Brook Gets DiSPENCEd

By William Trillo
Photo: Amanda Westcott – SHOWTIME

It was apparent the game plan for former welterweight champion Kell Brook was contingent on Errol Spence either fading from fatigue in the latter rounds or to be overcome with the enormity of the moment and collapsing under the pressure.

Not only did Spence throw a Monkey Wrench into those ill-conceived plans but he took the champions belt and snatched the hearts of Brooks hometown Sheffield, Yorkshire crowd along the way.

With his victory Errol Spence Jr. exemplified everything a polished number one contender from the United States stands for. He went to the Champion’s backyard and without the pomp and circumstance that a good number of his like promoted peers perceive they deserve, Spence proved inside and outside the ring he is more than worthy to be called a champion today.

In a fight that looked to be clearly going the way of the champion Brook in the early stages Spence remained focused and calm. Not once did the raucous crowd nor the talented Champion deter him. Spence stayed the course and by the 7th round his diligence began to pay dividends and Brook faded fast down the stretch.

No discredit to Brook who apparently was working with another broken orbital bone in the final rounds. Down in round 10 Brook rose to his feet and fought through the pain to make this one of the most memorable rounds of the year.

But in the next round the pain was too much. With double vision and memories of the GGG injury fresh on his mind he had no choice but to take a knee. The night was over and so was his title reign.

I do not want to hear one word about the courage of Brook. He did everything he could but Spence proved he is the superior fighter.

Now that Spence has that 147 strap we can look for him to target Keith Thurman. Thurman has made more than his share of derogatory comments about Spence. Now it’s time for that to get sorted out.

Personally, I am concerned about Brook. In his last two fights he has suffered the same injury to both sides of his face. Now there are rumors of him moving up to 154 pounds and the bigger punchers. Quite frankly I think Brook could hold his own and most likely defeat many of the top fighters in that division. But if the orbital bone injuries plague him you must ask yourself if it’s worth the risk.

Boxing fans were once again treated to a very entertaining fight that lived up to the hype.

At the midway point of 2017 it’s safe to say boxing is having a very good year.

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2 Responses to “Brook Gets DiSPENCEd”

  1. David McGarry says:

    Apparently, Brook broke his eye socket in the 7th, so that’s when he started “fading”. As Spence was the one who broke the bone with his punches, there is no point in questioning who was the better fighter on the night.

    I hope Brook retires and enjoys the money he’s made with his young family.

    As for Spence, I believe he would deal with Thurman quite easily.