go against Fury in case he got countered, there’s no way he’ll take risks against Joshua.

    The undercard of the Joshua – Molina event saw two candidates for fight of the year, plus Britain get its first ever super flyweight world champion. So many champions and prospects on that show were trying their utmost to get noticed and earn their place on the next big Matchroom/Sky Sports show.

    This raises the ante for the next Frank Warren/Boxnation event. That is why you need at least two nationwide promoters competing against each other if you want national standards to rise.

    Crawford would do a lot better if he wasn’t so good. None of the other boxers at light welter or welter weight who consider themselves elite level want to share a ring with him.

  2. William says:

    Wlad better last longer than 2. Nice work on propping the American Crawford. Pigs do fly.