The Return Of Fortune Telling Elvis

By William Trillo

It’s been a while since I got to visit my old haunt on my drive to Las Vegas but with the big show ahead I knew it was time to pay a visit to my old friend Elvis to get his thoughts on the upcoming battle.

For the cost of just two bits Elvis simply stated, ” It’s best to keep your mouth shut than end up looking like a fool. Always let your actions do your talking for you.”

Fair enough.

We know there has been a lot of talk prior to the big Mexican showdown, I for one have to stand corrected. I stated numerous times that there would be no way Chavez Jr. would make the weight and would be fined 1 million dollars per pound for every pound he came in overweight. Where was Elvis when I needed him?

Chavez Jr. let his actions do the talking at the weigh-in as he came in a half pound under the contracted weight. So much for my theory.

The question now is whether or not Chavez drained himself too much to make a decent showing or if it’s all part of an elaborate plan. If he comes in tonight close to 180 pounds and has regained his strength it could be a long night for the Red Head.

Only time will tell.

But if Junior depleted himself far beyond his limits we should see Canelo dispatch his countrymen in the mid rounds of this anticipated attraction.

I look for a good fight while it lasts and I now can say beyond a shadow of a doubt…anything can happen.

I realize that’s a far cry from a solid prediction but you will have to decide for yourself which Mexican will gain bragging rights tonight.

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5 Responses to “The Return Of Fortune Telling Elvis”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Can someone please explain why this so-called superfight between two Mexican boxers on the biggest Mexican holiday of the year is taking place in Las Vegas, USA?

    I’m aware that Mexican boxers have fought in genuine world title fights in Mexico in front of bigger crowds than any venue in Las Vegas could hold. Why couldn’t these Mexicans, fighting for a belt/title exclusive to Mexicans, get their act together and find somewhere suitable in their own country?

    My prediction:

    the winner will be President Trump, whose agents will round up and deport thousands of illegal immigrants who left the safety of the sanctuary cities. Whatever takes place in the ring is irrelevant.

  2. William Trillo says:

    Las Vegas has become as synonymous with Cinco De Mayo Celebrations and boxing just as Thailand has become known for Lady Boys and the men who love them. It’s quite easy to understand.

    You seem to have an issue with stadium size yet when 90,000 fans are treated to a knock down heavyweight fight and are still talking about it to this day you find something wrong with that.

    Over the past months you and I have seen eye to eye but in the recent couple of weeks your insight has been more than a tad askew.

    Trust me, just as the Brits loved the show last weekend the Las Vegas patrons, most of them Mexican, are loving the promotion and all the surrounding events.

    Your piss and vinegar attitude rings hollow this time.

    Shouldn’t you be in an alley somewhere betting on chicken fights?

  3. David McGarry says:

    That still doesn’t explain why a big country like Mexico with some very big stadiums couldn’t host a so-called superfight between two Mexicans. Far more Mexicans would benefit from the occasion if they did. I recall Chavez senior fought Greg Haugen in Mexico City and there were around 130,000 spectators for that event. Why couldn’t they use the same stadium today?

    As for the chickens and ladyboys, all I can add is you have some unorthodox fixations.

    • William says:

      You are aware of the economy South of the Border…Yes? No?
      For all your boxing knowledge there are times I think living in a third world country has depleted your “Real World” IQ…..

  4. David McGarry says:

    I’m aware Mexico has its share of problems, but could you imagine a pair of Filipinos squaring off in another country?