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The meX Factor

Monday, January 16th, 2017

By William Trillo

The fight between Canelo Alvarez & Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. had been rumored since the end of last year and with the confirmation from Golden Boy Promotions late last week the all Mexican scrap is now officially slated to take place on Cinco De Mayo weekend in a venue yet to be determined. Pound4Pound reached out to Golden Boy’s Eric Gomez last week in regard to the venue but the executive was tight lipped on the whereabouts of the battle. Sources have stated that the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas is already on hold but don’t count Texas out yet.

Truth be told the fight has as many downsides as it does upsides.

First of all, let’s be clear, as far as what this fight means on the landscape of boxing the fight is meaningless. No “real” title is on the line. Yet, in the eyes of many, the Mexican bragging rights are off the charts and regardless of where the fight takes place it is sure to be a sellout, the arena will be bursting at the seams.

That said, the fact that Canelo refuses to take a fight with Gennady Golovkin at 160 pounds but has agreed to fight Chavez Jr. at a catch weight of 164.5 pounds simply reeks to high heaven. That is a taint that won’t go away.

On Chavez Jr.’s side, he has proven time and time again he does not have the discipline to prepare himself properly for any fight he takes on. Oh sure, some have said he looked good in his last performance and actually made weight for his last battle. To that I say, BIG DEAL! Now he is getting rewarded for doing what every fighter is expected to do every time, not just when he feels like it? Please!

Details of the contract are pretty clear. Chavez Jr. will make a guaranteed 6 million dollars plus a percentage of the gate and PPV. He also will be fined 1 million dollars for every pound he is overweight.

Now let’s look at that rationally. If there are odds posted in Las Vegas on whether or not Jr. will make weight go with the over as opposed to the under all day. No way will he make way. So let’s say he comes in at 168.5. He will still clear 2 million plus percentages and who knows what checks will be cut for him on the side. We all know, (thanks to a dunderheaded posting by Jr.) that after his beat down at the hands of Fonfara that an Al Haymon LLC slipped him a pretty hefty check under the table. Ipso Facto that gives Jr. little or no incentive to make weight and come fight time he most likely will step into the ring at 178 pounds…or more. In my book that will make Jr. a live underdog and he may be too much for Canelo to handle.

That being said this Cinco De Mayo spectacular will attract fight fans by the busloads and could surpass the epic Barrera vs. Morales all Mexican battles from back in the day.

Fans may grumble about the matchup at first but my gut feeling is that this fight is going to be a financial blockbuster. It’s a smart business move, no one can deny that.

So, with the pride of Mexico at stake here, come fight night you better fasten your seat belts and buckle your chin straps. This one is sure to be a melee both inside and outside the ring.

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