MSG Fight Night Thoughts

By William Trillo
Photos: Tom Hogan – K2 Promotions

I am not outraged by the decision in the Srisaket Sor Rungvisai vs. Roman Gonzalez title fight. It was a great scrap and the Thai fighter showed he is far from a no named fluke. Gonzalez was tough and had a good night but he seems to be a shell of his former self now that he has stepped up in weight. This was far from a robbery.

The difference in the GGG vs. Jacobs fight was the knockdown. The blown up Miracle Man put on his best performance but it didn’t appear GGG had any problems with the much bigger man. Showing he has what it takes to take it to the bigger man should lay to rest any notion that Ward would demolish GGG should the two ever meet. There was no controversy here. Golovkin was rightfully awarded the decision.

The lack of any visible presence by PBC in Jacobs corner is worthy of note.

Carlos Cuadras looked pedestrian in his victory.

All in all it was a good night of boxing at MSG this weekend.

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5 Responses to “MSG Fight Night Thoughts”

  1. Habibski says:

    Ward doesn’t demolish anyone but he would beat Triple G. I am not a fan of SOG’s stink the place out style, but the guy’s boxing IQ is second to none and he is quicker and physically stronger than Triple G, not a big middleweight. Jab, grab, hold, keep distance, pot shot. He would be able to neutralize GGG in a more effective manner than Jacobs did.

    S.O.G by unanimous decision if they fought, but GGG and Sanchez want no part of Dre. They fancy their chances with BJ Saunders and Canela. Ward’s style makes him a high risk low reward option.

  2. William says:

    You could be right about GGG’s road in the coming year.

    There is not one thing about Ward that is pleasing…..not one thing.

  3. David McGarry says:

    Golovkin is done. The three blind mice may have given him the points win against Jacobs, but every possible future opponent saw a guy in his mid 30s who didn’t have the energy to fight hard for 12 rounds.

    The next opponent will almost certainly be Billy Joe Saunders. He’s a skillful southpaw with stamina issues and a habit of getting sick or injured in training camps which is why he’s had only one fight in the past 16 months. Saunders has pulled out of a rather easy mandatory defence of his WBO middleweight title in order to make himself available for GGG. That fight will probably be announced before the end of this month.

    Once Golovkin gets past Saunders, things start getting much harder for him. By rights, he should offer Jacobs a rematch, but his team know they were very lucky last Saturday, so they will avoid Jacobs. Saul Alvarez’s handlers have played it smart by waiting for Golovkin to get old and now that fight looks much harder for GGG to win.

    Forget about Golovkin ever fighting someone as good as Andre Ward at light heavyweight. He’s too small and too old to move up two divisions. By the time he’s beaten Saunders and unified the middleweight division, Callum Smith will be WBC super middleweight champion and George Groves will probably be WBA champion. Smith would knock Golovkin out cold and Groves would have a 50-50 chance of doing the same (there would be an equal chance of Golovkin knocking Groves out).

    If Canelo gets past Chavez, look for Golovkin to fight him, for the biggest purse of his career by far, towards the end of this year then call it quits. Whether he wins that last fight is hard to say.

  4. William says:

    Golovkin is far from done as you say but the inevitable effects of Father Time are starting to become apparent.

    Smith would knock out GGG? Looks like Father Time has a hold of you as well McGarry.

  5. Mark says:

    Chocolatito should have never fought that night. Talking with several media people, he seemed off all week long and many fee the loss of his trainer in November was too much. His Manager should have put his foot down and told HBO and K2 “Guy need to grieve”. I remember when UFC’s Jake Shields father/trainer died and he even said it took him 6 months to a year to handle everything since it was the loss of a family member and his trainer.

    Golovkin did not look amazing but Jacobs is a phenomenal athlete, pretty good boxer and had a talented team that was mapping up the blueprints. Still my concern is that we are still not close to a Canelo-GGG fight and I blame that on Oscar. He already said they are not budging on the initial GGG offer and I have heard from people in Montreal that Canelo-Lemieux is being looked at for September.

    Yes no PBC pressence and you can bet HBO had a hand in that. BTW the non televised under-card was dreck and outside of the two main event fights the rest of the card was god awful.